• Published 6th Mar 2012
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The Risks of Braving a Storm - Wintergreen Diaries

Storm Blitz, a massive pegasus, comes to Ponyville after his grandfather dies.

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The Quest for Poomf

Chapter 19: The Quest for Poomf

Three little fillies made their way through town square, looking for something to spark their interest and perhaps earn their much desired cutie marks. However, the town was anything but active on account of the dreary, overcast skies and warnings of a storm come early evening. With a mutual sigh they trudged onwards, silently wishing for a sunnier day. Scootaloo looked up as Rainbow Dash punched a hole in the cloud bank, a single beam of light shining down upon the trio and lifting their spirits.

Storm followed through shortly after, both of them clad in their training gear, and motioned to the ground to take a much needed breather. Rainbow Dash flew over and landed in his arms as they slowly made their descent. They had been strangely open with their affection after their date at the castle a week before. This didn’t bother Scootaloo as much as it did make her curious; why in Equestria did their wings keep doing that thing?

“Rainbow Dash, Storm, can you two break it up for a moment and talk to me?” she asked impatiently, slightly averting her gaze from the couple who were sharing a deep kiss. Shooting Storm a quick smile, Rainbow Dash turned to answer her favorite little pegasus.

“Sure, Scootaloo, what do you wanna know?” Before Scootaloo could answer she swept the filly into her arms and took her for a quick flight.

“Hey, you two. How’s your day going?” Storm asked, stooping down and looking at Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

“Well, ahm not one t’ complain but... we’re really bored, Storm! We can’t find anythin’ to try to get our cutie marks!” Applebloom explained, looking up with pleading eyes.

“I hear ya, Applebloom. I didn’t get mine until I was fifteen, and that’s a long time to wait. Don’t get too discouraged, you’ll find it soon, I bet.”

“I sure hope so. As much fun as it is being a Cutie Mark Crusader, it’d be even better to use our talents to help Ponyville,” Sweetie Belle replied, glancing sadly at her blank flank. Rainbow Dash landed and let Scootaloo down, who trotted happily over to her friends before a sudden sound behind her caused her to turn. Storm and Dash were quite contentedly liplocked and their wings shot open once more, a common sight with the two unashamed ponies.

“Ugh, stop it, Storm!” Scootaloo demanded, choking back her disgust. Her brother fortunately relented, realizing that while he didn’t care if anypony saw, it might be a bad idea to do so in front of the three little fillies standing just a few feet from them. “And seriously,” his sister continued, “what’s with your wings? Why do they keep doing that? Come to think of it, you never did answer my question.”

“Hmmm, what say we get back to training, shall we, Rainbow Dash? I have a new trick I’d like to try.” Rainbow Dash shot him a lewd grin, and he immediately understood that she had misinterpreted the statement intentionally.

“Oh, now that does sound fun,” she chortled. “I can hardly wait to experience this new sensation.”

“Easy, Dash, little ears. C’mon, fillyfriend, time’s wasting, we only have two weeks before the tryouts!” He turned back to his sister, who was impatiently waiting for a solid answer. “Scootaloo, if you really want to know, go ask mom.” With that, the pair took to the skies, quickly dropping out of view as they permeated the cloud barrier.

“That brother of mine!” She turned back to her friends who were just as confused about the bizarre ritual as she was. “Well, I doubt we’ll get our cutie marks out of it, but I am going to get to the bottom of this and find out what makes a pegasus go poomf! You with me?”

“Are you kiddin’? Ahm all curious now too. Sure I’ll help!”

“Me too!” Sweetie Belle agreed, although being the more mature of the three she already had a pretty good idea of what it was. Still, a good adventure was always fun, even if she knew the destination. With their afternoon decided, the trio galloped as fast as they could towards Scootaloo’s house.

