• Published 21st Sep 2013
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My new high school - Mr Darkstone

Hi, my name is Vince Neil...and I'm stuck in equestria girls.

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Well this is happining...

Well my day just sucks, first I watched that crappy movie then I some how ended up in said movie and now those A-holes are looking at me like I'm crazy, which would explain all this. Well I'm trying to hold whatever sanity I have left the tall write chick comes up to ask me something.

"Excuse me sir but I need to ask do you know where you are?" She said with a motherly tone in her voice. "Well I'm in a mo..." That's all I said before I stopped myself because its probably not a good idea to tell them that they are from a crappy movie. "I mean different universe were everyone has multicolor skin." I said to her in hope she didn't catch that lie I made.

"Indeed you are, but I'm amazed that you are taking this as well as you are now." She said to me, well at lest she didn't catch that...at lest I hope she didn't.

"Frankly my dear I'm more annoyed than anything else and besides the multicolor skin your world isn't that different then mine." I said to her and from her expression on her face she was surprise to hear that.

" I am surprised to hear that Mr...oh my forgive me for I have forgotten to ask you your name." She said to me, great now I'm going to have to tell them my name which I hate.

"My name is...Vincent Neil...or Vince Neil" I said in hope that they don't know that I share the same name as the lead singer of Motley Crue. But just when I said that the pink one got up to my face again.

" Wow you share the same name of THE Vince Neil! How did you get that name?!" The hyper pink one said with a grin on her face... god I hate my god damn luck.

"Yes that's my name and why do I have that name is because my dad is like the biggest Motley Crue fan ever; So big of a fan that he legally changed are last name to Neil. You know I'm surprised you guys know who Vince Neil is and heard of Motley Crue." I said to all of them but all of them except the pink one looked confused for some reason. Just as I was about to ask them what's wrong miss one percent walked up to me.

"Darling I think I speak for everyone that we have no idea who this Vince Neil is or ever heard of Motley Crue." She said to me in a serious tone in her voice.

" Wait but how..." Before I could finish she put her hand on my shoulder." Dear its best that you don't think about how pinkie knows what your talking about when we don't, or else you will probably go insane." And with that she walked back with the rest of them." My name is Rarity by the way Mr. Neil and I'm delighted to make your acquaintance."

The chick with the rainbow hair(who is not gay in any way what so ever)takes a step forward to introduce her self." I'm the one and only Rainbow Dash! Best of anything and everything" She said in a smug tone, I got the feeling she would do herself if she could.

the next one to tell me there name was the one with a cowboy hat which is something that my dad and his goons would wear." the names Applejack partner." She said as she tilted her hat.

Next was the pink freak and before I know it, she rapped me in a tight hug." I know I already told you my name but I'm Pinkie Pie and I know we will be the best of friends!"

"Can't...breathe..." I said trying to get what little air I can when the shy one comes up to me and my murderer.

"Am Pinkie...I think you should let him go, I don't think he can breathe...I mean if you want to." She said well hiding behind her hair and right on queue, Pickie let go of me of her death grip.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry Vinnie! Please don't be mad at me and never want to speak to me again!" Pinkie said with some moisture forming in her big puppy dog eyes...god I hate cuteness.

"Its fine...just don't hug me like that anymore and we'll all be happy." I said to her and from the look of her she was still slightly sad but glad that I forgave her and nodded in response.

And with that I turn to my saver." Thanks for that and your name is?" I ask her because in truth I can't remember any of there names for some reason and when I did she hid behind her hair even more"Ah my name is...Fluttershy."She said to me in a low voice, but luckily I was able to hear it due to my great hearing.

And last but not least the lady who is almost as tell as my dad comes up to me." And I'm principal Celestia and I personally welcome you to Canterlot High!"

"Hay thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I really appreciate it." I said to all of them with a smile and received a smile back.

After I said that I turn back to Celestia to ask her something that's been on my mind." But miss Celestia is it ok I ask you a question?"

She then smiled that had a warm feeling to it "Of curse, you must have so many questions so ask away." She said to me.

"Thank you very much, well you see I need to know...HOW THE FUCK DO I GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Author's Note:

I've decided that ill up date this once a week so yah see you next weekend!