Pinkie and Sonata's Excellent Adventure

by Justice3442

Chapter 4: Correcting a Mistake

Pinkie and Sonata’s Excellent Adventure

Chapter 4: Correcting a Mistake


Sunset Shimmer sat at her desk in her small single bedroom apartment with a pencil in her hand as she slumped over a piece of line paper. She scrunched her brow in concentration as she stared down at the paper in front of her, scribbling more words on it. She soon reached the end of the piece and added it to a pile of pages, already filled with paragraphs of writing.

Rainbow Dash sat with a bored expression on a red couch with wooden armrests across from Sunset’s desk. Fluttershy on the opposite side of the couch and watched Sunset with quiet interest. Rarity sat in a red armchair and seemed to be staring at something else entirely. Applejack walked over to Sunset and peered down at her work.

“Now, Ah don’t know a heck a lot of about yer magic book, but if yer apologizing to Princess Twilight, shouldn’t you be writin’ it in the book?”

“I will,” Sunset answered. “This is just the rough draft.”

“Rough draft?” Rarity said as she walked up. “Sunset darling, it looks like you’ve written a novel!” She motioned to the pile of papers Sunset had already completed.

Sunset gave a sigh. “Yep.”

Sitting across the room next to Fluttershy on a red couch with wooden armrests, Rainbow Dash smirked. “You screwed up big time, didn’t you?”

Sunset gave a heavier sigh and motioned to the large, hardcover book on her desk that bared her cutie mark. “Yep.”

Rainbow Dash leapt to her feet, walked over to the book, and opened it. She flipped past the first couple of pages before her eyes went wide and she broke into laughter. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!

Fluttershy quietly stood up and walked over to Rainbow Dash. Soon her, Applejack and Rarity all stood behind Rainbow and looked at the book.

“Oh my…” Fluttershy uttered.

“She’s certainly dedicated, alright…” Applejack said with a smirk.

“Sunset dear,” Rarity exclaimed as Rainbow Dash turned a page, “there must be hundreds of these doodles of derrieres!”

Sunset gave an even heavier sigh. “YEP!”

“HEY!” Adagio yelled as she emerged from the apartment’s bedroom. “HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WEAR THIS?!”


Sunset swiveled in her chair and scowled at the two sirens who scowled back at her. Both were stuffed into a massive white t-shirt with the words ‘Our get-along shirt’ and constantly fidgeted in a futile attempt to get some distance from each other.

“You two are wearing that until I’m sure you can stand to be in each other’s company without physically assaulting each other!”

Adagio pointed her right index finger at Sunset. Her left was in the shirt and seemed to be engaged in an ineffective slap fight with Aria’s right hand. “Well, if you’d just let us do our own things, we wouldn’t have to be in each other’s company!”

Aria sighed heavily. “For once I agree with you, Adagio.”

Sunset stood up and leveled an index finger at the two girls. “Listen, you two were both going to go out and do a bunch of things that could get you in trouble! I can’t risk either of you getting arrested.”

Adagio blew a dismissive gust of air. “Pffft, our existences used to be based on causing trouble and stealing energy, and we both have plenty of experience doing whatever we wanted and getting away with it!”

“But neither of you have your hypnotism powers anymore! Name one time when either of you managed to just talk your way out of a bad situation.”

“Easy!” Adagio said. “Why there was the time I… uh… erm… Help me out here, Aria…”

Aria smirked. “Can’t fight your own battles, Dagi?”

“Shut up! Just… just bring up a time someone hassled you for kicking a dog or child or whatever and you managed to smooth things over without using your gem.”

“Fine!” Aria huffed out. She squinted her eyes and stared up at the ceiling.

“… WELL?!” Adagio cried impatiently.

“I’m thinking, alright?!”

Hah!” Adagio said. “I knew it! You’ve always used your gem to get out of trouble!”

Aria narrowed her eyes at Adagio. “Like you’re any better!”

“BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!” Sunset cried as she massaged her temples. “I swear I’d kill you both and make it look like an accident if I wasn’t reformed…”

Fluttershy let out a small “Meep…”

Applejack raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t actually done that back when you were all power-hungry and the like, right?”

Sunset turned and shot Applejack an irritated glance. “Do you know of any students or faculty that have met untimely ends since you’ve been at school?”

“Well… no…” Applejack replied.

“Then there’s your answer!” Sunset replied.