Rainbow Dash watched with curiosity as Storm gathered two large tufts of cloud, flattening them into discs and spacing them apart. He then agitated them, causing them to become charged and unstable, before punching a large hole through each of them. He continued to expand the rings until they were about ten feet wide, at which point he removed himself and watched with satisfaction as every ten seconds or so lightning would crack from one side to the other.

“Rainbow Dash, I have an idea for a stunt that would be so mind blowing, it would guarantee your victory at the tryouts. Well, a Sonic Rainboom will probably be enough, but what if I told you we could do even better, together?”

“I’d say quit talking and tell me what to do!” Storm acknowledged her infectious enthusiasm with a nod before pointing to the rings.

“This is an exercise I read about in the book. You’re going to sit in the center of the ring and try to dodge the lightning as it strikes. You will have to have complete focus not to be hit, as speed alone will not be enough.”

“Uh, no offense Storm, but that’s not much of a stunt.”

“Don’t worry,” he said with a laugh, “this is just to make sure you don’t get hurt trying the stunt. If you get struck, I’ll pull you out; I can’t risk you getting hurt before the tryouts. Now, wait till the next bolt then get to the center.” Rainbow Dash flew to the center and waited, her heart beating faster with each passing second. She braced herself and closed her eyes, clearing her mind of all distractions. Storm waited underneath, hoping that he hadn’t sprung this on her too soon. He doubted that a single strike would do her much harm, but anything more could have serious repercussions.

Her eyes radiated pure focus as she slowly opened them, challenging the cloud to make its move. A flash started near her left and she deftly dodged out of the way, the bolt narrowly missing her wing but still not making contact. Storm breathed a sigh of relief, and his worry was soon replaced with adoration as she continued, dodging more than twenty bolts before he called her out. “That was truly impressive, Rainbow Dash, but there is one more step to the exercise.” With that he drove the clouds into a frenzy, the surges increasing in frequency until there was a bolt nearly every second. “Next step, you are going to loop a circle through each ring, dodging the lightning as you pass through. If you can do this, then you’ll be ready.”

“Storm, I don’t know if I can do this. I mean, a few times maybe, but repeatedly?” Storm’s comforting arms descended from behind and held her close.

“Well, I believe in you, even if you don’t. You’re the best there is, Dash. Now, put on a little show for your stallion,” he finished with a laugh, slapping her flank playfully and pushing her forward.

“All right, Storm, feast your eyes on this!”

Flying Grace was just closing her eyes for a nap, having finished cleaning and feeling quite exhausted from carrying the extra weight, when the door swung open with a bang. Her instincts as a mother instantly raised her guard, and a few seconds later it became quite clear as to why.

“Mom, what makes a pegasus’ wings do,” she stopped, then spread her wings out as fast as she could, “this?” Had it just been Scootaloo present, she may have deigned to explain it to her daughter, given that between Storm and Rainbow Dash she would likely see it quite a bit. However, she had no way of knowing what the other two fillies’ parents would think, and thus she decided to only partially explain the answer.

“Well, Scootaloo, that’s simply what happens when a pegasus kisses their very special somepony.”

“But, that happened to Rainbow Dash before she was Storm’s special somepony. That doesn’t make any sense,” Sweetie Belle countered, the other two nodding vigorously.

“The full answer is, well, complicated, and I don’t know that you would understand. When you get a bit older, ask me then, ok Scootaloo?

“But mom!” Scootaloo started before she received the all too familiar look, her mother’s usually gentle features degenerating to a half lidded glare. This conversation was over. “Fine then, we’ll find somepony else to explain! Come on, Crusaders!” Flying Grace sighed as the fillies scampered off, wondering if she should have just told them what they needed to know. After all, who knows what kind of response they’d get from anypony else?

“Keep it together, Dash, you’re doing great!” Storm called out as she circled, dodging swiftly through the rings, even with her harness and tier two weights. She had just completed the seventeenth ring when she miscalculated and a bolt blasted into her harness, sending her spinning out of control. Storm instantly spread his wing and caught her as she fell, her wings twitching as the powerful surge fought her limbs for control. When he made contact the lightning seemed to flee from his touch, and she looked at Storm for a moment before casting her eyes to the ground below.

