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Hi my name is Vince Neil and no I'm not that Vince Neil, anyway on one Saturday night I thought for some god unknown reason that it would be a good idea to watch Equestria girls; but not only that it was a horrible idea, I somehow ended up IN Equestria girls! Now I have to live here till I find a way to get out of my own personal hell...god I hate my life.

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3238367I got this app that generates names and well yah:applejackunsure:

Work on the spelling a bit other than that great story!:pinkiehappy:

Okay whatever you do DO NOT TELL THEM THAT "Hey, I'm from a different university where we like to watch your lives for our entertainment!" Don't do it! It has been the fall for fics with really good stories! Just preventing a disaster of dislikes to come to you!

3249508 Don't worry I'm may be new at this but I'm not stupid enough to let that happen.

You should get an editor. As soon as possible.

I'm Pickie Pie

Do you mean Pinkie Pie?

3278699 I know I do...but I don't know how to get one.:fluttershysad:

3279356 its easy just kidnap a guy or you could chloroform children:pinkiecrazy:

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