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Warning, lot's of swearing, slight gore and mild sex jokes.

So, have you ever heard the story of a human somehow ending up in a show for five year old girls and becomes a villain because he got dressed up as a villain and got powers from the villain he was dressed as?
You have? Well shut up because this one's different.
In this story, the human never cosplayed so he doesn't have powers or traits and abilities from the guy he cosplayed as, he never got to Equestria by some trinket he got from a creepy old man, and he's not trained for fighting... well besides firearms.
All he is, is a man who is a complete jerk and doesn't care about other people but himself... and that man is me.
My name is Johnathan Richards, and I am Equestria's only human, and it's biggest jerk.

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Hello there, my name is or was Kyle but now I go by Axel. You see, what started as just me and 13 of my friends going to a convention cosplaying as Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts II for my 18th birthday, has ended in us becoming Organization XIII, coming to Equestria, being labeled as enemy's of Equestria and having all the ponies hating us including that S.O.B named Celestia. But you know what, I don't care; if I'm stuck here and miss sun butt isn't going to help us get home then I might as while have some fun well I'm here till we find a way home.

This story was inspired by F*** it I'm Having Fun by Jimmy the Grape and many other stories like it. And special thanks to Thadius0 for proofreading.

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Hi my name is Vince Neil and no I'm not that Vince Neil, anyway on one Saturday night I thought for some god unknown reason that it would be a good idea to watch Equestria girls; but not only that it was a horrible idea, I somehow ended up IN Equestria girls! Now I have to live here till I find a way to get out of my own personal hell...god I hate my life.

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