• Published 6th Mar 2012
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The Risks of Braving a Storm - Wintergreen Diaries

Storm Blitz, a massive pegasus, comes to Ponyville after his grandfather dies.

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Chapter 7: Desires

Flying Grace sincerely hoped that she hadn’t actually upset her son, as she watched him dash off and out of sight. Quakehoof’s low, rumbling chuckle helped ease her concerns as they leisurely made their way back to the apartment, their mirth turning to confusion as they saw their son take off into the sky, Scootaloo firmly held in his arms. They immediately sped to a gallop towards their position, Quakehoof’s approach quickly clearing a path through the ponies lining the streets.

“Quakehoof, look!” Flying Grace exclaimed, pointing a hoof towards the sky as Storm released his sister and she flew for the first time. Even Quakehoof was unable to keep the tears from his eyes as he beheld the tender scene, nodding his approval as Storm caught her each time she dropped, immediately grabbing her and encouraging further effort. He drew Grace close and together they watched the short exercise. They resumed their rapid approach towards where he dropped and rounded the corner just in time to see him embrace Rainbow Dash, whose wings involuntarily extended full stretch.

Storm would have seen them if his eyes were open, and they drew up behind Rainbow Dash just in time to hear Scootaloo’s inquiry. Storm’s eyes snapped open to find his parents giving him the “we knew all along” look, and pointing to his back, his wings in very much the same condition as Rainbow Dash’s. He was suddenly envious of unicorns and earth ponies, as their signs of arousal were much less noticeable.

“My, it seems Rainbow Dash is quite taken by that lovely suit you’re wearing. I told you that you wore it well.” His mother’s smooth voice felt more like hooves down a chalkboard to his ears, and even with his dark coat he was sure that his blushing was clearly evident to anypony around. And there were many.

“Mom, it’s not what it!..” Ugh, why bother? His ears shot up as Rainbow Dash’s nervous laughter sounded behind him, causing him to turn. She was still blushing but rather than show any kind of embarrassment like a regular pegasus, she chose simply to burst into a fit of giggles, rolling on the ground and making little effort to suppress them. “Rainbow Dash, you too?”

“You must... think I’m really pretty... if a hug is all it takes!” she managed between gasps of air, tears of mirth streaming from her eyes. Had he not been completely beside himself he would have quickly pointed out that she had been in much the same position.

“Yeah I do, so what?” he shouted, his aggravation growing as a still very lost Scootaloo watched the conversation unfold. Unfortunately for the bewildered Rainbow Dash, a combination of emotions produced an effective blockade around the speech portion of her brain, leaving her disheveled and without any means of articulation. Her laughter trailed off as she stared at him. Everypony in Cloudsdale had only ever treated her like one of the guys, and to suddenly be confirmed in the mind of Storm as being pretty was a little much for her mind to handle.

“Son, it may do you well to not shout when paying a lady a compliment,” his mother chimed in from the background.

“Indeed. Try it again.” Quakehoof’s cheery grin only compounded the growing desire to flee the scene with all haste.

“Now Quakehoof, I think they’ve both had enough for now,” Grace said softly, noting that Rainbow Dash was now looking just as awkward. “Storm, can we speak to you privately for a moment?” Glad to have a chance to calm down he readily complied, trotting a short distance away and casting a glance back to Rainbow Dash who was having a hard time explaining the situation to Scootaloo without actually telling her what was really going on. “Storm, I know this is our last night here, but I’d really like to spend some time with Quakehoof alone, if that’s all right...”

“Lemme get this straight, you come home and do nothing but tease me constantly and then ask for my permission to get busy? Do you even hear what you’re saying right now?” His voice was a good deal louder than he meant for it be, and several ponies nearby turned and stared at the trio, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo being among them. Flying Grace and Quakehoof turned and looked at each other before turning back to Storm, who was visibly shaking as he attempted to push the thought from his mind. “Ok, you know what? Rainbow Dash, is there any way I could come spend some time at your house?” he said, turning back to her with a look of disgust on his face. “My parents have some ‘business’ to take care of for which I do not care to be present.” He made sure his voice maintained it’s volume, noting the flush rising to his parents’ faces with glee.

“Uh, sure?” Storm heaved a sigh of relief and turned back to his now thoroughly embarrassed parents.

“Just let me grab some stuff from the house first, all right?” They quickly nodded and he took off, returning a few minutes later with the list he had made the other night and no longer wearing the suit.

“Storm, what’s that paper for?” Rainbow asked, regarding him with curiosity.

