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The outbreak of Covid-19 has certainly caused a huge change in the status quo. Several shops, and non-essential businesses have all closed up leaving many without the income they need. Such an example is poor Sunset Shimmer. Luckily she does have another option thanks to her streaming career. Of course it has also affected her friends, and some of the Shadowbolts as well.

Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet Stories

Image by iYoungSavage, please check him out on Deviantart

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This story is a sequel to Unfriendly Competition

This story also contains references to Fey Breeze and Blue Sunny Days and Pink Lemonade, though reading them isn't strictly necessary.

The first summer vacation after the world changed was eventful for most of the top Shadowbolts. Some came to understand one another. Some got lost outside of reality. Sugarcoat and Moondancer just fumbled their way through a relationship as best they could given their combined social acumen was comparable to a sheet of sandpaper.

The school year has begun, and they're still not entirely sure how to make this whole "them" thing work. At this point, Sugarcoat is getting fed up with the passive approach.

She just never considered that Moondancer might be as well.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Rated Teen for fairly explicit discussion of things that capture teenagers' interest.

Chapters (3)

Christmas is near, the time of the year where people spend time with their loved ones, and gifts are given. Sprinkle Wing is an orphan living at the Big Heart Home for Children, who wants for Christmas to meet his heroes, The Wonderbolts.

Not only he wants to meet them, but he also wants for his friends and the staff of the orphanages to receive gifts from The Wonderbolts, so they can have a happy Christmas.

A shout-out to Nico-Stone Rupan for proofreading the fic, giving me tips, and for the name of the fic. Thanks, Nico. :twilightsmile: Another shout-out to Rach (I don't remember your name in Fimfic, sorry. :twilightsheepish:) for an piece of dialogue she recommended.

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College has a way of separating friends, which is why having a girls' night out with some of your best friends is so important. Although the morning after can be a little more to be desired. Specifically if one happens to wake up completely nude in a strange house. Such a state can cause more questions than answers, but luckily Sour Sweet is with her best friends. Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet Stories.

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This story is a sequel to New Shopping, Old Rival

Trixie loves Adagio, and Adagio loves her too. And Trixie knows Adagio can be quite the tease, but the minute Trixie starts checking her girlfriend out, a recollection and bad memory from the past returns...

Another one-shot in the lives of Dork Trixie and Friendly Adagio!

Rated T for suggestive moments and discussion. No actual sex.

Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's, A Sour Sweet Gesture.

Featured! Whoo-hoo! Thank you guys! :yay:

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This story is a sequel to Sour Romance

Smallfoot has to deal with the most stressful part of any relationship... introducing Sour Sweet to her aunt and uncle.

Inspired by the works of Nico-Stone Rupan and EntityRelationship.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Sour Romance

Disclaimer; you do NOT need to read the previous stories in order to understand what is going on here.

Episode 5 of the Sour/Smallfoot series.

One of the worst moments of Sour Sweet's life all falls back from 2005; the day of the departure.

Inspired by the stories of Nico-Stone-Rupan.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet, Sweet Gift

Sour Sweet has been making reaction videos on HoofTube which has been mostly successful so far, and she found a particular video that got a lot more hits than her other ones. However, the person who made the video who was being reacted to... didn't react well. And now he's made a 'roasting' video to Sour who doesn't really take it well...

Rage ensues.

Once again, inspired by the wonderful works of Nico-Stone Rupan. If you haven't read his work, go do it. He's written great Sour Sweet stories.

This fanfic was purely made for sh**s and giggles. Enjoy!

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This story is a sequel to Not So Sweet Sickness

Sour Sweet wants to find Smallfoot the perfect Christmas gift, but she doesn't know what to get her! Her girlfriend gives her the best gifts possible, and Sour wants to get her a gift that's just as great. The only question is... what?

Rated T only for some... suggestive moments. :twilightblush:

Inspired by the works of Nico-Stone Rupan ,Nordryd, and people like you who have kept me going from day one.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Oversaturation

Even in a world that just amended the laws of physics, not everything is going to be some grand world-shaking adventure. Sometimes, it's going to be silly, or at least short. These are those stories.

Canonicity is dubious at best.

Want to see your ideas here? Put them in the fiction thread in the group!

Image courtesy of Masterweaver.

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