• Published 6th Mar 2012
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The Risks of Braving a Storm - Wintergreen Diaries

Storm Blitz, a massive pegasus, comes to Ponyville after his grandfather dies.

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He's Mine!

Chapter 14: He’s Mine!

Ponies with an ounce of social awareness generally realize quickly that ducking out of a kiss to hug another mare, especially one that was previously unknown to the intended recipient of the kiss, looks and feels like betrayal. This, however, was lost upon Storm who was simply enjoying the company of an old friend, and it wasn’t until Rainbow Dash took off towards her cloud home that he came to the conclusion that he had just screwed up big time.

Common sense was something he did possess, and as such decided to wait a while before attempting to resolve her confusion, thinking that some time alone might do her good. Unfortunately for him, Rainbow Dash couldn’t have cared less for common sense and instead wanted Storm to chase her down, and her anger only deepened when she stopped and waited a good distance away, they pair still visible in the distance.

“...Was that your fillyfriend, Storm?” Cloudburn asked as she pulled away, sniffling a bit as she calmed herself. Seeing Storm again after so many years was a little more emotional for her than she would have liked to show, but he took it in stride and nodded, looking sheepish.

“Yeah, her name is Rainbow Dash and she is absolutely amazing. Too good for me, I’d say. It doesn’t help that I’m a complete disaster when it comes to dealing with mares.” A slight pang in her chest resonated with the pain of hearing him talk about somepony else the way she had longed for him to speak of her, and she decided that there was no use keeping it a secret any longer.

“I can tell. You never even noticed that I liked you all those years ago.” His gaping maw confirmed the statement, his inability to respond speaking more than a thousand words. “You really are an idiot, you know that?”

“I’m coming to the same conclusion myself, yes,” he replied, scratching the back of his head.

“Did you... ever feel anything for me, Storm?”

“Nope.” That’s it? Five years apart, a confession of love, and that’s his response? As her frustration boiled over, she charged into him. He braced himself and she slammed into his chest only to remain there, his position unchanged and a small grin playing at the corners of his mouth. “How many times have you tried that and failed? I lost count around a hundred, so I guess I’ll just start a new tally. That’s one,” he jeered, remembering her repeated failures in Cloudspire. The tips of her wings began to glow red as her anger ascended the confines of any supposed limits she had placed, spreading her wings and preparing to charge.

From her vantage point, the scene played out much differently in Rainbow Dash’s eyes. She had been growing increasingly frustrated with the mare but when the wings went up she lost any desire to control herself and dive bombed towards the two unsuspecting ponies, barreling into Cloudburn and tumbling over her in a heap.

“Listen up, whoever you are; Storm is my coltfriend, got it? So you can tuck those wings away and keep your hooves off of him!” Rainbow Dash yelped as Storm forcefully heaved her off, nearly tossing her aside in his haste to attend to Cloudburn who was whimpering as lancing pain shot through her mangled wings, which Dash had failed to notice in her peeved state. “And you, Storm, don’t you know when a mare flies off you’re supposed to chase her? Don’t you even,” she continued before Storm’s angered growl cut her off, culling her into silence.

“Take a good look, Rainbow Dash. Can’t you see she’s in pain?” He hadn’t meant for it to come out as a shout, but even if he hadn’t the underlying tone of his voice would have been just the same. Rainbow Dash brought a hoof to her mouth as she saw the stunted feather growth and small bits of bone poking through the skin where none had bothered to regrow, and her jealousy was soon forgotten by the overwhelming sight.

“I... I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...” Storm slowly brought his head around and looked at her, sapping what little strength she had left with a glance.

“Come on, Storm... that’s no way to talk to a lady. Say you’re sorry,” Cloudburn said softly, coughing a bit as she slowly folded her wings. Storm heaved a sigh, mostly at himself as he had again lost his temper. Every time he did it just made him remember he was imitating the pony he despised the most, and he looked at Rainbow Dash, this time with regret. He beckoned her over and motioned her to sit beside him, and she silently obeyed, unable to tear her eyes from the mare’s marred wings.