“It’s a surprise, you’ll see when we get there. Come on, Scootaloo, let’s go.” With his sister tucked firmly in his arms Rainbow Dash and Storm took off into the sky, heading towards Cloudsdale. His parents wordlessly turned and made towards Quakehoof’s apartment, conversing in hushed tones and doing their best to ignore the looks the other ponies were giving them.

Princess Celestia landed a short distance from the entrance to the library and wrinkled her nose as her nostril were immediately invaded by the foulest of smells. She clamped a hoof over her nose and knocked on the door, and her ears heard a set of hooves descend the steps and approach. Twilight looked utterly miserable, and Celestia could tell wasn’t from whatever that horrendous scent was. Before beginning to speak she used her magic to purify the air, both herself and Twilight heaving a sigh of relief, though Twilight’s countenance showed no change.

“Twilight, what was that disturbing smell?”

“...Vomit, your majesty.” Celestia stared at her, wondering just how bad her morning sickness had been to cause that kind of reaction.

“I thought you said you were able to keep things down again in your last letter?”

“It wasn’t me, Celestia. I got angry and gave Cerulean some poison joke, and he mixed any food he could find together and ate it.” Celestia’s grimace only weighed Twilight down more. She entered wordlessly and made her way upstairs where Cerulean was shivering feverishly in bed, sweating profusely and fortunately not conscious. She shook her head sadly and returned to Twilight, who was staring at the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“Twilight, I must say I’m disappointed in you. I know that you’re struggling with your pregnancy but your fiance is not an outlet for your anger. I will check on you again in a week, and I hope to find Cerulean in better condition,” she chided her gently, knowing that Twilight already felt terrible and was under the effects of the strongest of hormones. Celestia held her a while as Twilight had a good cry before telling her to make him some ginger tea to aid his digestion and soothe his stomach. “Now, do you know where Storm Blitz or Rainbow Dash are? I need to speak with them while I am here as well.”

“Do you know Quakehoof?” Celestia nodded, wondering how anypony could forget somepony of that size. “That’s Storm’s birth father, you can try there first. It’s towards the center of town, small little gray apartment, number ninety nine I think. If he’s not there, then he’s probably with Rainbow Dash somewhere.” Twilight retreated inside to put some water on for tea as Celestia made for the location, casting polite nods to the ponies that bowed as she passed. Ninety three, ninety five, sixty nine? She stared at the door for a moment before the realization that she was indeed at the right house and the numbers had somehow been knocked askew. She rapped a hoof on the door and heard nothing. Hoping to save time she entered the seemingly empty house and looked around, shutting the door behind her. A noise to her right roused her curiosity, and she slowly approached. Ponies with white coats have the most visible blush, and her face was soon deep crimson as she beheld Storm’s parents sharing a moment of passion, unaware of her presence.

“And I thought such activities were reserved for Luna’s night.” The pair froze, Quakehoof’s head slowly turning and staring with disbelief and total humiliation at having be seen by the venerable Princess of the Sun while in the throes of passion. Celestia slowly backed out of the room and shut the door, where she resumed her inquiries. “I apologize for disturbing you, but where might I find your son? I have a few questions for him.”

“...He’s with Rainbow Dash.” Quakehoof said quietly, his face straining to match the hue of Celestia’s rosy cheeks.

“Very well, carry on!” she called out cheerily as she left the building, leaving the two ponies laughing nervously as they vowed never to let their son know of the incident, as they would never be able to live it down if he did.

Scootaloo had a hard time sitting still as Rainbow Dash’s house came into view, anticipating the walls lined with trophies and epic photos of her tricks hanging around the house. After all, she was Rainbow Dash! As they entered she was met with a different scene entirely. Not only was the house clean, but it was also quite plain, the most colorful object being the newly acquired bookshelf that was packed full of fiction novels. Tank slowly poked his head out of his shell and a grin creeped across his face as he began the long trek towards the edge of the fence a whopping ten hoof lengths away. Rainbow Dash dropped inside the small enclosure and picked him up, twirling him around.

“Heya Tank! Miss me?” A predictably slow confirmation caused Rainbow to laugh as she waited a few seconds for the motion to end. She turned to see Storm and Scootaloo both staring at her with confusion.

“Uh, Rainbow Dash? What’s with the turtle?” Storm asked slowly, careful not to sound condescending. He found it quite amusing that somepony as obsessed with speed as she was had chosen the slowest possible creature for a pet.

