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Dr. Albert Wily...mad genius, evil scientist, brilliant roboticist, wanted criminal, would be world conqueror, loving father... Wait, what was that last part?

When Dr. Wily wakes up one morning with a tiny unicorn inexplicably clinging to his bald head, he is more than a little flummoxed. Unknown to him, this tiny creature is about to turn his entire life upside down, worm her way into his heart...and make his dreams a reality.

Can you feel the Wub tonight? Mega Man sure will.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
Edit: Now with awesome cover art by sanyo21! How does he do such awesome artwork so fast?
Edit 2: Adorable fan art sprite by SteamingBullet!
Edit 3: New fan art commissioned by a fan!

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When Wreck-it-Ralph finds a villain character who seems to have gone Turbo, he finds more than a handful in the handful sized sprite.
For one thing, she has no idea what game she comes from.
For another, her code seems completely foreign to the Arcade.
For a third...she's absolutely adorable.
Having only just finished cleaning up after King Candy's mess, this little Nightmare could be a problem...or the greatest blessing Ralph has ever received.
And shadows from the past move behind the scenes...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by KittyCoverArt.
Edit: Now with fan art at the end of the first chapter.

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This story is a sequel to Cold Days and Warm Hearts

The winter passes into spring, bringing with it many changes, both for good and for ill. Dawn Lightwing must contend with the pending disaster as a powerful adversary approaches with designs to end his life. Rainbow Dash finally leaves to join the Wonderbolts, but finds her dreams jeopardized by somepony from the past. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle and those close to her are drawn further into the machinations of the Noble Court.

Oh...and somepony is planning to destroy the world...probably...maybe...let me get back to you on that...

Chapters (29)

This story is a sequel to Aegis of the Hive

Natural selection. It is the byword of every changeling queen who has ever lived. The chief resource that has always curbed the hives' growth used to be love. Now though, with Queen Twilight Sparkle's bloodline capable of producing love on their own, the old guard of changeling morality has seen fit to acquire this ability for the next generation before removing all of their future royal daughters' competitors.

Some queens are far closer to this goal than others.

Editor in Chief: A Bitter Pill, and Boldish42

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When a land dispute arises between Equestria and the griffon lands of Queen Walarah, Walarah declares a mock war to settle the dispute. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo end up taking Apple Jack & Rarity's place in the battle roster, forcing them to design and build their own machine of war.

Vector compliments of http://dolphinfox.deviantart.com/

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A former pink pony finds herself in a new, hostile world and a new friend who's perhaps even more hostile. A small, angry man finds himself with a new friend he didn't want. Can they make it through this new misadventure together, or is it the universe that needs to watch out for them?

Cover art used with permission from Technaro.

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Sunset Shimmer is having a bad night. She turned into a demon, was forcefully turned back, and now has to deal with all the people she's wronged in the past. As luck would have it, it seems her demon self isn't done with her either.

Can the power of friendship overcome this maniacal creature, or is Sunset Shimmer doomed to bring death and destruction to everyone she meets?

Cover art created by the talented alittleofsomething.

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This story is a sequel to Cafeteria Control

After witnessing abuse at the hands of Adagio and Aria, Pinkie Pie comes to the aid of Sonata. The two quickly hit it off and a friendship is born… much to the dismay of everyone around them.

Cover art used with permission from siansaar.

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You know all those stories about cos-players disappearing? Well this is kinda like those. Jason Hughes was just a normal guy attending a con for the first time. Of course he had to buy that omnitrix replica right? Well now he's stuck in a world of talking ponies and has to learn what it means to be a pony.

**This somehow got on the popular stories list on 8/16/14, which is only a day after I published it. Thats a new one*

**So this got featured on 8/17/14 I have no idea how that happened but thanks everyone!**

Big thanks to m2pt5 for taking on the role of proofreader/editor. Also want to thank DuskShadowBrony for being my other editor.

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My name is Razor Horn, or how my family calls me, Razor.

Of course, that was the name I gave myself, just like my siblings gave themselves theirs. My little sister calls herself Velvet Wing, and the youngest of the three of us, my brother, took the name Fang. Nopony has ever wanted us, so we’ve only had each other. For the past ten years, we’ve kept our distance from ponies for a reason, the very reason why other ponies don’t want us.
Whenever Princess Luna’s moon rises high into the sky every night, we become Outcasts…

Uncontrollable, blood-thirsty Outcasts.

But now, after the past ten years of seclusion, we're ready for a change of lifestyle. Can we still be able to live like normal ponies, even if it means putting everyone else in danger by being around us? I don't know, but for certain, we will need to be careful, lest an innocent pony die, or worse, become like one of us.

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