“I messed up.”

“Yes, getting struck by lightning wasn’t the goal, but you did great anyways. Actually, that was something that Lightning Wing never attempted while wearing a harness,” he said softly, knowing she was likely kicking herself over her supposed mistake. She looked up at Storm with hope, daring to assume the best for once.

“So, does that mean?”

“Indeed. You passed, Rainbow Dash.” She broke free and did a few corkscrews in celebration before floating in front of him, smiling widely.

“Ok, Storm. What’s this stunt?” He stopped and thought for a moment before chuckling quietly.

“Actually, there is one more thing that needs to be done before I reveal it. And it’s likely the most difficult.” Something harder, more dangerous than dodging successive bolts of lightning? Rainbow Dash swallowed and waited for him to continue. “You’ve already proven that you can break the speed of sound, but for this stunt to work, you need to break the barrier at exactly the precise moment intended. So, you need to find a way to consistently be able to create a Sonic Rainboom at a desired location.”

“Do you have any idea what you’re asking? Up until you came, I couldn’t even pull off a Rainboom unless somepony was in danger, and now you’re telling me that two months later you expect me be able to land one in a specific spot?”

“I told you, if we can get this down, then there will be no way you won’t win. I know it sounds crazy, but you can do this. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d like you to at least try.” Rainbow Dash sat silent for a moment before landing on a grassy hill just outside of Ponyville, sitting down and saying nothing. “Rainbow Dash...”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get this thing off of me,” she said with a smirk, beginning to remove the weights herself. “I’ve got a Sonic Rainboom to make.”

The Crusaders weren’t having much luck with the other pegasi in town, most of them claiming to have something to do elsewhere as soon as the question was asked. They were becoming quite discouraged before Sweetie Belle had the brilliant idea to ask Fluttershy, who would likely be quite easy to badger into spilling the beans. Their minds made up, they made for the cottage with all haste, slowing to a stop as they approached, feeling the deep bass in the ground before the accompanying music was audible.

Angel saw them approaching and immediately turned off the music, pointing a warning paw towards the door. The three fillies had just raised a hoof to knock when there was a heavy clatter from inside, some noisy scraping, and timid hoofsteps approaching the door. Their mouths gaped open as they beheld a panting Fluttershy, her mane and coat drenched in sweat and a blast of heat escaping through the entryway.

“Uh, Fluttershy? Is everythin’ all right?” Applebloom ventured, finding her voice first.

“Hmmm? Oh, yes, I was just, um, exercising. Come on in,” she replied, shifting nervously as they entered. “What can I help you girls with today?” The cream colored pegasus gave a gasp of surprise as Scootaloo shot her wings out full spread, staring at Fluttershy expectently.

“What’s that mean, what I just did?”

“Oh my, I don’t, um, you’re a little young to be learning that, I’m afraid.” Scootaloo let out a massive growl of frustration, stomping all four of her hooves in unison.

“I’m so sick of everypony telling me that! Come on, Angel, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, help me tie her up!”

“Uh, ah don’t think that’s such a good...” Applebloom started before Scootaloo whirled, eyes blazing.

“I’m going to know, now move!” The two friends looked at each, hesitating. Angel had already grabbed a rope when Fluttershy cowed everypony into submission.

“Now wait just a minute here! Angel, you put that rope away right now! I said no, and that answer is final! Scootaloo, you should be ashamed of yourself, trying to bully your friends into something they don’t want to do. What have you got to say for yourself, miss?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Fluttershy,” Scootaloo squeaked, and Fluttershy’s expression immediately softened. The spell was broken, and Scootaloo immediately turned to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, grabbing them and forcing them into a huddle, which Angel infiltrated right as they started their meeting.

“Ok, we can’t bully her, so why don’t we tickle her instead? Would you two be ok with that?”

