• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Heroes' Quest

Uncle carefully examined the inscriptions all around the room, translating what he discovered for the listeners as he went. "Hmm...it seems Shendu was only one Demon Sorcerer...and not the only one. He was one of eight siblings, each with dominion over different aspects of the natural world. In addition to Shendu's Fire, there is Wind, Sky, Moon, Earth, Mountain, Water, and Thunder."

"If there were eight of these guys, how come that didn't enter the more prominent records?" Viper asked curiously. "I mean, if they were all as powerful as Shendu and running amok all at once, that would have left a mark on the world."

"Because when they first tried to conquer, they were defeated by the Eight Immortals, great mages of ancient China," Uncle explained. "Once defeated, they were banished to the Demon Netherrealm, and the portals they were banished through sealed away, the keys to those portals locked away."

"What does this have to do with the box?" El Toro asked intently.

"The box..." Uncle gasped in shock as he reached the last of the inscriptions. "Aiyah! Pan'ku Box! It is where the Immortals sealed the spells they used to banish the demons! In evil hands, it can be used to unseal the portals and unleash Demon Sorcerers upon the world once more! But why would Daolong Wong want that?"

"Daolong Wong was working with the guys from the Dark Hand," Viper pointed out. "The question should be why does Valmont want that?"

"I think I know," Jackie grunted morosely. "If we hadn't killed Shendu, Valmont would have gotten everything he wanted out of that deal. He's probably after the same thing from his siblings, now. Wealth, power, control...that's what Valmont wants. And by backing Demon Sorcerers in taking the world...he probably thinks he can get all that."

"Then we must return home, and prepare to do battle with Demons," Uncle stated firmly. "It is good thing we have on our side three Qi Lin who share a talent for Demon hunting!" He smiled down at the fillies. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle both blushed happily at the praise. Noticing Scootaloo's sorrow, Uncle stroked her mane. "One more thing, Scootaloo...even monkeys fall from trees."

"Huh?" Scootaloo asked, confused.

"It means everyone messes up sometimes, no matter how good you are," Jade translated. "It's not your fault you underestimated Ratso. If humans have special talents like ponies do, his is making people underestimate him."

"What would a Cutie Mark in that look like?" Apple Bloom asked curiously.

Sweetie Belle tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Not sure why...but I wanna say 'bubbles'."

"We will lend a hand when we can," El Toro offered warmly, "but for now, my apprentice and I must return to Mexico, to continue our training."

"I can always snag a hotel-" Viper began.

"We've got a room to spare!" Jade and Sweetie Belle simultaneously interrupted. They then exchanged glances and giggles as Jackie facepalmed.

"Come!" Uncle proclaimed. "We must do research!"

Valmont sat back as he heard the report from Daolong Wong, the Pan'ku Box sitting on his desk between them. "So...it seems the Chans have become all the more effective obstacles when it comes to this particular endeavor," he mused softly.

Daolong Wong nodded. "My Dark Warriors were able to match them for a time, but even without Talisman power, I believe it is only a matter of time before they become skilled enough to conquer them, or until that old goat finds artifacts or develops spells to neutralize them completely. Not only that, they are aware we have the Pan'ku Box. It is only a matter of time before they learn why, and begin researching ways to banish the Demon Sorcerers as you summon them."

"That chi wizard continues to be a thorn in my-"

"Patience, Shendu," Valmont interrupted his spiritual companion. Part of the agreement they'd come to as far as cooperation was that Shendu would not claim total control of the body outside of an immediate combat situation, and that Valmont would have primary control of the mouth during any negotiations. "There are many ways to deal with such obstacles. At the moment, your preferred method would only needlessly expose us. Of a certainty, they will have increased the defenses of their primary base, and attacking it directly would be walking right into a trap designed specifically to trap us. A different approach is obviously required."

"Oh?" Shendu hissed angrily. "And just what did you have in mind?"

"When dealing with a situation where there are factors you can't control, focus on those you can so you can minimize the impact of those you can't," Valmont explained. "Do either of you know how to work the Pan'ku Box?" Silence greeted his question. "Where the portals are, exactly?" Again, silence. "Then despite us having the Box, if all we do is unleash the Demon Sorcerers, the Chans have the advantage. A different strategy is necessary."

"What sort of strategy?" Daolong Wong asked curiously.

Valmont smiled as he turned to the nearest mirror. "Shendu...can you put me in contact with your siblings?" He found an odd sort of pleasure in the sight of Shendu's ghostly face paling in fear.

As Uncle opened the door to the shop, the group found themselves staring down at a rather warty frog. "...where's Captain Black?" Jackie asked, confused. "We left him in charge of the shop."

Three facehooves and three facepalms greeted the statement. Viper snickered softly.

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