• Published 21st Sep 2013
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My new high school - Mr Darkstone

Hi, my name is Vince Neil...and I'm stuck in equestria girls.

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A bad idea from the start

"Finally sleep..." was all I said before I flopped on my bed, today was a pain all because of my stupid geometry test that took that took a good 2 hours to Finnish; It didn't help with the fact I have the worst math teacher at my school, but now that's over I can finally get the sleep I so desperately need... but fate had other plans as always.

"Vince can you come down here, I need to talk to you!" said my mother who I told that I'm going back to sleep. I got out of bed with annoyance on my face and went downstairs from my bedroom were my mother was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Vince I'm sorry that I got you out of bed but I need to know that you'll be fine well your father and I are gone for the weekend." my mom said with concern in her voice.

"mom I'm going to be eighteen years old in two weeks and this isn't the first time I was left alone, i'll be fine just enjoy your second honeymoon with dad." I said to my mom to calm her down, she has always been worried about my safety but she knows ill be fine.

"ok Vince I just want to make sure that you'll be ok, were leaving in a hour but since you want to go back to sleep I'll say goodbye now." mom said as she was holding me in a hug. After we said are goodbyes I ran up the stairs to get the sleep I lost studying for that stupid test.

I went back to sleep at 3:24 pm and woke up the next day at 7 pm, I've always been a heavy sleeper and let me tell you it is not fun trying to get out of bed because of it. After my breakfast/diner I decided to spend my Saturday on YouTube, wondering what's on my recommended I decided to check there first. But when I did I saw what was on the top made me question why it was there." My Little Pony - Equestria Girls 2013? Why was that there when I have never once watched anything that was MLP related." I said to my self as I was looking at it, the more I look at it the more my curiosity was getting the better of me until finally I made a conclusion. "you know what, why not I'll watch it I mean it can't be that bad right?"

One hour later.

"...I don't even know what is happening anymore." indeed I didn't because the climax was confusing as hell. First Sunrise McBitchface or whatever her name is turned into the devil when she put on the crown, then she turned dumb and dumbass into demons, then she turned most of the high school students into Richtofen's personal army, THEN twilight and her friends turn into something what would be in manga's,THEN they shot a rainbow of death at satin and the zombie teenagers and tuned them all back, and now they forgave Sunset and now they were partying and the six girls STILL have horse ears and three of them have wings and there acting like that's normal to! Just as my brain died trying to comprehend what I just watch, twilight walked into the portal back to her home and all of her friends FINALLY turned back to normal...well as normal as multicolor people go.

"god this movie was bad but thank god its all most over, if I have to spend another minute watching this I'm going to lose my shit." but just when I said that the damn laptop screen went white.

"...what...the" I said looking at my laptop screen, I'm glad I don't have to watch that mind fuck of a movie anymore but I was pissed that its broken and my dad not here to fix it. Just when I was going to close it the screen was getting brighter and brighter to the point it was getting hard to see. "what the fu.." was the last thing I remember saying before I was engulfed in the light.

5 minutes Later.

"hay buddy you ok?" said a voice with a tomboyish tone.

"...no" I said well face first in the ground

"well you're talking so there's that, need a hand?" said the voice that now that think I've heard before. Not wanting to talk with dirt in my face I started to get up "no that's fine I'm able to..."just when I said that I got good look of who I was talking to...the rainbow hear chick from that movie, and not just her but the other 4 and the principal were all there too...and behind them was that school.

"hay partner I don't mean to be offensive but you look like you just saw ah guost." said the one in the hat.

before could reply the one in pink got up to my face . "HI MY NAME IS PINKIE PIE AND I'M SOOOO HAPPY TO MEET YO.."was all she said before a hand cover her mouth by the write one. "pickie dearie, can't you see that he's surprised and has no idea were he is?" well miss fancy is giving a lecture to the pink one, my brain was trying to comprehend what's going on.

Author's Note:

I wanted to write something for my first fic so I looked to see what was taken and after 2 weeks of looking I found no HIE but with equestria girls so here you go! let me know how I can improve it and It will much appreciated.