“Rainbow Dash, this is Cloudburn, one of my closest friends from Cloudspire. She’s the only pony that retained her ability to fly after my friends tried my stunt. But it came with a heavy price,” he explained, pointing to her wings, which were much more horrifying to behold up close.

“Hey, it’s rude to stare, Rainbow Dash,” Cloudburn said as cheerfully as she could, given her situation. “Congratulations on succeeding where I failed. Storm’s a wonderful catch. A tad dense, but he’s sweet.”

“A tad? I think it’s a little worse than that.”

“You’re right. I couldn’t believe he didn’t take off after you! If I wasn’t so happy to see him I would have smacked him myself.” As the two mares discussed his various boneheaded blunders, Storm quickly came to the conclusion that he had to keep the two away from each other at all costs, if only for the sake of his pride which was eagerly being ripped to pieces.

“Cloudburn, do you have a place to stay around here?”

“No, I didn’t really plan that far ahead,” she replied, ceasing her snide comments and shaking her head. Storm quickly ran through a list of the ponies he knew, trying to decide which one was most likely to have a spare room.

“Hey, I know! Maybe you could stay with Applejack, I know she has a couple of empty beds at her house,” Rainbow Dash offered, saving Storm the trouble. “I’d offer to let you stay at my place, but something tells me you don’t feel up to flying to and from my house.”

“Yeah, I’d rather not. I was hoping to stay with Storm, but something tells me that would ruffle some feathers,” she said, shooting a sidelong glance at Rainbow Dash.

“Ya think? You may be his friend, but I am his fillyfriend.”

“Hmmm, that’s true. I probably won’t become the ‘other mare’ anyhow,” she said as she rubbed up against Storm, eliciting a warning growl from Rainbow Dash.

“Just what do you mean by ‘probably,’ Cloudburn?” Storm stepped in between them as Cloudburn adopted an embarrassed expression after giving her a quick wink, tittering provocatively and popping her head over his shoulder.

“Cloudburn, stop it. You’ve gotten me in enough trouble as it is.”

“Awww, you’re no fun,” she pouted, but thankfully relented, and the three made their way towards Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow Dash trudged in silence, her emotions to jumbled for her to even begin to express verbally. Storm noticed but said nothing, determining it would be best to explain himself after Cloudburn was out of ear shot. Darkness had fallen by the time they knocked on the door, and a short time later they were greeted by Applebloom.

“Hey there Rainbow Dash! Hi Storm, what’re you two doin’ here so late?”

“Applebloom, do you have a spare bed that my friend could use? She doesn’t have any place to stay,” Storm explained, stepping aside so Cloudburn could be seen. Applebloom tried unsuccessfully not to stare at her wings, which caused her to shift uncomfortably.

“It’ll probably be all right, let me ask my sister. Applejack!” she hollered as she took off up the stairs and towards her sister’s room. Applejack returned a short while later, beckoning the three inside and closing the door.

“So, Storm, this mare a friend o’ yours?”

“Yeah, she kind of came here on a whim and doesn’t have any place to stay. Would you be able to spare a bed?”

“Sure thing, Storm. Long as she’s polite and doesn’t give nopony any trouble, she’s welcome t’ stay,” she replied, introducing herself and shaking Cloudburn’s hoof.

“I’ll behave, I promise. Thank you very much for letting me stay, Applejack. I’m sorry to be a burden.”

“You’re no burden, sugarcube. We got plenty of beds lyin’ around; be a shame not to use ‘em to help somepony. C’mon, let’s get you settled in.”

“All right. Good night Storm, Rainbow Dash. See you tomorrow?”

“Sure thing. Sleep well Cloudburn.” Storm and Rainbow Dash flew back to where they had cast aside their weights, and Storm took it upon himself to carry them as they both made for home in Cloudsdale. If tension was a material substance than his fillyfriend would have been coated mane to hoof, and as they entered her house she said nothing and immediately trotted to the kitchen. Storm stowed the gear and stood at the doorway, watching as she rifled through the fridge and selected an apple before brushing passed him and sitting down on the couch.

“What’s that mare mean to you, Storm?” Even though he knew the question was coming, it still took him a couple of seconds to collect himself and form a response.

