My new high school

by Mr Darkstone

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Hi, my name is Vince Neil...and I'm stuck in equestria girls.

Hi my name is Vince Neil and no I'm not that Vince Neil, anyway on one Saturday night I thought for some god unknown reason that it would be a good idea to watch Equestria girls; but not only that it was a horrible idea, I somehow ended up IN Equestria girls! Now I have to live here till I find a way to get out of my own personal hell...god I hate my life.

A bad idea from the start

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"Finally sleep..." was all I said before I flopped on my bed, today was a pain all because of my stupid geometry test that took that took a good 2 hours to Finnish; It didn't help with the fact I have the worst math teacher at my school, but now that's over I can finally get the sleep I so desperately need... but fate had other plans as always.

"Vince can you come down here, I need to talk to you!" said my mother who I told that I'm going back to sleep. I got out of bed with annoyance on my face and went downstairs from my bedroom were my mother was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Vince I'm sorry that I got you out of bed but I need to know that you'll be fine well your father and I are gone for the weekend." my mom said with concern in her voice.

"mom I'm going to be eighteen years old in two weeks and this isn't the first time I was left alone, i'll be fine just enjoy your second honeymoon with dad." I said to my mom to calm her down, she has always been worried about my safety but she knows ill be fine.

"ok Vince I just want to make sure that you'll be ok, were leaving in a hour but since you want to go back to sleep I'll say goodbye now." mom said as she was holding me in a hug. After we said are goodbyes I ran up the stairs to get the sleep I lost studying for that stupid test.

I went back to sleep at 3:24 pm and woke up the next day at 7 pm, I've always been a heavy sleeper and let me tell you it is not fun trying to get out of bed because of it. After my breakfast/diner I decided to spend my Saturday on YouTube, wondering what's on my recommended I decided to check there first. But when I did I saw what was on the top made me question why it was there." My Little Pony - Equestria Girls 2013? Why was that there when I have never once watched anything that was MLP related." I said to my self as I was looking at it, the more I look at it the more my curiosity was getting the better of me until finally I made a conclusion. "you know what, why not I'll watch it I mean it can't be that bad right?"

One hour later.

"...I don't even know what is happening anymore." indeed I didn't because the climax was confusing as hell. First Sunrise McBitchface or whatever her name is turned into the devil when she put on the crown, then she turned dumb and dumbass into demons, then she turned most of the high school students into Richtofen's personal army, THEN twilight and her friends turn into something what would be in manga's,THEN they shot a rainbow of death at satin and the zombie teenagers and tuned them all back, and now they forgave Sunset and now they were partying and the six girls STILL have horse ears and three of them have wings and there acting like that's normal to! Just as my brain died trying to comprehend what I just watch, twilight walked into the portal back to her home and all of her friends FINALLY turned back to normal...well as normal as multicolor people go.

"god this movie was bad but thank god its all most over, if I have to spend another minute watching this I'm going to lose my shit." but just when I said that the damn laptop screen went white.

"...what...the" I said looking at my laptop screen, I'm glad I don't have to watch that mind fuck of a movie anymore but I was pissed that its broken and my dad not here to fix it. Just when I was going to close it the screen was getting brighter and brighter to the point it was getting hard to see. "what the fu.." was the last thing I remember saying before I was engulfed in the light.

5 minutes Later.

"hay buddy you ok?" said a voice with a tomboyish tone.

"" I said well face first in the ground

"well you're talking so there's that, need a hand?" said the voice that now that think I've heard before. Not wanting to talk with dirt in my face I started to get up "no that's fine I'm able to..."just when I said that I got good look of who I was talking to...the rainbow hear chick from that movie, and not just her but the other 4 and the principal were all there too...and behind them was that school.

"hay partner I don't mean to be offensive but you look like you just saw ah guost." said the one in the hat.

before could reply the one in pink got up to my face . "HI MY NAME IS PINKIE PIE AND I'M SOOOO HAPPY TO MEET YO.."was all she said before a hand cover her mouth by the write one. "pickie dearie, can't you see that he's surprised and has no idea were he is?" well miss fancy is giving a lecture to the pink one, my brain was trying to comprehend what's going on.

