Pinkie and Sonata's Excellent Adventure

by Justice3442

Chapter 5: Wherever You Go, There You Are

Pinkie and Sonata’s Excellent Adventure

Chapter 5: Wherever You Go, There You Are


Sunset Shimmer had never fully adjusted to the feeling of going through the portal… not that she really made a habit of traveling through it. Still, stepping through the portal felt like suddenly changing into water being sucked down the universe’s own bathtub drain. Caught in a whirlpool and bent and stretched before being sucked down to your destination. Furthermore, it sort of even sounded like being caught in a drain. The journey was loud as if energy was constantly ‘sloshing’ all around.

At least coming back to Equestria meant being ‘unstreteched’ or compacted back down to a form Sunset was more comfortable with. Having magic again certainly helped, but being a pony meant she was closer to the ground and sturdily standing on four legs. Though she had gotten used to being human, part of walking still felt more like ‘controlled falling’ and even standing was a strange balancing act. This was to say nothing about how gangly and awkward she felt all the time if she stopped to think about it.

The sound of pure magic rushing past Sunset’s ears stopped and she felt solid ground under her four hooves. She smiled as she enjoyed the feeling of being herself again and opened her eyes. Gee… Twilight sure has a thing for crystals… Crystal walls… Crystal table… Crystal chairs… Sunset felt her forehead tighten. The heck is it so messy in here?! I’d expect Twilight to be way more organized and… Wait… why are all those ponies lying on the ground and moaning? Oh… They kinda look like my friends… But… I came through the portal first, so maybe they—





Sunset had little time to ponder on strange, loud noises as she felt herself suddenly slammed into one of the crystal walls. Trying to gain her bearings proved fruitless as something held her to the wall as if pressing against her with a massive weight. Her own muffled cries were joined by a chorus of high pitched screams, cries, and other sounds of alarm.

Through the startled cries, the voice of Adagio boomed out.

“Aria! Get your flipper out of my face!”

Aria replied, also answering Sunset’s pressing question as to what was crushing her. “I will when you get your fat fish butt off my head!” Aria shot back.

“What did you say?!” 

“You heard me! I can’t believe you never lost any weight in over a thousand years! Oh, wait… Yes I can. You’ve been living off a solid diet of sugar and ice cream for hundreds of years!

Sunset shifted and pushed out with her magic, managing to crawl up above the purple mass of scales that made up Aria’s torso.

The giant Adagio sea monster gave the giant Aria sea monster an indignant look. “At last I—”

“Someone get this fat yellow fish butt offa me!” Sunset heard Rainbow Dash… a Rainbow Dash exclaim.

Aria grinned widely.

Adagio grimaced. “At least when I eat, the food goes to all the right places!”

Sunset narrowed her eyes. “Hey! You two need two—”

Adagio simply continued, her voice easily carrying over that of the smaller pony’s. “You turned into some horrible land whale back in the mid aughties!”

Aria narrowed her eyes. “Halo 2 had just came out and Doritos still had 3D chips and it doesn’t count!”

Sunset’s eyes narrowed as her horn began to glimmer, a turquoise glow that turned into an orange burn, then suddenly a bright blue blaze atop her head.

A Rarity’s shrill, panicky voice called out, There’s a fin in my mane. There’s a fine in my mane!”


The glow from Sunset’s horn faded and she couldn’t help but cringe as she heard Twilight Sparkle’s commanding voice call out from amongst the chaos. A purple aura appeared around the sirens, lifting them into the air. No longer pressed against the wall by a mass of scales, Sunset dropped and hit the ground, accompanied by four more ponies who joined the rest on the ground. Sunset got to her hooves just as another purple aura briefly surrounded her. Looking up, Sunset could see Twilight standing on top of the massive crystal table, her eyes glowing brightly and her wings spread wide. With a magical pop the sirens suddenly shrank to a fraction of their size and fell to the ground.



Aria, now the same size of the ponies, clambered to her hooves. Although, clearly pony like in form, she still sported several differences that made it clear she wasn’t your average pony. A pair of fins, or possibly gills, stuck out in front of her trademark twin ponytails. On her back where a pair of small wing-like fins. Behind the knees on her forelegs where a pair of small fins. A similar pair where on her back legs, however, her hindquarters seemed to be covered with scales. Her tail, likewise, was covered in scales, it resembling a sea horse's tail rather than a ponies.


“Aaaaaiiiieeee!” A Fluttershy’s high-pitched squeal sounded out. “Help! I’m being eaten by something that must have crawled out of a brothel’s liquor cabinet!”

“Get out of my hair!”

Adagio probably looked much the same as Aria, except she was a good fifty percent mane. A Mane which one of the Fluttershy’s was now tangled up with.