“Hey!” Adagio cried. “Can you at least get the purple-haired girl to stop staring at my hair?!”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Rarity, stop staring at Adagio’s hair. You’re creeping everyone out…”

“Geez, no kidding…” Rainbow Dash agreed.

Fluttershy nodded. “I didn’t want to say anything, but it’s definitely scaring me a bit …”

Applejack folded her arms across her chest. “She’s been staring harder than a goat at alfalfa, that’s fer’sher.”

“How do you keep coming up with those?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she turned towards Applejack. “Do you have like… a ‘farm phrase a day’ calendar?!”

Rarity blinked a few times and looked around the room as if finally coming out a daze. Her cheeks turned crimson as she looked at everyone. “I’m sorry everyone, but she just has so much hair! I’m not made out of stone!” She looked at Adagio with a slight crazed look. “Oh darling, you must let me style it!”

“Do not touch my hair!” Adagio snapped. “Aria is the only one allowed to touch my hair… except now when we’re in this stupid shirt!”

“Give me a break, Adagio!” Aria said in a huff. “Your hair is taking up most of the shirt! I can’t believe how itchy I am!”

“All of you, shut up!” Sunset commanded. “I’m never going to finish this stupid apology essay to Princess Twilight if you don’t all give me some quiet to get my thoughts down!”

Adagio, Aria and Rarity all put on sullen expressions, but went quiet.

“There!” Sunset said as she collapsed back into her chair and swiveled it back to face her desk. “Now if everyone would just be silent for a bit, maybe I can get you psychos home so you’re Twilight’s problem.”

“Hey, I know!” Fluttershy said. “I bet no one can beat me at the quiet game.”

Adagio glared at Fluttershy.

“Oh, just please die…” Aria uttered.

Fluttershy puffed out her lower lip but remained silent.

Sunset sighed heavily as she raised a hand to her forehead. “I hope Pinkie and Sonata are keeping out of trouble…”

“They’re prob’ly not,” Applejack said, “though Pinkie can actually talk herself out of most messes…”


“But she’d never been in a whipped cream fight before!” Pinkie uttered in a voice that was equal parts explanatory and apologetic.

Mrs. Cake sighed heavily as she gave Pinkie the same look a mother might give a child they were disappointed with.

Pinkie was covered head to toe in whipped cream. Sonata stood behind her, looking only slightly cleaner as she scooped up and licked off any whipped cream on her personage she could reach. Behind them, Mr. Cake walked by pushing a mop over the floor of Sugar Cube Corner, a concerned expression on his face.

“Pinkie,” Mrs. Cake began in a maternal tone, “I know the thought of an impromptu whipped cream fight is tempting, but couldn’t you have done this at your home and not at the shop?”

“Sorry, Mrs. Cake…” Pinkie said as she stared at her feet. “I guess we just got a little excited…”

“Well, we’re used to that,” Mrs. Cake said. She eyed Sonata. “But you usually hang out with someone more… level-headed.”

Sonata frowned heavily as she looked up at Mrs. Cake. “But Aria and Adagio say my head might as well be flat!”

Pinkie turned back and gave Sonata a sheepish grin. “I think they might be talking about something else.”

Mr. Cake let out a heavy sigh as he continued to mop the floor. “Didja have to have a whipped cream fight during business hours as well?”

“Sorry Mr. Cake!” Pinkie called out.

Sonata perked up, looking back and forth between the two Cakes.

Mrs. Cake glanced over her shoulder. “Sweetie, I think it would be better if she didn’t have whipped cream fights here at all.”

“Just trying to come up with a compromise, honeybun,” Mr. Cake replied.

Sonata gasped. “Wait… Mr. and Mrs. Cake? Are you two married? Or brother and sister? Or brother and sister and married?”

Pinkie suddenly went as stiff as a board, she grit her teeth together into a rather nervous smile she directed at Mrs. Cake.

Mrs. Cake eyelids fell slightly as her motherly look suddenly gave way to irritation. “We’re married, and we’re not related.” Mrs. Cake answered, finishing her sentence in a venomous tone.

Mr. Cake simply laughed as he continued cleaning up. “Related? I think that’s the first time anyone’s asked that. We don’t look anything like each other!”

Pinkie relaxed slightly and breathed a sigh of relief.

