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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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More Short Tails

Another family trip for the Chans proved to have a bit more excitement than Jackie had expected. The purpose for the trip - for Jackie, at any rate - had been to authenticate some new artwork at a museum, as requested by an acquaintance of his. Uncle, the fillies, and Jade would be touring Paris together. Tohru stayed in San Francisco to keep an eye on the shop and demonic activity. Viper was originally meant to tour with them to help Uncle keep their interest...but she had changed her plans the moment she learned from Captain Black of all people that the 'acquaintance' Jackie was going to meet was a woman. Jackie wasn't sure whether or not to find the change frustrating or endearing.

However, it did wind up proving helpful to Jackie. Viper remained in the secured 'art chamber' with Jackie when said acquaintance left to fetch the authentication forms once Jackie had authenticated it, locked in together. "Isn't this ironic?" Viper chuckled softly as she glanced around at the valuable pieces. "Back before meeting your girls, getting into a room like this would have been a fun challenge. Now I'm invited in..."

"Feeling any...temptation?" Jackie asked teasingly.

Viper chuckled wickedly. "Not to steal," she purred softly. "But I don't think it will take that long for Miss Amber to get back with those forms. The museum isn't that big..." Her voice trailed off and she lifted a hand, signaling Jackie to silence.

Jackie jerked up as he heard it too, the sound of paper unfolding. Reaching to his shoulder, he seized Balance Breaker's hilt, glad Sweetie Belle had insisted casting a 'notice-me-not' spell on it so he could carry it around with him as long as he kept it sheathed. Unusual noises in silent places once would have made him just wonder. In this new world, he automatically assumed it was something that would try to kill him...or someone with him-

Viper let out an aggressive cry as she spun, attempting to deliver a kick to...a life-size origami samurai? Much to her frustration, the folded paper being simply folded itself out of the way as it moved towards the painting Jackie had just authenticated. Viper quickly rolled between the creature's legs, coming upright between it and the painting.

Jackie saw the arm fold into a sword and lift. Light flashed.

Much to Jackie and Viper's surprise, a seemingly ordinary gentleman with Chinese ancestry and a rune-inscribed scroll reeking of magic fell to the ground. Viper quickly slipped on white gloves with runic circles inscribed on the back before scooping up the scroll and rolling it up tight. "Not sure what's going on, but this is definitely dangerous magic," she told Jackie. "Definitely want to take proper precautions-"

"Give that back!" the man screamed out, moving to lunge for Viper.

Jackie was immediately behind the man, sword at his throat. "Hold...still," he instructed calmly.

At that moment, Amber returned, gasping as she dropped the authentication forms. "Umm...should I call the police?" she asked worriedly.

"Make sure to tell them it's a Spell Case," Viper responded, holding up the glowing scroll.

Nodding, Amber turned to place the call.

Mere moments later, several officers appeared out of nowhere just outside the vault room, quickly taking control of the scene. The man was led away under arrest, his place later to be searched for stolen artwork or other magical artifacts. The scroll - an ancient relic that granted whoever it bonded to the power to fold themselves into living paper creatures - was taken to be more properly protected and stored.

Having little else to do at the museum, Jackie and Viper decided to join the others for the rest of the tour of Paris.

Tso Lan smiled as he stepped into the limo, the last stage of his release having gone off as smoothly as Valmont had promised. As predicted, the Pan'ku Box identified the location of his Portal as being in Earth orbit, at exactly the altitude to be intersected by the very space station Raphaelo Di'Capizzio was to be flown up to by a trained monkey pilot, before later descending in a pod to be picked up by a landing crew. It had been easy enough for Valmont to convince the movie star to let a 'body double' make the flight for him, and Bai Tza was able to impersonate the man easily on the way up, especially since she spent most of her time in a space suit which hid her features.

The space suit was bulky enough that Bai Tza could easily carry - and handle - the Pan'ku Box through the gloves, keeping it hidden any time she was on camera. Careful calculations between Valmont, Tso Lan, and an expert in astrophysics and engineering determined the exact location on the space station where the portal would intersect, as well as exactly when. A simple observation spell allowed Daolong Wong to determine when the space station was about to intersect, and a simple hack disrupted signal reception for five minutes. This gave Bai Tza all the time she needed with the camera signal reaching no one to open the portal, slip herself into another thermos carrier, and allow Tso Lan to slide himself into the space suit before taking on Raphaelo's appearance as well. With that done, he simply maintained the facade until descent, at which point he was collected by agents Valmont kept specifically clear of any criminal activity so they could operate without drawing Section 13 attention.