“She’s a great friend that means a lot to me, but nothing more,” he said firmly, adding extra emphasis on the last few words to make sure he was clear.

“Is that so? It sure seems like there was something more there,” she muttered, turning her focus back to her apple.

“I’m not going to try to make you believe me, but know this Rainbow Dash; regardless of how much she may want me, I belong only to you. I will not betray your trust, Rainbow Dash. You’re too precious for me to risk losing...” The couch gave as he sat beside her, cautiously moving his arm around her and drawing her close. She gave in willingly, letting her anxieties drift away with his reassuring words.

“You know, it’s really not fair the way you can be so dense and yet find exactly the right words to say to make me feel better,” she whispered, smiling a bit as she allowed herself a fleeting moment of weakness in his arms.

It was nearly midnight when Storm arrived home, and he made for his spot on the couch for some much needed shut eye. Everything ached below his neck, the weights having been a rough adjustment even for his large frame. His heavy lidded eyes shut once and stayed, a mere matter of seconds passing before sleep claimed his conscious mind, while his dreams were filled with the shimmering rainbows of a cyan mare.

Scootaloo woke early, the cold night parching her throat and commanding her full attention. She made quietly for the kitchen, downing a glass of water and starting her second with she heard Storm mumble something. He had somehow rolled off of the couch and was lying on the floor with his legs pointing towards the ceiling. Snickering cruelly, Scootaloo stood over him and poured a few drops of water onto his chest, bracing for his shouts but hearing nothing.

“Nnnn bw Dash, shwer?” he muttered, as his wings began to stretch out, knocking Scootaloo aside and pushing him away from the couch.

“Hey, wake up! You’re acting creepy,” Scootaloo commanded, hopping atop his chest. She suddenly found herself mashed against his face as his dream suddenly turned from an innocent romp through a flowery forest to a moment of passion underneath a waterfall, causing him to wrap Scootaloo with his hooves and plant a sickenly wet smooth on her mouth.

“Aaaah, mom, Storm kissed me!” she wailed, breaking free and dashing into her parent’s room. Her shrill screams yanked Storm from the blissful downpour of desires, and as he sat up blinking he noticed his wings and immediately ran into Scootaloo’s room to hide himself.

“Wait a second, what? Scootaloo, mom’s not!..” he started, returning to find his mother standing in Quakehoof’s doorway, a disapproving look on her face as Scootaloo shuddered behind her.

“Storm, save that kind of behavior for Rainbow Dash. Your sister doesn’t appreciate that level of affection from you.”

“What do you mean?” he replied, honestly confused. Not only was his mother back, but she was insinuating he did something dirty to Scootaloo?

“You idiot, you kissed me!” Scootaloo shouted, spitting and making a face. After smacking himself soundly in the jaw and not waking from the nightmare, he sighed and made his defense.

“Yeah right, there’s no way I would ever do that!” he countered, disturbed that she’d even accuse him of such a thing.

“Storm, what were you dreaming about?” Grace said coolly, watching as he blushed and turned away. “My goodness, Storm. You really have it bad if you can’t even stay away from her in your dreams.”

“...At least I don’t do it in front of the princess.” Since her coat was a much lighter hue, Scootaloo immediately noticed her mother’s cheeks flush deeply as she scrambled to recover.

“Storm, your sister is present! Watch what you say,” she barked.

“Mom, what’s he talking about?” If it weren’t for the fact that his mother’s glare spoke with much more force than any words she could have said, Storm might have considering answering Scootaloo’s inquiry. However, he wished to remain within the realm of the living, and thus said nothing, walking into the kitchen and grabbing a drink while Flying Grace tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. He unwittingly aided her as the reality of his mother being back against Proud Skies’ rules dawned on him.

“Mom, what are you doing back? Isn’t this dangerous?” Storm was glad he wasn’t Proud Skies at that moment, the malicious look clouding his mother’s features seeming to radiate a hatred tinged with justice.

“Let’s just say I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I’m here for good, Storm. I’m never going back.” Grace had trouble not falling to the ground as Storm half hugged, half tackled her in his excitement at the news. “Careful, Storm Blitz. There’s another member of the family who isn’t quite as strong as you yet,” she whispered, motioning to her stomach as he pulled away.