Sonata giggled. “Oh, for realzies!” She agreed with a nod. “So is it kind of weird with one of you really thin and the other one really fa—”

Pinkie dove at Sonata with all the urgency of trying to stop a child from putting a key into an electrical outlet and quickly placed her hand over Sonata’s mouth.

Mrs. Cake’s face turned red as she glared at Sonata.

“Maybe we should just go for now…” Pinkie said in a worried tone as she looked back at Mrs. Cake.

Mrs. Cake nodded. “I think that would be best.”

Pinkie slowly lowered her hand off of Sonata’s mouth.

Sonata licked her face, eating the whipped cream Pinkie had accidently left their when she placed her hand against her face. “Hey Pinkie, are you going to eat all that whipped cream on you, or…”

Pinkie jumped slightly as she gave Mrs. Cake a worried look. “Do you mind if I use the bathroom first?”

Mrs. Cake sighed heavily as she pointed towards the restrooms of Sugarcube Corner.

Soon both girls were whipped cream free and walking down the street away from Sugarcube Corner, passing other students as on the sidewalk. The other students would begin to smile or wave when they saw Pinkie, but their smile soon disappeared and they quickly retracted their hands and avoided eye contact at the sight of Sonata.

“They seemed nice!” Sonata exclaimed.

Pinkie smiled. “Oh the Cakes are just the best! Sometimes I even work there and help them make all their yummy treats! Plus I babysit for them!”

Sonata gasped. “Babies?! I love babies!”

Er… You do?” Pinkie asked in a slightly worried tone.

Sonata nodded. “We like to watch the same shows!”

Pinkie breathed a sigh of relief. “For a second there, I thought you might say something horri—”

“Plus they can’t really fight back if you change the channel! And they’re easier to steal candy from than grown up people!”

Pinkie sighed and hung her head. “And there it is…” Pinkie shook her head. “All this talk about babies reminds me we still need to work on our history report.”

Sonata paused for a moment. Her eyes on focused and her arms hung loosely at her sides as she stared of into space. She suddenly smiled and raised her index finger up in an ‘ah-ha’ fashion. “Oh! Because babies remind you that everyone was a baby in their past right?”

Pinkie nodded. “Exactly!” she said as she pulled a pink spiral notebook out of her hair.

“So, what do we have so far?” Sonata asked as she looked over Pinkie’s shoulder.

Pinkie raised the notebook in front of her face and began to read. “‘Once upon a time, three sirens sucked all the energy they wanted from the ponies of Equestria. Experts generally agree this was an awesome time until the jerk Starswirl the Bearded came along and sent the sirens away to this planet which the experts also agree pretty much is the worse except for the food which is pretty good, I guess. Experts also agree that Starswirl the Bearded’s beard was dumb. and that his face was dumb, and that he was also dumb.’”

“I like it!” Sonata exclaimed. “It sounds credible.”

Pinkie sighed as she closed the notebook. “But It’s way too short! Don’t you remember anything else about Equestria?”

Sonata shrugged. “I know the three races, unicorns, pegasi, and boring horses.”

Pinkie lowered the notebook and frowned. “Still not enough…” She furrowed her brow and stared upwards. “Also, for some reason I feel I should be offended.”

“Well, every time I try to remember more my head starts to hurt and then I get hungry… Hey! Do you have any more whipped cream?”

Pinkie reached into her mop of curls and pulled out a can of whipped cream, handing it to Sonata. The two continued walking as Sonata emptied the contents of the can directly into her mouth.

“Hey!” Pinkie exclaimed. “Maybe we can talk to Sunset Shimmer! She was from Equestria and is actually super smart! I bet she knows stuff!”

“Or maybe we can even go to Equestria!” Sonata suggested.

Pinkie inhaled an incredible volume of air. “That would be awesomazing!” She frowned slightly. “But how would we do that? I mean… I guess maybe we can ask Sunset to write Princess Twilight about the report we’re working on, and maybe Princess Twilight would be nice enough to open the portal…”

“Actually, Sunset and the other girls are trying to figure out how to get Adagio, Aria, and I through the portal right now!”

“They are?” Pinkie asked. She stopped walking and stared at Sonata, blinking several times.” Wait, how do you know this?”

Sonata reached into her jacket and pulled out her phone. “Oh, Adagio and Aria have been sending me text messages all day tell me what’s going on and asking me to help.” She held her phone up for Pinkie to read.

Pinkie’s eyes went wide as she looked at the phone. “Wow… they sound mad… like as mad as an ‘R’ rated movie, even!”