As the blackout doors closed behind him, he set the thermos down beside him and opened it. The Pan'ku Box had already been collected and would return to Valmont's offices through other means, so all that was left was a leisurely ride there. He watched as water flowed out of the thermos to solidify into his sister Bai Tza, in her human form. "You can discard Raph's face now, brother," she informed him as she settled into the seats. "This very limo will later be seen dropping him off elsewhere while we return to Valmont's base of operations. Have you decided on a human form for yourself as yet?"

Tso Lan smiled as his form shifted. The form he chose was tall, though not as tall as his natural form, with pinkish skin and violet hair. Long sideburns hung to either side of his narrow chin, reminiscent of the mandibles of his demonic form. He kept his angular face, red eyes, and topknot, though traded red robes for a red business suit with purple tie. Black shoes completed the look. "Do you think I will...blend in?" he asked Bai teasingly as the transformation finished.

Bai Tza nodded readily. "I don't think anyone will suspect a thing," she agreed. She then frowned, growing pensive. "...brother, about...what you said when Valmont discussed his plans with you...and what we said when Shendu first suggested him as a possible ally-"

"I admit I did not speak for our Brotherhood when I said I would assist in seeking out Valmont's ascension once we had all been released," Tso Lan allowed. "I spoke for myself personally. And I do intend to work to achieve that, and have access to his mind as long as possible." He grinned impishly. "And if that puts you in my debt for giving you an immortal beloved..."

"See how deep you end up in his debt before this is over before counting those favors," Bai teased back, though it was plain she was pleased at the idea of keeping Valmont around for a long, long time...and not the least embarrassed about him being referred to as her 'beloved'.

Tso Lan sat back, frowning thoughtfully. "Besides...it is not just I or our Brotherhood I would have him be available to," he murmured softly, his thoughts turning to...a certain being who would have mixed feelings about his release, and his choice of actions...

In a dark chamber somewhere, a shadowed figure lifted her head from her studies, a frown crossing her face. "That is...unusual," she murmured softly, her voice containing a hissing echo as her blue tongue tasted the air.

"Mistress Luna?" a hissing voice whispered as a figure approached, kneeling before the shadowed figure. The being was male, green-skinned and striped with spikes on his shoulders. He was dressed in brown slacks, army boots, a black muscle shirt, and black fingerless gloves. His only other garb was an oddly configured gas mask hooked to a jewel embedded in the flesh of his chest.

"Pascal," the shadowed woman responded. "It would seem that my Father has escaped his imprisonment...and has taken no action. This requires...investigation."

"What are my orders?" Pascal inquired, his voice becoming guttural as he raised it above the whisper, as though he were constantly gargling liquid behind the mask.

"The same as always," Luna responded calmly. "Investigate human dabbling in demonic forces. The stability of the world and its continued growth requires balance. Determine if the balance has shifted, and act as you see fit." A thin, blue finger reached out of the shadows as a globe floated over in the grip of gravity magic. "A great deal of magic has come to focus here," she hissed gently as her finger touched on San Francisco. "I suggest you begin your investigations here."

"And what actions should I take if I encounter your Father?" Pascal inquired carefully.

"I leave that to your judgement, based on what you discover," Luna replied. "Inform me of any major revelations as you discover them. Should your actions lead to imprisonment to my Father or his 'siblings'..." She shrugged her shoulders in the shadows. "Well, I only have so much control over you, after all."

"Plausible deniability," Pascal responded firmly.

"Your race does come up with most amusing concepts," the hissing voice responded playfully.

Pascal said nothing for a time. "I will not fail you," he concluded finally, reaching up to press his fingers against the gemstone in his chest. Green, noxious gas released from inside his mask to swirl around him, completely obscuring his appearance. When it dissipated, he was gone.

"His skill grows every day," Luna murmured softly. "Had Father found him, he might have tried to incorporate him into the Brotherhood. ...for Pascal's sake, it is good that I found him." With that, she returned to her studies, reading the balance of the world's power as she focused on chains of events.

Author's Note:

Tso Lan's human appearance:

Source: http://tatsurou-san.deviantart.com/art/JCA-Demons-turned-Human-Tso-Lan-671722717

The OC Pascal LeBlanc belongs to user Moheart7, who created the art of the Demon Sorecers as humans used in this story. In gratitude for doing that, I have found a role for him in this story, as agreed.

Images of him can be found here:

Luna is, as can be determined from the text, Tso Lan's daughter and has been teaching Pascal to control his demon power since he became a demon.

Edit: And because people keep asking, I mean this Luna

Source: http://moheart7.deviantart.com/art/The-Moon-Demon-s-Daughter-548088326

Not this Luna

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