• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Final Revelations

Jackie stared at the explosion as it happened, ever so slowly. Shendu's body was slowly torn apart as the rainbow colored energy slowly expanded, and the Talismans were blasted backwards as the demonic flesh burst into light around them. The palace was leveled and erased as the wave continued to expand. The wave continued to expand...and a blinding rainbow exploded outward, spreading out over all of China, and surely beyond. As Jackie fell back onto his butt, the three fillies, Jade, and Uncle fell back to the ground, completely spent. For some reason, the entire area was covered in tree sap.

The tinkling of metal and gemstones caught Jackie's ears, and he gasped as he saw the source. The Normalcy pendants the three fillies had worn for so long were so much slag on the ground, even the chains that had held them dissolved. "That's not good..." Jackie murmured worriedly. Glancing down, he saw that the runes drawn all over his body had vanished, though his sword was still in sight. Taking it, he made a mental note to find somewhere safe to hide it, unless more demons showed up. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen.

"Jackie?" Captain Black called out as he approached, the sniper rail gun clutched carefully in his grip. "Is everyone alright?"

"Looks like we're all alive," Jackie allowed. "Umm, except the demon."

"Right...well, good riddance." Putting the gun back in the duffel bag, he came closer. "...why are your girls' flanks glowing?"

Blinking, Jackie glanced at the fillies just as the light faded. Three different symbols had appeared. On Apple Bloom's flanks, a cauldron had appeared with two apple slices floated in it, sitting on a fire of good chi with no wood. Sweetie Belle had seven glowing green music notes arranged in the pattern she normally sang - rather than chanted - Uncle's usual chi spell. Scootaloo had six glowing green lightning bolts crossed on her flank in the shape of the Seal of Solomon. All three marks bore the green glow of good chi. "...I'll ask Uncle about that when he wakes up. It's probably important..."

"For now, let's get everyone back to base," Captain Black insisted. "We've got one near here. We can get everyone a medical checkup, just to be sure."

"Right," Jackie agreed worriedly.

As the agents carried off the unconscious fighters, Valmont snarled to himself as he watched them go. With the destruction of Shendu and the palace, the treasure was no more. His only hopes of making a profit from this venture seemed dashed. As he pulled his foot back to kick a nearby rock, he paused. The rock was too regularly shaped...

Leaning down, he picked it up and brushed it off, revealing the mark of the Rabbit. Clutching it, he grinned as he saw it glow with light. "My main objective may be no more...but I seem to have a nice consolation prize..."

When Uncle regained consciousness, he found himself back in the shop. "...Harmony..." he murmured in amazement.

"What's that, Uncle?" Jade called out in confusion.

"The power we used...Harmony," Uncle explained. "It's...it's from where the girls are from..."

"We blasted the demon with pony power?" Jade asked eagerly. "Sweet!"

Uncle's eyes widened as he noticed something missing. "The girls! Where are they?"

"Tohru's taking them shopping," Jade explained. "Apparently, part of the Harmony energy came from him, and that healed all his injuries. They wanted to just deal with seeing the world without their pendants straight away."

"Without pendants?" Uncle gasped in shock. "Aiyah! They will be mobbed for being otherworldly magical!"

"About that..." Jade began carefully. "I...don't think that's something we need to worry about."


Jade kicked awkwardly at the ground, unsure how to explain.

"Jade's parents said that it would be best she learn to master her magic here, since you are an accomplished chi wizard," Jackie explained. "You didn't tell me you told them about that, Uncle."

"I didn't tell Uncle I told them about that!" Uncle proclaimed in shock. "Uncle is not going senile! Magic is ahoof-I mean, afoot!"

"Does it have anything to do with the Harmony power overloading the pendants?" Jackie asked, holding out the slag that was all that was left of the pendants. "And the rainbow released afterward covering the entire world?"

Uncle took the slag, examining it carefully. "Hmm...pendants were very powerful...if combined with Harmony as demon banishing spell..." He let out a sigh of rueful relief. "Whole world now thinks magic is normal, in same way ponies' magical nature was shrugged off by pendant power."

"You mean no one notices anything magical anymore?" Jackie asked in terror.

"No!" Uncle corrected. "People notice. Magic just not important unless they're magical."

"You mean it's like this in everyone's minds?" Jade lifted her two hands and pantomimed a conversation. "Ohmygosh! Talking candy colored ponies! Uh, yeah, they've always been ponies. Oh, so nothing important? No. Now shut up, I'm trying to watch the game."

"In...essence," Uncle allowed as Jackie buried his face in his hands. "That would explain your parents. If magic is normal, they knew your issues were magic related, and knew of my magic. So you live here. Makes logical sense."

"Awesome!" Jade crowed, leaping into the air.

"But...what about the marks on the girls' flanks?" Tohru asked as he walked in, Apple Bloom trailing along behind him without vegetation springing up in her wake. "It seems to have had...an odd effect on their magic."

As the three fillies rushed forward, Uncle pulled out the book and flipped to the page he knew he needed. "I was waiting for this day. Girls, those are your Cutie Marks." Seeing the way the girls' faces lit up at just the words, he knew the advice to wait unless/until they got them to bring this up had been right. "They represent your special talents, now that you've discovered them." He examined the marks carefully. "Each seems to be related to chi magic. Apple Bloom, yours expresses itself through potions. Sweetie Belle, yours expresses itself through music. Scootaloo...I believe yours is best expressed through the manipulation of your environment, the choreography of body and weather." After examining the patterns more closely, he nodded firmly. "And it seems to be naturally attuned to combating demonic power."

Scootaloo gasped eagerly. "You know what this means, girls?"

All three leapt into the air, high-hoofing as they shouted together, "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS DEMON HUNTERS! YAY!!"

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