• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Now We Gotta Get Away

Jackie smiled to himself as he calmly swept the shop floor of Uncle's Rare Finds and Spells, as the store was now called in the magic world they now lived in. He found it oddly humorous that he'd never noticed the name change before now...and even more so that he was the first to notice it. Still, that wasn't really worth focusing on, so he let his mind wander.

The vacation had proved to be just as relaxing as everyone had hoped, and the Golden Dragon was delivered to Hong Kong without incident. When the sailors had moved to go to the vault level to unlock things, however, Audrey III had insisted on going first for some reason. The sailors apparently preferred to listen to creatures like him and allowed him to do so. When they followed, they found Audrey breathing in the last of a wisp of smoke, and nothing else out of the ordinary. No one questioned.

Returning to San Francisco had also been relatively relaxing, with the only recent incident of note being one where Jade had attempted to mind the shop...resulting in her taking the Emerald of Killarney, a cursed gemstone from Ireland that brought bad luck. This would have been very bad...if not for Hsi Wu instantly recognizing it and deciding to ask for a minor favor from family. Valmont had been more than happy to accept the Emerald and teleport it back to its tomb in Ireland, thus breaking the curse until such time as someone with more greed than brains managed to circumvent the security on the tomb again. Jackie found that such cordial relationships with such powerful beings - especially former enemies - somewhat unnerving in concept, but overall quite pleasant in result...even if Jade had pouted for three days about having an Irish Adventure swiped right from under her. It took Apple Bloom suggesting that prolonged contact with the gem might have shaped Jade's still developing chi so that she would have permanent bad luck to get her to let it go.

As he continued to sweep, Jackie stared out the window into the light rain. Tohru, Lucia, Sofia, and Ysabelle had gone out to get food for everyone for the night since no one really felt like cooking, and they'd been gone for quite some time. If Hsi Wu had not taken the girls upstairs for an immersive Dungeons and Dragons session, Jackie knew Jade at least would be moaning at his feet about how hungry she was. He hoped they would be back soon, though. He estimated there would be at most ten minutes before the session timed out.

Tohru smiled widely as he held several bags of Chinese take-out in one massive hand, a large umbrella in the other that expanded magically to cover the entire group from a comfortable height, keeping them - and the food - dry and warm. Given the size of the appetites of those involved and the sheer number of mouths to feed, all four of them were carrying food for the short walk home. Ysabelle couldn't help but smile as her new glasses repelled the rain that managed to get through so she could always see clearly...though she was a tiny bit put out that the white shirt she chose to wear for this excursion hadn't gotten so much as a drop on it. It had been her big step to try and be subtly flirtatious with Tohru, especially after what Lucia had pulled on the cruise...even if Lucia was still blushing brightly from having done so in front of people other than Tohru or her sisters.

"Everyone be careful," Sofia suddenly spoke up warily as they approached the shop. "There are three people following us, and they're wearing all covering robes of some sort and chanting. I can't make out their words, though."

Tohru frowned, carefully handing the bags he was holding to a now shivering Lucia, making sure he would have his hands free if he would have to release the umbrella to fight those who approached. "Wǒ de shēntǐ shì dùnpái..." he began murmuring under his breath, focusing his chi into his cells so he could protect his girls and everyone in the shop.

As Tohru's body started to glow a faint green, the three robed figures following them gasped and rushed forward. Tohru spun to face them, and Ysabelle caught sight of their orange robes. "Tohru, wait!" she called out, putting a hand to his shoulder. "They aren't wizards, they're holy men! Ben-Shui monks!"

Tohru blinked in shock as the monks came to a halt, their orange robes now illuminated by the lights of the store. "A-are you certain?" he asked worriedly, still tensed for a fight.

Ysabelle straightened her glasses pointedly. "I know the markings of the various mystic orders," she explained firmly. "If I'm not mistaken, these are the caretakers of the Chosen One."

"You know us well, noble maiden," one of the monks said, stepping under the umbrella as it expanded to cover them as well. "Indeed, we are monks from Bhutan, having followed the signs and portents to this place at this time...to find the new reincarnation of the Chosen One." He pulled back his hood, as did his fellows, revealing three nearly identical faces - one wide, two narrow - under shaved crowns. The speaker smiled beatifically up at Tohru. "And now we have found-"

"You'd better hope you're a little off," Sofia interrupted with a teasing smirk. "I've read your scriptures, and the energies of the Chosen One remain dormant and pass to the next life unless the new life remains a virgin before being awakened." She cast a sidelong look Lucia's way.

"Sister!" Lucia squeaked out as both she and Tohru blushed brightly.

The monk who had spoken looked confused. "But...but all the signs and portents lead to here and now. Why would they guide us too late?"

Ysabelle rolled her eyes. "They might not have pointed you to the Chosen One," she pointed out dryly. "When the energies of the past lives start to catalyze but before they fully awaken, a Guardian is drawn to the Chosen One to protect them." She gestured to all of Tohru. "Quite fitting to the role, isn't he?"

The monk rubbed his chin in thought as he took in Tohru's size and strength. "Hmm...perhaps so. But if he is the Guardian...then who in the here and now we have been guided to is the Chosen One?"

The front door of the shop swung open and Jade stuck her head out. "Hey Big T!" she greeted exuberantly. "About time you got back, we're starving! Who are the monks, new guests?" She then blinked, turning back into the shop. "Ruby! Hsi! Just what the heck is so funny?"

The three monks smiled beatifically.

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