• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Making Her Laugh

The Chans, Tohru, and Mrs. T decided to go to the Japanese Cultural Expo together. While waiting for the performance Mrs. T was hoping to see, the group went together to view the other exhibits, including the Kyoto Octopus. Jade and the fillies marveled at the golden, jewel-encrusted sculpture that clutched a huge gem in the tentacles that rose up to resemble a crown, as Mrs. T lectured them on its history and various other important details. Jackie had declined Captain Black's request to act as additional security for the Octopus, though knowing that Jackie, Tohru, and the others would be there had been a big comfort for the Agent.

After having seen the Octopus, the group split up to explore the Expo in whatever direction they wanted. Scootaloo and Jade raced off together, Scootaloo on her cloud and Jade on Scootaloo's old scooter. Sweetie Belle wandered around with Jackie in tow, hitting every stall that looked like it sold something as she looked for any souvenirs she might want to collect, while also carrying a large bag for anything she could pick up that was being given away free. She didn't know if there would be anything like that here, since it was an Expo and not a Convention, but she figured it paid to be prepared. Apple Bloom raced off with Tohru close behind, enjoying the fact that she could now walk on normal terrain without causing plants to spring up at random unless she willed it. Audrey III, also enjoying the freedom to wander separately from Apple Bloom, explored the Expo while wearing the fake mustache that somehow still caused everyone who didn't know he was a giant plant to see him as human.

On seeing that, Uncle idly wondered to himself if he'd ever needed the Normality Pendants, or if fake mustaches would have been all it took for the fillies to blend in. He eventually came to the conclusion that he didn't want the answer to that question, and instead went with Mrs. T to reminisce and to see Kara Noki and her yodeling kabukis. Of course, after the show the pair had gotten into an intense debate as far as the validity of 'yodeling kabukis' as part of Japanese culture, arguing history, comparative music trends, Japan's history of cultural appropriation of outside trends, and the applicability of the term 'yodeling' to the music thus presented. The debate got so lively that a large portion of the audience thought it was part of the Expo, and staff decided to take advantage of it by placing microphones near the two debaters without them noticing. When the debate got especially heated, an enterprising staff member managed to attach mics to Uncle's vest and Mrs. T's jacket so the debate could still be heard as it extended into a demonstration of traditional Japanese martial arts as compared to Chinese martial arts, as well as how the practice thereof helped preserve vitality far into old age.

The 'old age' comment on the part of one of the staff members acting as announcer brought Uncle and Mrs. T's ire, bringing an end to both debate and demonstration, along with the announcer's dignity. However, both walked away with Kara Noki's autograph, so overall it was a profitable interchange.

As they continued to explore the Expo, Mrs. T grilled Uncle regarding recent events, especially in regard to Tohru and Apple Bloom. Uncle was vague regarding Apple Bloom's origins, as well as the nature of the 'Harmony Blast' that had fundamentally altered the world at large even if Mrs. T wasn't aware of it, but did bring up Tohru's indispensable contributions to the battle with Shendu. On learning of Shendu's apparent fate, however, Mrs. T frowned darkly. "This not good, Billy Goat," she pointed out dourly. "If Shendu is dead, then Yin and Yang out of balance."

Uncle snorted derisively. "I may be old, but not senile. I know this...not to say Yin and Yang haven't been out of balance since girls arrive. Good chi is strong with them, and not of this level of existence."

Mrs. T shrugged that aside. "If no greater evil appeared since their arrival, then balance took them into account somehow. But death of Demon Sorcerer? That great blow to darkness, and balance will restore itself. New, stronger evil will replace it."

Uncle nodded. "I am already making preparations. With luck, I will be able to handle things on my own, with help from children."

"Pfui!" Mrs. T derided. "Billy Goat can barely take care of himself! How he handle demons alone?"

"Will not be alone," Uncle corrected. "Fillies have very strong magic, and have studied books very carefully whole lives. One more thing, their magic seems designed to be combined amongst the three of them, to work together as a greater whole."

"While good chi creatures using good chi against demons is good, how will that be different than before?" Mrs. T demanded coldly.

"Because fillies' magic has stabilized with appearance of Cutie Marks," Uncle explained. "As such...the three of them together are now the equivalent of a complete Master Chi Wizard. I will trust them to make their own plans and preparations to battle demons."

"Is that all you have up your sleeve?" Mrs. T demanded. "Nothing else to hold back the evil that will come?"

As she spoke, the disparate groups gathered back together, Audrey III towering over all but Tohru as Captain Black approached. "Any sign of that gang you were worried about, Augustus?" Jackie asked curiously.

Captain Black shook his head in frustration. "We know they were here at the Expo, they were sighted making their way towards the Octopus...but then it's like they vanished!"

Audrey belched loudly, then said nothing as everyone looked towards him suspiciously. Idly, he began to whistle 'Oops, I Did It Again'.

Uncle grinned widely at Mrs. T's shocked look. "One more thing," he offered impishly.

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