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A young girl, having been robbed of her childhood and very life by illness finds herself given a second chance in a strange world and with an even stranger body. With a new life, family, and even a brother, she tries to cope with the bizarre world she's found herself in while also trying to embrace her role and become worthy of the gift she has been given.
Being a princess can be hard however, even if it's only an honorary title, especially when you're the twin sister of Prince Blueblood.

Warning, very slow burn.

Chapters (37)

In class, there's a certain pink-haired girl who sits behind you, and she won't stop pestering you. She pokes you, pranks you, talks constantly, and is very loud. When you get partnered with her for a project, you assume life will be hell for the next two weeks.

When she invites you over to her house to work, however, your initial image of her is shattered. But maybe that's not such a bad thing. In fact, it just might be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you.

1st installment of the The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic

WARNING: May contain lots of fluff

**Featured on July 4, 2016 :raritystarry:

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Uncle lives a very fulfilling life at his antique shop. It's peaceful and quiet for the most part, just how he likes it. Of course, he's a skilled chi wizard, so he knows better than to actually let the universe know that he's content. So he complains.

A lot.

Then one day, a basket containing three infant magical ponies arrives, and his peaceful life goes out the window...to be replaced with, perhaps, something a little more than contentment.

The universe, apparently, is smarter than he gave it credit for, because now he has "Three More Things!" to complain about to hide just how much they mean to him.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

First chapters take place approximately 10 years before the events of the first episode of the show.

Edit: Cover Art put together by Shadow Bolt
Edit 2: New Cover Art by Swan Song. Link to his page in image source.
Edit 3: Level Dasher commissioned an image of the CMC with their new Cutie Marks from Katakiuchi4U over on Deviantart. Here's the pic!

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This story is a sequel to You Can't C Me

Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor were just minding their own business on the edge of the Everfree Forest.

But suddenly, a man they've never seen before steps out of the woods. His request? For one of them to shoot him in the face.

Where did he come from? Who is he? Why does he want to be shot in the face?

Who cares? Just shoot him in the face.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is troubled to find an open book on Rarity's head when she goes to help Rarity fit a dress.

Should she tell her?

Chapters (1)

He wanders Equestria dishing out sensei quality metaphors and advice. To everypony he greets he gives upon them great wisdom and knowledge to aid them with their journey of life.

If only somepony knew what he was talking about.

Chapters (1)

Will the Soldier be able to overcome Equalism? You know the answer, but read on to find out how. Because Starlight Glimmer isn't just going to roll over and give in.

Chapters (2)

After antagonizing Timmy Turner one too many times, Norm gets wished away by the buck tooth wonder, permanently. Through pure coincidence, he winds up in possession of three former sirens turned human who have seen much better days. Will Norm put aside his normal disdain for those who rub his lamp and help the sirens?
Warning: May contain comedy.
Cover art is by SkycatcherEQ, thank you!
Featured May 14, 2015 and another feature on the one year anniversary April 8, 2016

Chapters (10)

With the invention of the magical radio, ponies from across Equestria await the first public radio broadcast, which will come from Princess Celestia herself. However, one week before the presentation an unauthorized broadcast powerful enough to reach every corner of Equestria appears. Its host? Discord.

Chapters (7)

Crossover of BioShock and My Little Pony.

Huge thanks to Dubstep_Teaparty and Sexy Pudgy Pinkie Pie for editing

Scootaloo is an orphan, she has been trying to hide it ever since she escaped the orphanage. After being bullied by Diamond Tiara again Scootaloo whishes she had a big dad to protect her. She is about to get more than she bargained for when the universe decides to bend over backwards for her.

Alpha 9-2 was having a fairly normal day in Rapture until his little sister discovered a strange syringe of Adam. It turns out that one must never inject themselves with a syringe of unstable Adam. No matter how rainbow colored and pretty they are. Now he has found himself in a strange new body in a strange new land and with a strange new little sister.

Holy shit featured 12/5/14 thanks so much!
Asdfghjkl this is getting featured every time I update!

Huge thanks to Shadow Bolt for providing the cover image.

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