Sonata turned the phone and looked at the messages. She shrugged. “That’s pretty much how they always send text messages.” She swiped her finger across the screen a few times. “They’ve been ‘X’ rated mad a few times today.” She turned the screen back to face Pinkie. “Like right here!”

Pinkie cringed. “An entire baseball bat?! Wrapped in barbed wire?! I mean… There’s no way that would fit!” Pinkie’s eyes went wide as she brought her legs together and lowered her hands. “Not to mention that it would probably hurt worse than anything!

Sonata giggled. “Yep! We play the best games!” She looked back down at her phone and began pressing keys on it. “I’m going to reply with all the places the girls can stick a rusty cactus.”

Pinkie swallowed. “Uh… Hey!” Pinkie said, suddenly forcing a cheerful tone. “Maybe we should just check up on Sunset Shimmer and the others and see if they can open up the portal so we can do our report! That sounds much better than being violated with large, spiked things that might have barbs even.”

“Good idea!” Sonata exclaimed. “That way I can tell the girls in person what to do with the cactus!”


Sunset Shimmer, Aria, and Adagio all stood in front of the massive horse statue in the courtyard of Canterlot High. The other girls stood around them, hovering just a few yards away as they wearily kept an eye on the two former sirens. Long shadows were cast from the girls as the sun gently lowered in the sky, slowly drifting closer to the hills which stood behind the tall buildings of the city in the distance.

Sunset Shimmer closed the large hardbound book that bore her cutie mark and looked up at the two sirens. “Alright, Princess Twilight has agreed that I can go through the portal and present my proposal for you all to return to Equestria.”

“Proposal?!” Adagio cried. “Why won’t she just let us return?! We don’t have our jewels anymore! We belong there!

“Yeah,” Aria agreed with a nod. “This place sucks bad!” Aria raised her hands in her face and scornfully sneered at them. “Maybe you’re okay with being one of these weird, disgusting, hairless monkey things but we hate it!”

Excuse me?” Rarity cried.

“Hey!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Being human is awesome! It’s not like other animals have organized sports!”

Applejack nodded in agreement. “Or rodeos, even! Ah mean… I’d much rather ride the bull then be the bull…”

Uh… Actually, I’d rather be ridden…”  Fluttershy chimed in.

Rainbow Dash snorted before erupting into laughter.

Adagio grinned wickedly and stepped up to Fluttershy. “You know for the right price, I can arrange that.”

Eep…” Fluttershy uttered as her face turned red. “Erm… I meant as a bull…”

“Role-playing, huh?” Adagio said. “Well, that’ll cost you a bit more, but—”

“Would you knock it off?!” Sunset exclaimed. “Look,I don’t like the fact you’re stuck here longer either. But I guess Twilight wants more than an apology and me explaining you’re making my life a living hell!”

Adagio turned and narrowed her eyes at Sunset, allowing Fluttershy to quietly put some distance between herself and Adagio.

“Our lives are a living hell!” Adagio exclaimed.

Aria nodded in agreement.

“And I’m trying to put an end to that!” Sunset said. “Or at least make it so you’re someone else’s problem!”

“Speakin’ of problems,” Applejack said, “we still need to track down that other siren.”

Aria shrugged. “I suggest a line of tacos leading up to the portal…”

Adagio chimed in. “Or even up to a box with a stick.”

Aria nodded. “It wouldn’t even have to be a heavy box… Sonata might think it’s night and fall asleep.”

Adagio shrugged. “Heck, if you lure her with one taco and just put a paper bag over her head, she might pass right out.”

Sunset sighed and raised a hand up to her forehead. “This would be funny if I actually thought for a second either of you were joking.” Sunset’s book began to vibrate and glow red. She opened it. “Portals open.”

Rainbow Dash tilted her head as she peered at one of the mirrors on the large statue. “It doesn’t look different…”

“It never does!” Sunset exclaimed. “Doesn’t mean that… WAIT! What are you doing?!

Rainbow Dash chucked a rock at the mirror, it passed right through, leaving ripples in the mirror the drifted out from the point of entry.

Sunset scowled at Rainbow Dash. “Dash… why did you do that?”

“I was just making sure the portal was open!” Rainbow Dash cried. “You’re welcome by the way.”

Sunset furrowed her brow. “Did you think that if it wasn’t you would have just broken the mirror and the portal?”

Uh… Oops…?”