Well this is happining...

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Well my day just sucks, first I watched that crappy movie then I some how ended up in said movie and now those A-holes are looking at me like I'm crazy, which would explain all this. Well I'm trying to hold whatever sanity I have left the tall write chick comes up to ask me something.

"Excuse me sir but I need to ask do you know where you are?" She said with a motherly tone in her voice. "Well I'm in a mo..." That's all I said before I stopped myself because its probably not a good idea to tell them that they are from a crappy movie. "I mean different universe were everyone has multicolor skin." I said to her in hope she didn't catch that lie I made.

"Indeed you are, but I'm amazed that you are taking this as well as you are now." She said to me, well at lest she didn't catch lest I hope she didn't.

"Frankly my dear I'm more annoyed than anything else and besides the multicolor skin your world isn't that different then mine." I said to her and from her expression on her face she was surprise to hear that.

" I am surprised to hear that Mr...oh my forgive me for I have forgotten to ask you your name." She said to me, great now I'm going to have to tell them my name which I hate.

"My name is...Vincent Neil...or Vince Neil" I said in hope that they don't know that I share the same name as the lead singer of Motley Crue. But just when I said that the pink one got up to my face again.

" Wow you share the same name of THE Vince Neil! How did you get that name?!" The hyper pink one said with a grin on her face... god I hate my god damn luck.

"Yes that's my name and why do I have that name is because my dad is like the biggest Motley Crue fan ever; So big of a fan that he legally changed are last name to Neil. You know I'm surprised you guys know who Vince Neil is and heard of Motley Crue." I said to all of them but all of them except the pink one looked confused for some reason. Just as I was about to ask them what's wrong miss one percent walked up to me.

"Darling I think I speak for everyone that we have no idea who this Vince Neil is or ever heard of Motley Crue." She said to me in a serious tone in her voice.

" Wait but how..." Before I could finish she put her hand on my shoulder." Dear its best that you don't think about how pinkie knows what your talking about when we don't, or else you will probably go insane." And with that she walked back with the rest of them." My name is Rarity by the way Mr. Neil and I'm delighted to make your acquaintance."

The chick with the rainbow hair(who is not gay in any way what so ever)takes a step forward to introduce her self." I'm the one and only Rainbow Dash! Best of anything and everything" She said in a smug tone, I got the feeling she would do herself if she could.

the next one to tell me there name was the one with a cowboy hat which is something that my dad and his goons would wear." the names Applejack partner." She said as she tilted her hat.

Next was the pink freak and before I know it, she rapped me in a tight hug." I know I already told you my name but I'm Pinkie Pie and I know we will be the best of friends!"

"Can't...breathe..." I said trying to get what little air I can when the shy one comes up to me and my murderer.

"Am Pinkie...I think you should let him go, I don't think he can breathe...I mean if you want to." She said well hiding behind her hair and right on queue, Pickie let go of me of her death grip.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry Vinnie! Please don't be mad at me and never want to speak to me again!" Pinkie said with some moisture forming in her big puppy dog eyes...god I hate cuteness.

"Its fine...just don't hug me like that anymore and we'll all be happy." I said to her and from the look of her she was still slightly sad but glad that I forgave her and nodded in response.

And with that I turn to my saver." Thanks for that and your name is?" I ask her because in truth I can't remember any of there names for some reason and when I did she hid behind her hair even more"Ah my name is...Fluttershy."She said to me in a low voice, but luckily I was able to hear it due to my great hearing.

And last but not least the lady who is almost as tell as my dad comes up to me." And I'm principal Celestia and I personally welcome you to Canterlot High!"

"Hay thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I really appreciate it." I said to all of them with a smile and received a smile back.

After I said that I turn back to Celestia to ask her something that's been on my mind." But miss Celestia is it ok I ask you a question?"

She then smiled that had a warm feeling to it "Of curse, you must have so many questions so ask away." She said to me.