“Huh, I guess Twilight isn’t the only one now. Congratulations, mom. You got some,” he said with a wink, his mother pulling a face at his increasingly crass sense of humor. Typical stallion.

“I’m not the only one,” she giggled, playing him at his own game as Quakehoof sauntered over, kissing her passionately and causing both their kids to run away, faking dry heaves and begging for it to stop. Satisfied that they had learned their lesson, Grace entered the kitchen and began making breakfast for the family. Storm’s job had really helped, and while finances were tight, housing and food weren’t in question anymore.

“Hey mom? Do you know Twilight Sparkle?”

“No, I can’t say I’ve met her. Is she a friend of yours?” Storm nodded, knowing that he was about to intrude on things that weren’t his business but wanting to help anyways.

“Yeah, she’s the pregnant mare I mentioned earlier. She’s been having some trouble coping with her pregnancy and was thinking that it may be good for her to talk to you, since you’ll know what she’s going through.”

“I certainly don’t mind, if she’s all right with it.” Storm finished his meal, making a mental note to visit the library to see if things had improved after yesterday’s events as he left for Rainbow Dash’s home to prepare for work.

After a quick knock on the door, Storm entered Rainbow Dash’s cloud home, not waiting for a response. She was seated on the couch, waiting on her overdue coltfriend finally make his appearance, and now that he had she couldn’t help but tease a little.

“You’re late, don’t you know it’s rude to keep a lady waiting?” Rainbow Dash said with a smirk, her usual spirits fully recovered.

“Sorry, I was having an amazing dream.”

“Oh really? Was it about me?” Silence. “...It was, wasn’t it.”

“I don’t have to answer that.”

“Oh, I think you do!”

“Nah, I’ll wait till I can show you someday.” Rainbow Dash’s mind conjured a couple of not too far off explanations for his words, blushing lightly and smiling. “The other reason I’m late is because my mother came home to stay, yesterday. I don’t know how, but she’s free from Proud Skies.” Rainbow Dash shared his joy as he beamed, and after a quick embrace they made for the weather factory, opting to leave the weights off that day. Even with the additional work, being free of the weights they completed their detail just before eleven in the morning.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash? I’m going to see Twilight and see if she’d like to talk to my mother, since she’s pregnant and knows what it’s like. Why don’t you come? You know her better than I do.”

“Sure, that’s a great idea. Besides, I feel pretty bad for Cerulean. He musta had it rough yesterday.”

“Actually, he left.”

“He what?!?”

“I don’t think he’s gone for good, he had just run off when I arrived yesterday. I talked to him, but something Twilight did or said really cut him deep. That’s the other reason I want to go check on them; I want to make sure they are back together.”

“Well what are we waiting for, c’mon!” she exclaimed, making straight to the library with Storm struggling to keep up. After knocking several times, Spike came to answer the door, his grim expression telling them that things hadn’t improved.

“Spike, what’s going on?” Rainbow asked.

“...Cerulean didn’t come home last night. And Twilight hasn’t moved all morning...” Rainbow Dash drew him close as he struggled to be brave in spite of having no idea how to help.

“Storm, I’m going to find Cerulean. You get your mother and have her talk to Twilight. We’ll meet back here, ok?” He didn’t bother to respond as he took flight, making straight for home as the urgency of the situation came upon him fully. His parents looked up with surprise as he barged in the door, tripping in his haste and landing just short of the table.

“Storm, what is it?”

“Mom, you need to come with me. Things are really bad with Twilight right now, and she really needs some help.”

“Of course, Storm. Lead the way,” she nodded, her son making no attempt to hide the desperation in his face. They both made for the library and Storm led his mother upstairs to Twilight’s bed. “Storm, please leave us be for now.” He silently obeyed, returning outside and searching the skies, hoping to see a trail of seven hued hope triumphantly returning. His spirits lifted momentarily as he caught sight of Rainbow Dash, who lighted a short distance away and cantered over, but her downcast eyes told him that it hadn’t gone well.

“Did you find him?”

“Yeah, I did. But it’s worse than we thought, Storm. Only Twilight can reach him now.”