• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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No Future

Valmont blurred through the world as pure light. His transit to his destination would take less than a second, but his thoughts were so much faster now that it felt like hours to him unless he deliberately slowed his mind down. In one part of his mind, he was remembering every single moment of his time with Bai Tza, slowing down the memories until he could capture every single moment in exquisite detail. The flicker and play of emotion on her face, the cruel sensuality of her nature, the slowly blooming love that soon became all consuming...

In another part of his mind, he was sunk in his rage. However, even as all consuming as the rage was, it no longer clouded his thoughts. It didn't take long for him to deduce why. He was no longer human. His true body was no longer flesh and blood. No glands pumping exotic chemicals into his brain to distort his perceptions. He could let those emotions overwhelm him as they did when he was human...but he could also suppress that effect at need. It was mildly disturbing, and morbidly fascinating.

Another part of his mind was minutely examining every bit of information he'd managed to secretly extract from Shendu's mind while the demonic spirit had been sharing his body. He'd already gotten the first detail he needed in order to enact his current plan of action, but he wanted to collate what he knew to ensure the plan would succeed. It would do no good if he made the attempt only for something to backfire.

Yet another part of his mind marveled how much easier it was to multitask with the biological chains on his mind unbound, setting pure thought free to work. Part of his mind was even so bored with what little there was to do that it was rereading his memory of War and Peace to pass the time. At this rate, running his criminal empire would practically be an afterthought while he focused on whatever truly interested him.

Then again, if his plan worked, his criminal empire wouldn't even matter anymore. Trading everything that was to create a 'might have been' he desperately wanted...all that mattered was a specific detail. Well, it was a detail he could add if it wasn't there. All things needed were a bit of fine tuning...

Hsi Wu slowly sat up, struggling to move his wings and limbs without disturbing the precious burden in his arms. The last few hours in the Netherrealm had been painful...but he'd toughed it through. He'd been grateful when the sympathetic echoes through the familiar bond had eventually knocked Jade out, he didn't have to hold in his screams after that. Still, it seemed he was as tough as he'd always believed, as all his limbs and magic still worked. He was scorched and scarred, but otherwise unharmed.

When Shendu's portal had opened for free transit, he'd been shocked when Po Kong grabbed them both and hurled them through with all the force she could muster. He'd actually risked more harm using his body to shield Jade's from the impact than he had from Tchang Zu's lightning. He had some gift with lightning from his Sky magic, and had been able to redirect it through his body enough to not do permanent damage. But seeing Valmont's demonic ascension had left him frozen. That was never something that happened cleanly. There was always fallout from the first excursion. Feeling Jade regaining consciousness, he knew it was only a matter of time before the - as Jade had pointed out the phrase was now - shit hit the fan.

Jackie groaned as he slowly sat up nearby. "Are you two ok-AH!" He clutched at the burn on his chest before falling back.

"Stay still," Hsi instructed. "There's a reason Demons of Light are so incredibly rare, and feared when they do exist. There's likely internal damage from that burn-"

Just as Jade fully regained consciousness, Hsi's words were interrupted as both of them heard an intense screeching like some sort of alarm boring into their ears. "What the hell is that?" Jade screamed out desperately as she tried to cover her ears.

"What is what?" Jackie asked in confusion.

"Don't you hear it?" Jade wailed.

"He won't," Hsi managed to growl out through gritted teeth. "It's the No-Man's alarm. It's only audible to anyone Class 2 or higher. I'm considered borderline there, since while I can't match a God in raw power, I do have spells capable of killing them. That makes me a Class 2-Z being, the lowest in the Class-"

The beeping changed to a message. "Unauthorized entry into Australia by Class 2-Omega Demon Sorcerer. All beings hearing this message are requested and authorized to intercept as soon as possible."

Hsi Wu's eyes went wide. "Fuck!" he screamed out, his voice somewhere between rage and terror.

"Language!" Jackie snapped angrily.

Hsi quickly scooped Jade up and spread his wings. "Ground me for it when we get back if the world is still here!" he snapped as he surrounded himself and Jade with a bubble of air before rocketing into the sky at somewhere upward of Mach 2, the sonic boom sending Jackie tumbling in pain.

"Hsi, what-" Jade began in earnest.

"Australia is where all the artifacts too dangerous to be left available for access to anyone are sealed!" Hsi explained as they shot southeast. "There are things there that if misused could tear the very fabric of the universe apart! I should know, since I made five of them, which is why I was ordered locked up in the Netherrealm in the first place!"

"For making five of them?" Jade asked in surprise.

"For trying to make a sixth against orders from the Jade Council to stop," Hsi clarified.

"How would Valmont even know that?" Jade demanded. "He was at the epicenter when the world changed-"

"Shendu got an army sent after him on his second release for trying to access a complete archive of Australia's contents!" Hsi snapped out. "With how long he was in Valmont's head, I wouldn't be surprised if a few details slipped through!"

As the pair arrived in Australia, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo arrived on Cumulo. "You got th' message, too?" Apple Bloom asked curiously.

Another shrill beeping echoed. "Security Breach at the Cave of Time. Five entities in range to intercept. Act quickly."

Hsi Wu let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. It's just the Book of Ages."

"The Book of Ages?" Sweetie Belle gasped out as Hsi led the way towards a cavern that had been blasted open to reveal a massive temple. "You mean the magical tome that records all of history, the one that can fundamentally change history all at once if someone writes in it?"

"That's right," Hsi agreed as he led the way down the right turns. "That's the one."

"And that deserves an 'only'?" Jade asked in surprise, getting to her feet to run alongside the rest.

"If we're still us by the end of the hour, I'll happily explain," Hsi promised.

As they reached the end, they found Valmont hovering over the Book of Ages in his human form, only the horned crown of thorns made of light hovering over his head a visible sign of his true nature now. "So I am part of the Brotherhood now," he murmured thoughtfully as he lifted a quill. "That makes this easier..." He reached towards the top of the page.

"No!" Jade screamed out as she led the charge, the group leaping onto him...only to come to a halt as they hit an invisible barrier.

"Relative to you all, I've had two weeks to familiarize myself with my magic with how fast my thoughts go now," Valmont observed idly as he started to write. "Do you really think you can succeed in stopping me?"

"We can try!" Jade screamed out as she leapt onto the Book itself, trying to stop his writing.

"Futile," Valmont observed idly as he flicked his hand, sending her flying back to land lightly on the floor some distance away, not noticing the small fragment torn out of the book. Turning, he finished the sentence he was writing, and watched as the magic flowed.

And the Nine Sorcerers of the Demon Brotherhood reigned over the Earth's Past, Present, and Future.

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