Sunset sighed and shook her head as her book began to blink red and vibrate. She opened it.

Rarity turned towards Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow Dash, darling, you really should think these things through!”

“Hey!” Rainbow Dash protested. “No harm no foul.”

“Actually, you just beaned Twilight in the head,” Sunset informed as she looked up from her book, scowling at Rainbow Dash. “Which I would find amusing if it didn’t make my job that much harder!”

“… Oh… Double oops?”

Adagio and Aria began laughing as Aria bent down to pick up a rock. “Let me try…”

“Stop it!” Sunset ordered. “I don’t think throwing rocks across dimensions is going to help your case.”

Aria grumbled to herself as she dropped the rock.

Fluttershy cleared her throat. “Maybe it would be better if one of us tested the portal… I volunteer myself.”

“What?” Sunset exclaimed. “Why…”

Erm… Well… you see…”

Applejack smirked. “You wanna be a pony, don’t you?”

“Oh my, more than anything!” Fluttershy said as clutched her hands under her chin.

From across the schoolyard, Sonata and Pinkie began to approach the group of girls.

“Hey!” Sonata exclaimed. “Your rainbow-haired friend just threw a rock through the mirror! I didn’t know the school had magic mirrors!”

Pinkie gasped. “Princess Twilight must have opened the portal! Lucky day!”

Sonata grinned widely. “Let’s surprise them and rush through the portal!” she said.

Pinkie pursed her lips slightly. “I don’t know… Are you sure?” Pinkie raised a hand to her chin and stroked it as she gave the girls a thoughtful look. “I mean… they look like they’re talking about something important right now.”

“Fluttershy!” Sunset exclaimed loudly. “I can’t just let you go over there to fulfill some bizarre dream of becoming an animal!”

Sonata shook her head. “No! It’ll be like a surprise party for the ponies on the other side that way!”

“Oh yeah!” Pinkie said cheerfully. “Everyone loves surprise parties without exception!”

Sonata nodded. “Before we go, can I see the notebook?”

Pinkie nodded with a smile and pulled the pink spiral notebook out of her hair, handing it to Sonata.

Sonata grinned wickedly as she grabbed the notebook, pulled a neon blue felt marker out of her jacket, and flipped the notebook to an empty page. She began writing.

Pinkie paused and curiously watched Sonata for a bit before her face lit up in excitement. “Ooo! Ooo! Are you writing a note telling them what we’re doing?”

Sonata shook her head. “More like instructions.”

Pinkie’s smile fell as she gave Sonata a slightly confused look. “Instructions? Why would they need—”

Sonata smiled as she ripped the page out of the notebook, closed it, and handed it to Pinkie. “Alright let’s go!” she said as she broke into a sprint.

“Sonata! Wait!” Pinkie cried as she started running after her.

“Alright!” Sunset exclaimed. “So we’re agreed! I go first and I’ll let you know when it’s okay for any of you to foll—”

“Darling, did you hear something?” Rarity asked.

Sunset scowled at Rarity. “I heard you rudely interrupting me!”

“There’s no need to get snippy!” Rarity cried. “I just thought I heard—”

WHEEE!” Sonata cried as she ran between Sunset and Rarity, dropping a piece of paper before the mirror portal swallowed her like a pool of shimmering water.

“Found Sonata,” Aria said casually.

Sunset stared at the portal in disbelief. “What the fu—”

“Hi everyone! Bye everyone!” Pinkie said as she sprinted by and dove into the portal.

“Found Pinkie,” Applejack said.

Sunset frowned heavily as she stared at the portal. “Well… that won’t end well…”

Fluttershy puffed out her lower lip and crossed her arms across her chest. “No fair…”

“Hey, that idiot left a note…” Adagio said as she walked over to the note and picked it up.

“Wait, she’s literate?!” Sunset exclaimed.

Adagio nodded. “She picked it up from years of watching children’s programing... mostly so she could figure out what menus say.”

“As much as I’m going to regret asking,” Aria said, “what’s the note say?”

Adagio sighed heavily. “She’s telling us to violate ourselves and each other with a rusty cactus.”

The other girls cringed. Fluttershy’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she collapsed to the grass.

Sunset looked down at Fluttershy, then looked up to glare at the two sirens. “Couldn’t you have cleaned that up before you told us?!”

“Believe me, that was the cleaned up version,” Adagio replied.