"Thank you very much, well you see I need to know...HOW THE FUCK DO I GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

When life gives you lemons...

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You know in hindsight I probably could have been a bit more calm when I asked that, but when you are stuck in a movie that makes little since as possible you too would want to find a way out ASAP. After I said that I could tell from the looks on there face's they were taken back from my little outburst, then the principal was the first one to speak.

"Well I do not approve of your langrage, ill answer your question nerveless. Well I do know that you fell about s-"

"WAIT I FELL FROM THE SKY!? HOW AM I NOT DEAD!?" I yelled at her and once again startling them and scaring Fluttershy who was now hiding behind Rainbow, who in turn looked annoyed at me.

"You know you don't have to yell out everything you say." Rainbow said to me clearly mad that I scared her friend like that.

Knowing my mistake I sighed, lowered my head and answer her. "Sorry about that, its just that its a lot to take in after you find yourself in a different world and finding out that you came to said different world by falling...and I have a irrational fear of falling by the way." I said to her.

"you...You're afraid of did you get that fear?" Rainbow dash said to me and she actually looked like she was concerned about my fear...maybe she's not all bad.

I sighed again and looked back at her." Another story for another time..." I stopped talking for a moment and looked back at Celestia and then continued talking." Sorry for interrupting you, please continue." And with that she nodded and continue.

"Thank you, well as I was saying is that you only fell at most six feet if that and you just showed up after a flash of bright light and landed right in fount of us right after we just said goodbye to...a friend that needed to go home." She said to me with sadness in those last words. Now that I think about it I think that she's talking about Twilight...So that means that this is right after she left when I was watching the

Shaking my head to clear my little revelation I then nodded my head to Celestia to continue." Well then after that Rainbow dash went up to you and you know the rest..." Before she continued she looked down and had a look of melancholy. "Mr. Neal, I'm so sorry to say this but I'm afraid that we don't have the power to send you back to your home world" And with that everyone of them had the same look of sadness that Celestia had.

All I could do was look at them and try to process what they said. " You can't send me ba..." Before I finished I realized something that I should have question ALOT sooner.

"Celestia I got to did you know that I was from another world? I mean I look so much like all of you. " I said to her and took a step forward to her, glaring a slight angry look at her

She then started to look a bit nervous at me and even the other five had the same nervousness look Celestia had."W...well I took a wiled guess because on how you just showed up out of then air" Celestia said to me but I could tell that it was because of how Twilight was to from another world. She was having difficulty hiding it from me but I decided not to press on it...for now.

After that I started to think about how that I'm stuck in this movie for possibly for the rest of my life and that I may never see my friends and my loving family again...

...Oh well shit happens.

" Well this sucks but what can you do. Hay is it ok if I live with one of you? I'll pay rent." I said to all of them as nonchalantly as possible, and from the looks I got I could tell that they were not expecting me to say that.

After a long silence, Rainbow was the first one to speak to me. " I figured you would be ALOT more depressed about not able to go back to your world...I did not expect you to be like "Oh I can't go home? OH WELL ill make a new home here." Like seriously don't you WANT to home!?" She said to me...well it was more like yelled.

All I did was stare and calmly said. "Believe me I do, but I know that there is nothing that I can do to get me home, but I've learned over the years is to make something good with what you have even its all bad, so yah can I move in with one of you?"

It took a moment before Rainbow answered my question. "Well my mom and dad are planning to have are basement rented out because we keep all of are junk in the attic, but I think they want five hundred up front before you can move in and no offence but you don't look like you have that much on you." She said with a sheepish smile on her face and without realizing I cheeked my wallet that I keep in my right pocket, only to find twelve dollars and thirdly eight what a great new start.

It was then I realized that I have my everyday clothes on and not just in the briefs and a write t shirt I was wearing when I was watching that movie, Now I'm wearing a light gray zip up sweat shirt that was unziped, a white button up long sleeve shirt with a black tie that was loosely tied around the unbutton collar, gray cargo pants and black skate board the hell did I not realized this sooner or how I'm in my everyday clothes and not in my sleepwear is beyond me.

