• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Apple Bloom sighed in relief as she finally found a fully grown graveyard toadstool behind a gravestone. She'd searched for what felt like forever, and hadn't even been able to locate so much as a spore! She'd begun to think that the Jiangshi - it had called itself Yakov? - had taken the time to exterminate the species before continuing to hunt them. She began to reach for it, but paused. She couldn't sense any spores in the ground around this one, and it was so well hidden...did she dare risk anything happening to it before they could use it? This Jiangshi had proven to be very proactive, after all.

Thinking quickly, she reached forward with one hoof and shook the mushroom. Much to her relief, spores shook from it and into the ground around it. Working quickly, she pumped the spores and soil with as much of her magic as it could take, and before long she had two other toadstools grown enough to be used for the spell. She quickly plucked them from the ground, using her magic to convince them to release the ground of their own accord rather than damage soil or roots by simply ripping them out. "If'n we get th' wrong sock first, we can always try again," she murmured under her breath as she stuck them both into her mane to hold onto them before racing back to where Emeraude and Sweetie were waiting. She could only hope that-

"You shall not ensorcell the Master, foolish filly!" Uncle - as an undead thrall - declared as he lunged for her.

"Keep away!" Apple Bloom screamed out as she spun and kicked out with all the strength she could bring to bear with her hind legs.

Uncle let out a startled exhalation of breath as the kick hit with explosive force and he flew back against the wall of the manor, only for the climbing ivy to writhe like snakes to wrap around him and bind him completely, adding layer upon layer as he struggled against it to break free. "These pitiful plants cannot keep me caged forever! ...I don't think..."

Apple Bloom blinked as she stared at the massive tangle and just how far she'd sent Uncle flying. "...did not know ah could do that..." she murmured in surprise before turning to race towards where Emeraude and Scootaloo were waiting.

...and why did she see afterimages of ink circles on the vines as they'd bloomed like crazy to hold Uncle?

Yakov growled in frustration as he leapt about as best he could, keeping his feet moving as he lashed out at his foes with claws, fists, and fangs. He'd stopped trying to deflect the demon's magic, since it didn't actually hurt and only caused problems when the bright flash left him temporarily light blind. The real issue was that the tiger-man was going for his socks...and had already gotten the right one halfway off. Yakov considered letting him have that one while protecting the all important left one, but if he didn't guard a sock it would make it obvious it wasn't important, and his going for both showed that he, at least, didn't know which one was the one they needed for the spell. He needed to keep what little advantage he could-

Before his very eyes, a second tiger man leapt out of the first to tackle him to the ground, letting the first one pull both shoes and socks off before the second one faded back into him. Yakov growled, recognizing the taste of Zodiac magic. He had not known the tiger man had Nobility in his blood.

It quickly became apparent the tiger man hadn't either. "I did not know I could do that," he murmured in surprised awe as the giant, demon, and minotaur all stared.

Yakov saw his chance and leapt-

"Watch out!" the ghost screamed out, getting the attention of the demon, giant, and minotaur as the tiger man ran for it.

Snarling, Yakov focused on his remaining assailants. He had forgotten the ghost was sealing his powers...and time was running out! He had to keep his sock out of the river until sunrise! But with the ghost sealing his magic-

A desperate gamble leapt into Yakov's mind. Taking some of his chi stores, he focused it into a sphere in his hand and hurled it at the minotaur. It would leave him somewhat weaker, and that chi would go back to the little girl he'd stolen it from though it wasn't all of it, but...yes! The minotaur was forced to stop her chanting, and the giant turned towards her in confusion and worry.

Seizing his opportunity, Yakov floated up and hefted the giant into the air before using him as a bludgeon to smash the demon into submission before hurling him at the minotaur. With the three of them sufficiently distracted, he flew off after the tiger man as fast as he could. He couldn't take the time to deal with the ghost, or he risked losing his socks!

Jackie panted for breath as he reached Emeraude, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. "Socks!" he declared desperately, holding them out.

"Which one, Sweetie?" Emeraude asked desperately as Apple Bloom caught up with the toadstools. "The Jiangshi's coming fast, we'll only have time for one attempt, and we have to get it right!"

Sweetie glanced back and forth between the two socks desperately. "I...I...I don't know-"

"Left!" Jade's voice suddenly declared from her mouth before her presence faded. "Wait, what?" Emeraude asked in shock.

"Good enough for me!" Scootaloo declared as she grabbed the left sock, stuffed a toadstool into it, and raced for the river on Cumulo.

"Not tonight!" Yakov declared as he raced in, intercepting Scootaloo just before she could reach the river. "You will not-CURSED AVATARS!"

Yakov had struck out at Scootaloo to try and seize the glowing sock...but she had flared her body with divine lightning at the last moment. She was still knocked back, but the sock went sailing towards the river. Everyone held their breath as they stared, watching the arc-

Yakov caught the sock just before it reached the water. "Like I said, not tonight-"

On a desperate gamble, Sweetie Belle shifted to her half-cat form, reaching through it for the common bond as it had been cast on all of them in one spell, struggling to touch Adagio, Aria, and Sonata's magic...and their mother's. "LAI SHUI ZAI!" she screamed at the top of her voice, focusing her entire being on the river.

An explosion of magic erupted upstream, and Yakov turned to stare as a wall of water ten feet high came roaring down, consuming the bridge without stopping as it raced towards him, barely noticing Mei Ling leaping free of him, the sudden return of all his power momentarily paralyzing him. "Oy gevalt, this is just fakakta-" His words were cut off as the water swallowed him up, dragging him along as it raced down before slowly subsiding as the water summoning spell was disrupted by the activation of the chi restoration spell. Blasts of green shot out of the river as Yakov's body was torn asunder by the force of the river.

Jade staggered as a blast shot into her, putting her back in control of her own body as the robe she wore shifted back into her normal clothes. "Ugh...that was different."

"How'd you know it was the left sock?" Jackie asked as he and Sweetie returned to normal.

"Shot in the dark," Jade said as she groaned and rubbed her head. "Figured that old superstition about left-handed people being tainted by dark power or whatever had to have some basis in magical fact, like maybe being of dark magic caused left-hand dominance, rather than left-hand dominance inclining someone to darkness."

"Well thought out," Hsi offered as he walked up, returning to his human form. "Wrong, but well thought out."

"Aw, man-" Jade began, only to be cut off as Hsi pulled her into a fierce embrace.

"...I thought I'd lost you..." he whispered softly, burying his face into her shoulder.

Sighing, Jade returned the embrace. "You should know I'm tougher than that by now..." she replied warmly.

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