Aria flinched as she looked at the paper. “Yeah… Sonata didn’t pull her punches, that’s for sure.”

Sunset jumped slightly as the book in her hand began to glow red and vibrate. She scowled down at it.

Rainbow Dash cocked an eyebrow. “Are you going to get that, or…”

“No,” Sunset answered. “I’m sure Pinkie and Sonata rushing into the portal caused quite the mess over there. I don’t need to read an angry letter from Twilight explaining that.” Sunset looked up at the portal. “I’m going in.”

“Fine, but we’re coming with you.” Adagio declared.

Aria nodded in agreement

“Don’t be stupid,” Sunset said, “of course you’re coming with me!”

Adagio and Aria looked at Sunset in surprise.

“Wait, really?” Adagio asked. “Just like that?”

“There’s way too much risk to just leave you two alone, and we’ll need all the help we can get over there.”

Adagio and Aria looked at each other, wringing their hands as the exchanged devilish looks.

“Oh we’ll help, alright…” Adagio said in a sinister tone.

“Stop it with the evil looks, you two!” Sunset said. “If you want to stay in Equestria, you better be on your best behavior! Who knows how much damage Sonata and Pinkie are doing already?”

Adagio and Aria cringed.

“She’s right,” Aria said, “if we don’t get there soon, Sonata might cause a famine with everything she eats!”

Applejack frowned. “And she’s paired up with Pinkie of all people… We better get there soon our there might not be anythang to feed those poor ponies.”

“SWEET!” Rainbow Dash said pumping a fist into the air. “Interdimensional road trip!”

“Wait,” Rarity said, “but aren’t there pony versions of us over there? Won’t it get confusing if we all gooohoooohooooOOOOO?!

To Rarity’s great surprise she found her shirt in the grip of Fluttershy, up from the ground as if she had never passed out in the first place. The usual reserved and shy girl held Rarity inches away from her face and glared daggers at her.

“Do not wreck this for me!” Fluttershy said angrily. “Some of us want to be ponies!”

Rarity looked at Fluttershy fearfully and swallowed. “Erm… A little help?”

“Fluttershy, put Rarity down,” Sunset ordered. “Rarity, stop saying stupid stuff.”

“Hah!” Rainbow Dash cried derisively.

Fluttershy beamed as and gently let go of Rarity.

“ME?!” Rarity cried, pointing to herself. “I was just trying to keep things simple.”

“Well stop,” Sunset said. “I need all the help I can get keeping an eye on these two lunatics and keeping a handle on the other two lunatics who just ran into the portal. You can all just wear nametags or world tags when you get over there. I mean… Who in their right mind would just leave help when lives are possibly at stake? I want all hands… or hoofs on deck to help wrangle these deranged psychos!”

“Yay!” Fluttershy said enthusiastically.

“Hey!” Aria protested.

“We’re standing right here!” Adagio said indignantly.

“I know,” Sunset said turning to the girls. She gave them a serious look. “Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t trust you, and over in Equestria I’m one of the world’s most powerful unicorns. If you two step out of line or become more trouble than you’re worth, we’re going to see how flammable sirens are.”

Adagio narrowed her eyes. “You’re bluffing…”

“I was Celestia’s personal student for years and my ambition as well as reading quite a few spell books that were off limits got me kicked out of the castle! Princess Twilight might want to reform you, but I just want you out of my hair.” Sunset narrowed her eyes. “And you two have been nothing but a pain to me all day. I swear if you two give me a reason, I’ll turn you into ashes.”

Adagio matched Sunset’s glare and stared at her for a moment. Her lips suddenly curled up into a smirk. “My, my… You really can just turn the good girl routine off when you want. Alright, fine… We’ll be on our best behavior.” Adagio turned to Aria. “Right Aria.”

Aria sighed. “Fine. Whatever. As long as we go home, I don’t care.”

Sunset nodded. “Good.” She turned towards the portal. “Everyone ready?”

“Darn tottin’!” Applejack cried.

“Ohmygosh! This is so exciting!” Fluttershy said.

“Yes! Let’s do this!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Do you think pony me will have a stylish pony clothes we can wear when we get over there?” Rarity asked.

Rarity…” Sunset growled out.

Rarity raised her palms in front of her. “Just thinking out loud, Darling…”

“You can ask when we get there,” Sunset said. “Let’s go.”

Sunset Shimmer stepped through the portal followed by the other girls. One by one, each one disappeared with a glimmer.