“He’s a tortoise, actually. And he’s like the coolest pet ever!”

“Rainbow, I always imagined you’d want one that could fly,” Scootaloo offered, Storm nodding in agreement.

“Check this out!” she said excitedly, pulling out the flying contraption Twilight had designed and strapping it to Tank’s back. He soon began to buzz lazy circles around the room as Rainbow beheld him with pride, causing Storm to realize that there really was more to this mare than met the eye. Maybe when their training started, he’d have the chance to dig just a little bit deeper.

“Hey Rainbow Dash, do you have anything to drink? I’m kinda thirsty,” Scootaloo asked, and Rainbow Dash immediately grabbed three glasses from the kitchen and filled them with juice, doling them out as she returned. The clock read ten minutes to six, and she decided to flex her limited culinary skills.

“Hmmm, I don’t cook very often but seeing as I have guests, I suppose I can whip something up. You guys hang her for a bit while I do some cooking.” Storm bantered back and forth with Scootaloo for a bit before the question nagging at the back of her mind caused him to clam up.

“Brother, what was with your wings when you were hugging Rainbow Dash?” Oh dear Celestia, how in Equestria was he supposed to explain that one? She’s only eight for crying out loud, she doesn’t need to be told about such things.

“I was just, um... stretching.”

“At the same time as Rainbow Dash?” He could tell Scootaloo wasn’t buying it, and he scrambled to try and find a logical explanation without actually lying. Scootaloo had just started to trust him again, and he couldn’t risk damaging that now. Distraction, he needed a distraction and fast. Storm leapt to his feet as a knock sounded at the door.

“I’ll get it!” he blurted out, trotting to the door and throwing it open to reveal Celestia herself, her face still slightly flushed. To her surprise the massive black pegasus proceeded to slam the door in her face, leaving the princess utterly confused. “Rainbow Dash?”

“Yeah Storm, what is it?” she said as she poked her head out of the kitchen.

“Did you put something in my juice?”

“Not this time, why?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Then how do you explain this?” he replied, throwing the door open and again being shocked that Celestia was still patiently standing at the doorway.

“Hey Princess Celestia, what’s up?” Rainbow Dash inquired, cantering over and regarding the sudden presence of royalty with excitement. Storm had realized very quickly that the princess was not a figment of his imagination, and immediately dropped to a bow. “I know I don’t cook that often but I didn’t think it would draw you all the way from Canterlot.” Upon hearing Rainbow Dash speak to her in such a casual manner he lifted his head, awestruck at her audacity. “Princess, are you... blushing?”

“Perhaps. I had to ask Storm’s parents where I might find him, and they were kind enough to spare a moment to point me here. May I come in?” Storm shot upright, the hilarity of his parents being caught in such a position by the princess too much for him to ignore. Oh, he couldn’t wait to see them again.

“Sure, by all means! Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, if you’d like to stay,” she called out as she again returned to the kitchen, not wanting to burn anything as her cheeks were already there. It didn’t take much to fill in the blanks. As Celestia entered he remembered his manners and again bowed.

“Storm Blitz, you may rise. Any friend of Rainbow Dash is a friend of mine as well.” He slowly rose, and even though Celestia was taller than most everypony he stood just above her eye level, which she found intriguing. “The reason I am here is because Rainbow informed me that you are having trouble finding a job around Ponyville, is that correct?”

“That’s right, your majesty. Most of the businesses around here seemed to be one pony stalls. And I unfortunately can’t work any flight related jobs either.”

“Rainbow Dash mentioned that in the letter. Tell me, why is that?” Rainbow Dash heard the question and listened in from the kitchen as Storm obediently explained his situation.

“After I was banished from Cloudspire, Proud Skies filed an edict and sent it to every pegasus colony, stating that I was forever banned from holding any kind of pegasus related job. It wasn’t enough to just kick me out, he had to remove my future as well...” Celestia shook her head sadly, knowing just how powerful Proud Skies had become in recent years. He had more than once used his leverage to force her hoof in matters that shouldn’t have been disturbed. To openly nullify the edict would cause a political firestorm that she just couldn’t justify risking. A thought sprung to mind, giving her hope as she posed a new question.