“Sure, that sounds way better than tying her up! Great idea, Scootaloo!”

“Yeah, we’ve put way too much effort into this t’ give up now!” Applebloom confirmed, and the four turned to face Fluttershy who was slowly approaching.

“Um, girls, is everything all right? I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“Get her!” Scootaloo cried, and Fluttershy soon found herself pinned to the floor. She would have protested the action but she suddenly found herself deprived of air as Scootaloo dug her hooves into her ribs with gusto.

“Ok, are you going to tell us?” Scootaloo asked, pausing long enough to let her catch her breath.

“I... I don’t… think it’s...” she gasped out between giggles, and Scootaloo shrugged and raised her hooves. “Ok, ok! It means a pegasus wants to...”

Rainbow Dash set her sights on the black speck in the distance, regulating her breathing and hovering in place. It wasn’t about whether or not she could pull off the Sonic Rainboom, but if she could do as Storm required and cause it right as she passed him. “I believe in you, Rainbow Dash.” She let those words flood her mind and heart, fixing her sights on her inspiration as he waited in the distance and spit in the face of her inhibitions. She was going to succeed.

Storm strained to see her against the blue sky, her rainbow mane in the distance the only thing that made her visible. Her movement was almost imperceptible as she started towards him, and he clenched a hoof to his chest, eager for her to succeed. Her acceleration was incredible, even at the distance he was, but would it be enough? Storm could only hope.

The resistance was building as she approached critical velocity. “There’s not gonna be enough time,” she thought as she drew ever closer to the ending mark. She tried to pump more energy into her wings but the training had already sapped much of her reserves. It was then that she came close enough to see Storm’s eyes, and time froze as they became her entire focus. New life surged through her as the fire was stoked within, and with one final push she breached the barrier, sweeping Storm into her arms as she passed and barreled through the sky as the many hued shock wave bathed the land below in its light, blasting away the cloud covering and letting the sunlight in. Passionately kissing while exceeding the speed of sound and surrounded by shimmering lights of every color was an experience that Storm had never dreamed he would have, but as Rainbow Dash looked at him with triumphant eyes, it was an opportunity he wasn’t about to pass up.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders proceeded straight home without a word, not even bothering to bid each other farewell as they all went their separate ways. Scootaloo quietly closed the door behind her as she entered the house, her mother looking up with curiosity as she wordlessly sat down across from her. Flying Grace rose and served her some dinner then resumed her meal, glancing at Quakehoof a moment before returning her gaze to Scootaloo.

“Sweetie, is something wrong?”

“...I know where babies come from.” Grace suddenly rediscovered for the millionth time why salad does not belong in one’s lungs, and after a combination of violent coughing and some well meaning pats on the back from Quakehoof, she dislodged the intruding leaf and cleared her throat.

“I did try to warn you, Scootaloo. Some things are better left unsaid. Perhaps you’ll trust me a little more in the future?” she offered, smiling slightly. Scootaloo nodded and slowly began to eat, before her poor mind began to put two and two together. Grace snapped her head up as Scootaloo suddenly began to scream, throwing her head back with her forelegs hanging limply at her sides. “Scootaloo, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“You’re pregnant! That means!.. you... and dad... ahhh!!!” she continued screaming, racing from the table and into her room. The room brought little comfort, as her mind continue its horrifying revelations one after another. Her parents could hear every word from their seats at the dinner table, and they both closed their eyes as the poor filly’s mind fell apart. “Wait, that means Twilight and Cerulean... ugh, it’s so gross! I’ll never be able to look anypony in the eyes again! Oh Celestia, I came... I came from...” Silence suddenly descended, and Grace cautiously eased open the door to find Scootaloo wide eyed, staring vacantly into the distance. “Storm... and Rainbow Dash... at Canterlot...” she whispered, before tearing passed Grace and out the door, screaming into the skies with all her might.

“Storm Blitz, you pervert, you are so dead!”