• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Astonishing Relations

Tohru's headlong dash eventually got him far enough ahead of the minotaur girls pursuing him to finally slow down and catch his breath. Despite his mother's insistence on 'snatching one or more', he most definitely did not like when girls were that aggressive. He knew, more or less, what he wanted out of a romantic relationship, and he was much more of what could be called a 'traditional' mindset. A gentle, quiet girl who would be supportive, take care of him, mind the home and the children... Okay, it was an outdated misogynistic view, but he'd come to terms with that long ago. Besides, he already knew from his work at the shop that he was not cut out to be a 'domestic house husband', and one of the parents had to be the one who stayed home and took care of the home and the kids. He didn't like the idea of hiring some stranger to come into the home and do those things. It went against his grain.

Besides, his mother respected his traditional views as one of the few things that had made her proud of him - for respecting and embracing their culture - before Apple Bloom and the others had turned his life on its head.

As he slowly rose upright once more, he found he'd run much further than the boundaries of the city. The only building in sight was definitely a temple of some sort...though he didn't recognize the design. It most definitely wasn't a design common anywhere in Spain, for one thing. He recognized Grecian columns, and the roof and walls showed Confucian design...but the layout said Shinto shrine. "That is the most unusual temple I have ever seen," Tohru observed idly.

"We're quite proud of it, yes."

Eyes widening, Tohru turned to the source of the voice. Seeing only horn tips in his field of vision, he glanced down to see a minotaur girl somewhat older than 20 - from what he'd seen, minotaurs of either gender ceased showing visible signs of aging at that point until they turned 80 - smiling up at him, a slight blush on her cheeks. She had pale skin, long golden hair that hung straight down her back, and emerald green eyes. Unlike most minotaur females he'd seen, this one did not go topless. Her voluptuous figure was contained - if barely - by a Grecian style long gown, rather closely resembling the outfit worn by a character in one of Jade's new games...Palutena, he believed the name was. "I-I apologize," Tohru offered quickly. "I meant no offense with my words, or by not seeing you." He glanced around nervously. "I've just come from town...and..."

"Yes, other women of my race can be quite uninhibited, can't they?" she offered gently. "I am Sofia, and my sisters and I are the Temple Keepers. Welcome to the Temple of Labyrinthos, grave of the first Minotaur. Please, enter." Turning, she gently, shyly took Tohru's hand to lead him in.

Tohru allowed himself to be led inside. "The first minotaur's...grave?" he asked in surprise.

"That's how we think of it, anyway," Sofia answered. "But my sister Ysabelle is the one you would want to question about that. But pray tell, what is your name?"

Tohru quickly bowed apologetically. "Please forgive my rudeness. I am Tohru."

"A pleasure to meet you," Sofia offered warmly, smiling up at him.

As they moved into the temple, another minotaur girl appeared. She was the exact same height as Sofia, with identical features. Also like Sofia, most of her figure was concealed...though in her case in the red and white robes of a miko. She wore her hair in a single long braid, and was holding a ceremonial staff as she moved through the grounds, but froze as she caught sight of Tohru. Her eyes went wide, and her cheeks bloomed with a bright blush. "...hi..." she squeaked out in a barely audible whisper.

"Lucia, this is Tohru," Sofia spoke up gently. "He is a guest of the Temple."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance," Tohru offered, bringing his hands together in front of his chest before bowing respectfully. To his surprise, this resulted in Lucia squeaking and diving behind Sofia. "Have I said or done something wrong?"

Sofia shook her head. "My sister is simply quite shy. The three of us live here together, and aside from our roles within the Temple, we share everything. I believe she has merely gotten the wrong idea when I said you were a guest." Lucia buried her face in Sofia's hair to hide her brightening blush.

Tohru found himself blushing as he realized what she was implying, and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"W-we have a guest?" another voice suddenly spoke up with a slight stammer. Turning, Tohru saw what he assumed was the third sister, Ysabelle. Physically, she was identical to the others, though she wore her hair in long twin pigtails. She was dressed in the red and gold robes of a Confucian monk, and wore large circular glasses that she nervously pushed up the bridge of her nose with one finger. "I'm n-not really ready to receive...c-c-company." A bright blush tinged her cheeks as she managed to say 'company'.

"He isn't that sort of company, Ysabelle," Sofia gentled softly. "However, he is curious about the temple."

"Oh!" Ysabelle's face brightened as she stepped back into what could now plainly be seen as a library. "This Temple is called the Grave of Labyrinthos, the first Minotaur...though it is also known as the Gate of Dai Gui."

"Dai Gui the Demon of Earth?" Tohru asked intently.

Ysabelle nodded sadly. "Yes. You see...Labyrinthos was the first of our race, sired by Poseidon himself. This - and the fact that his loins brought forth a new race - filled him with great pride. When he escaped his labyrinth prison, he sought to lead his descendants in conquest. Poseidon ordered him to recant, that it was not the place of the Minotaurs to rule. While our race accepted this edict, in his pride Labyrinthos denied and defied his father, here on this sacred ground. As punishment, Poseidon stripped him of his divine connection, and twisted his body as Medusa's was...creating the demon Dai Gui. He was banned and denied his rightful place in the afterlife by being cursed with agonizing immortality, and a body that was no longer truly his own."

"...and then the Brotherhood came for him," Tohru murmured.

"Indeed," Ysabelle confirmed. "And then the Immortals War. And Dai Gui's Gate was upon Labyrinthos' grave." Noticing the intense attention Tohru was paying her, Ysabelle flushed, ducking into her robes as she straightened her glasses. "A-anyway, our family's tended the Temple ever since, out of respect for Labyrinthos and to watch for Dai Gui's return, since the spell that banished him could not be made permanent upon the first casting...only the second."

"And thus we tend the Temple," Sofia explained. "Our family's oath binds us here until the portal is sealed a second time, us and our descendants." She sighed sadly. "Until then, we can never go further than into town for groceries...and never see how the world has changed beyond..." Ysabelle and Lucia both looked sadly towards the ground.

Tohru smiled widely. "Then I believe I bring good news!" he spoke up eagerly. "One comes with the Pan Ku box to release Dai Gui...and my family and I come to renew his bindings. Once that has been done, you will be free to see the world!"

All three girls' eyes lit up eagerly at that. "That would be wonderful!" Ysabelle breathed eagerly.

"But it must have changed a great deal," Sofia observed idly. "On our own, we might get lost or overwhelmed..." She looked up shyly at Tohru. "I get the impression you travel a great deal. Perhaps you could be our guide?"

Tohru smiled softly. "It would be an honor," he agreed warmly.

"...company...?" Lucia asked Sofia quietly.

"Not today," Sofia corrected, gently but firmly. She shyly took Tohru's hand. "We have no need to hurry. We have plenty of time."

As the other two sisters moved up against him, Tohru found he was uncertain what to do...but did not fear what would happen.

...except for the teasing from Apple Bloom and the others. That would be overwhelming.

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