“You were banned from holding any pegasus related jobs within the pegasus colonies, correct?” A knowing smile spread across Celestia’s face, giving Storm a flicker of hope that soon roared to life. “The weather team in Ponyville is based out of Cloudsdale but commissioned by the mayor of Ponyville. Thus, if you were to join, you would officially be on Ponyville’s payroll, not Cloudsdale. You can legally join with no inhibitions, Storm Blitz. I will have a word with the mayor tonight, and get you started as soon as possible.” Storm couldn’t believe what he was hearing. To be given a chance to work the weather like he had before, and mingle with other pegasi... He drew close and lay his head down before Celestia, hoping that his voice could adequately convey the gratitude he felt at that moment.

“Celestia, I can’t thank you enough...” Celestia motioned him to rise and pointed towards the kitchen.

“The pony you should be thanking is just over there, why don’t you tell her yourself?” Celestia couldn’t help but laugh a little as he made his way to the kitchen, Scootaloo following shortly after peeping around the corner. Having seen enough intimacy for the evening she quietly excused herself and took off for Town Hall in Ponyville.

“Rainbow Dash?” She turned to find her rather small kitchen suddenly dominated by Storm’s presence. She had heard the conversation in its entirety but she really didn’t feel like she had done much, but one look at his face told her that it meant much more to Storm. “Thank you for ignoring my warning.”

“Heh, no sweat Storm,” she said, nervously shuffling and turning back to the stove. The food was suddenly forgotten as his muscular arm drew her close, giving her a tight squeeze. A sensation she wasn’t acquainted with filled her stomach and the burning in her chest that she had experienced when she had watched him flying with Scootaloo returned, and she decided that the food could handle a few moments by itself as she yielded, resting her head lightly against his chest. Scootaloo retreated silently back to the living room and sat on the couch, her thoughts drifted back to her first flight and everything that had happened that day. All things considered, she could handle being a mongrel if it meant she got to spend her days with Storm.

The smell of something burning urged Rainbow Dash back to the present, shrugging off Storm’s embrace with a sheepish smile and attending to the simple vegetable stir fry, fortunately in time to salvage most of it. They had just set the table when Celestia entered once more, and they quickly set a place for her as she joined them.

“Storm, I have some good news for you. Mayor Mare has agreed to let you onto the weather team, starting tomorrow. Rainbow Dash will be in charge of training you.” Storm’s jaw dropped, and Scootaloo laughed and pointed a hoof at him.

“Storm, that’s gross, close your mouth!” He immediately complied, chewing slowly as the words sunk in. Not only had he be given a job, but to work side by side with Rainbow Dash? He closed his eyes to stave off the tears as he determined right then that somehow, someway, he would repay their kindness. He didn’t know what he could possibly do for Celestia, but for Rainbow Dash, he may just have a way. They finished their meal and saw the princess off, Storm helping clear the dishes while Scootaloo played with Tank. It was still an hour or two until it would be time to sleep, and Storm grabbed the parchment he had brought, motioning Rainbow Dash to sit beside him on the couch.

“Rainbow Dash, how’d you like a glimpse at the secrets of Lightning Wing?” Her eyes grew wide as he handed her the notes he had made, complete with designs for the weights, harness, and the first slew of exercises. “Starting tomorrow, I’ll be training you as my grand father’s successor. I’ll make a Wonderbolt of you yet.” Storm winced as her jubilant cries filled the cloud home, penetrating the walls and sounding for miles. At length she calmed herself, and Storm began explaining the technical points of the notes. It would be challenging, but that just made Rainbow Dash even more excited to start. As the night drew to a close and Scootaloo’s eyelids grew heavy, they decided it was time to sleep.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash? Can I ask you a favor?” he said quietly, out of Scootaloo’s hearing range. “Could my sister maybe sleep with you tonight? She may be happy now but she’s been through a lot the last few days.”

“Here I was thinking you’d be asking something difficult,” her good natured sarcasm prompting Storm to return her roguish grin. “Not a problem, I can take care of her for a night. I don’t have a second bed to offer you, unfortunately. Will you be all right sleeping on the couch?”

“Better than your doorstep,” he replied, half serious. He didn’t know how Rainbow Dash would react to the idea of him sleeping in her house, seeing as how they had only met a few days ago. He was thankful that she was cool with it, and made himself comfortable on the spacious sofa. Rainbow Dash had agreed to sleep with Scootaloo as much for Storm as it was for herself, as she was in fact quite giddy about the idea of having him stay the night. Having Scootaloo with her helped keep her mind off of the fact that just a few meters was the stallion that had turned her life upside down. As she shut off the light and Scootaloo climbed into bed beside her, she forced herself to confront the desires that were slowly beginning to build within her heart. She was undeniably, irrefutably smitten. So... Awesome!