• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Glamourous, by Masterweaver

"...Hey Pinkie?"

"Yeah Applejack?"

The farmgirl pointed across the road. "Are ya seein' what Ah'm seein'?"

Pinkie followed her finger. "I'm not seein' what you're seein' if you're seein' somethin' strange. All I'm seein' is a guy leanin' against a wall seein' what he can see. Or she. It's an androgynous figure. Which isn't that odd these days. Why, what are you seein'?"

"...Well, he's got... pointed ears. And not like Rares, either, I mean," She made a gesture. "Woooooosh, you know?"

"Like Battleforge elves?"


Pinkie pulled her phone out, tapping some keys. "Here. These guys."

"...Ya know, he actually looks a lot like that ta me. Ah mean, it's his eyelashes that are big, not his eyebrows, but--"

"Gotcha. You're seein' something I'm not. I know how to solve this." Pinkie pocketed her phone and pranced across the road.

"Wait, Pinkie, what—?"

"Excuse me, sir or madam! Are you currently or have you ever been under any enchantment, spell, or otherwise magical occurance that results in the alteration of your appearance to outside observers?"

The strange person looked at Pinkie. Applejack facepalmed.

"...Yes." The person nodded. "And now, I feel I must leave." They dissolved into sparkles and spiraled away into nothingness.

Pinkie stood there, staring at where they had been standing, up until Applejack joined her. "Pinkie, if somebody is tryin' ta be disguised, Ah don't think askin' 'are ya disguised' is goin' ta help the situation."

"Well, I wasn't expecting him or her to whisk themselves away like that! What was that all about?"

"Don't ask me! Ah don't have a clue!"

Author's Note:

The only thing the fae fear more than total, complete honesty is laughter at their expense.

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