Well I was checking my clothes I didn't realize that Rarity came up to talk to me. "Well I would be more than happy to offer a room to for you to stay in your time of need, I'm afraid that my little sister is using my spare room at my condo I'm renting due to are parents always going on vacation to vacation and rarely at home to watch her." She said to me looking apologetic to me.

Next person to probably tell me I can't move in with is Fluttershy." Well...I would let you move in but...we don't have a room to rent out...I'm sorry please don't be mad..." She meekly said to me, man this is going great.

As I'm starting to get annoyed at this I then turned to Applejack and said." Let me guess, you don't have any room or something else around those lines?"

Applekack ignored my annoyance and said. "Actually I've got tons of room back at mah farm, so long as yah pay your far share by doing work around the farm." Yes because I just scream manual labor.

Surprisingly, Celestia spoke next. "Well I could pull some strings and have you stay in one of the class rooms were not-" I stopped lessening by that point because there's no way in hell that I will live in the place that I hate more then how metal fans and most guys hate Justin Bieber.

And last but not least was Pinkie pie...who just popped up right to my face scaring the hell out of me and said. "Oh you can live with me, I've got plenty of room back at my apartment!" She said with a big grin on her face.

well it probably only took me two seconds to think of my options between moving on a farm and doing manual labor(which by the way I would never do) , living in the one place that even satin himself would never damned even the most sinful man to, and living with the most random and probably on drugs girl I have ever met in my life.

"Thanks but I'm moving with pinkie" I said to Jackie and Celli in who I've decided to give nick names too because I can.

I didn't think it was possible but Pinkie's grin got even bigger when I said that." Great! This is so going to be so fun I can't what to show you gummy and my party supplies and my cupcake recipes and-" She went on and on about stupid things that I didn't care about, it was then that I realized something...

I've made a terrible mistake...AGEIN!

"Well then I guess we should get going Vinnie, here don't forget your backpack!" Pinkie said to me as she handed my school backpack that I didn't even know that I had on me. It's one of those large laptop backpacks that was colored gray and write patterns. Inside my pack was my laptop, my iPhone 4, my headphones and both chargers to my laptop and phone, well at least I have entertainment.

"Well I guess until you find a way to go home you have to go to school then, in that case I'll transfer you to here." Celestia said to me, great I have to go to mind fuck high till I get out of this hell of a movie.

After that we all said are goodbyes and me and Pinkie went to her apartment. We got there in about twenty minutes since its only a few blocks away, the apartment its self looked old but it was still in good condition, it was a three floor apartment and if I have to guess, it was probably made at least in late sixties.

"Well this is it, come on my room is 317." Pinkie said to me as were walking to the front door. after two minutes we made it to her room.

Her apartment was pretty big but there was streamers, deflated balloons, and confetti everywhere on the floor. The walls had wallpaper that was light blue and had balloons on it. There were boxes on the kitchen counter that said party supplies on it and there was a half eaten chocolate cake on the coffee table in front of the couch.

All and all this was pretty much what I expected from her in the 30 minutes I've known her.

"Hay thanks for offering me a place to stay." I said to her as she gives me a tour of her place

"No problem, its the lest I can do after nearly killing you...again sorry about that." Pinkie said to me well leading me down the hall, but for some reason I noticed her hair slightly losing some of its puffiness for a second then going back to normal.

I just pretended to ignore that as we reach a door at the end of the hall. Then she opened it and the room looked vacant, the walls were just a faded white and all that was in there was a bed, a desk, a desk chair and a dresser.

"Well here you go, I know its not much but its better then nothing." Pinkie said to me as we walked in.

After looking around I said. "It will do, well I'm going to bed, goodnight."

"Goodnight then...and Vince I'm sorry that this happened to you, but I pinkie promise that ill make sure you enjoy your stay here." And with that she walked out closing the door behind her, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I made my way to the bed not bothering to take my clothes off and just flopped on my new bed, but just before I fell to sleep one last thought popped into my mind in relation to what Pinkie said to me.

My stay isn't going to be enjoyable is it...