“SUNSET SHIMMER!” Twilight boomed out.

Sunset swallowed as the other ponies raised to their hooves and the glow from around Twilight’s horn began to fade. “Uh… Hey Twilight… It’s nice to see you again—“

With a glow and a bright flash Twilight suddenly teleported in front of Sunset. “What the hay were you thinking sending both sirens through the portal?! One was bad enough!”

“Hey! I wanted to catch that siren before she got loose and did ‘who knows what’ to Eqestria! How was I supposed to know they’d turn huge once they got here?”

Twilight added some more forehead wrinkles to her already stern look. “You were supposed to know because I explained what happened in the journal!”

Sunset Shimmer’s eyes drifted downward to the closed journal that bore her cutie mark. It still glowed red and vibrated, betraying her with the information that she clearly hadn’t so much as opened it before leaping through the portal. A rosy hue appeared on her cheeks and she gave Twilight a sheepish grin. “Uh Whoops?” 

Whoops?!” Twilight cried. “You let a siren loose on Equestria and smashed up my home again by sending two more and ‘whoops’ is all you have to say for yourself?!”

Er… well…” Sunset’s brain went into overdrive. Think of something to say fast, FAST! “…At least it wasn’t an army of teenagers mind controlled to lay siege to Equestria…” Too fast.

Twilight turned up the heat on her angry expression until it was set at ‘blazing glare’.

Sunset could only laugh nervously as her eyes darted across the room. Quick! This isn’t your fault remember the one really to blame here is…

A pink pony with unmistakable pink curly hair woozily stood up. “Did anypony get the number of that cart… and then the next two carts that came after it?”

Pinkie Pie!

Sunset darted past Twilight and galloped up to the dazed and confused looking pink pony. She thrust her face mere inches away from Pinkie’s. Sunset's accusing turquoise eyes pierced deeply into the glassy sky-blue eyes of her target and Sunset let Pinkie have it with both barrels. “WHAT THE BUCK WERE YOU EVEN THINKING!?” she shouted.

Pinkie replied by pulling her head back into her body, almost like a turtle trying to pull its head into its shell.

Sunset continued, No! Don’t answer that!” Sunset said as she backed off just enough to wave a forehoof between herself and Pinkie. “You weren’t thinking! You never think! Everything is just a big, silly game to you, isn’t it?!”

Pinkie’s eyes began to fill up with tears.

Uh… Sunset…?” Twilight said.

“Yell at me later, Twilight!” Sunset snapped. “I need to yell at my Pinkie Pie!”

Twilight raised a forehoof, “But that’s my Pink—”

“Oh, don’t even start, ‘princess’!” Sunset said, practically choking on the word ‘princess’. “You left Canterlot High leaving these whack-jobs to teach me about friendship! Well guess who also had to put up with their complete insanity?!

Er… Okay, but that’s not—”

Sunset turned away from Twilight and turned back to Pinkie who was still on the verge of tears. “Now where was I?”

Pinkie’s lower lip began to quiver. “You just said that I ‘never think’ and that ‘everything is just a big, silly game’ to me.”

“Oh, yeah!” Sunset replied. She looked upwards, putting a fake smile on as she nodded her head back and forth. “I’ll just run through this big magic portal between dimensions with my new friend that was only trying to take over the whole planet a little bit ago! It should be FUN! Like a field trip to Brisby Land with a bloodthirsty monster where the park looks like a giant buffet table to it! I’m sure my new friend won’t get loose and go on a murderous rampage! We’ve spent literally hours getting to know each other!” Sunset’s features tightened into a rage filled stare. “Well you know what? If that thing does go on a murderous rampage, IT’S GOING TO BE ALL YOUR FAULT!

Pinkie sniffled once… twice… and then water shot from her eyes as she erupted into hysterical cries that filled the room. “WOUAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOUAAAAAAAAAAHOUAAAAAAA!

Aria shook her head as an Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity with her horn glowing azure managed to separate the Fluttershy stuck in Adagio’s mane.

“Dang Dagi,” Aria said, “I think you have to give up your ‘Queen of the Tirade’ crown.”

“Shut up and help me up!” Adagio cried as she rocked back and forth in the mass of her mane like a turtle stuck on its back… if a turtle had a shell made entirely out of fiery orange hair.

“You done?!” Twilight asked, her face beet red with anger.

Sunset took a few calming breaths. “Huff… puff… Yeah… I needed that. It’s been a heck of a day, and—”

“Great!” Twilight said curtly “Well now you can apologize to my friend, Pinkie Pie, who has lived in Equestria all her life and has never once been to Canterlot High!”

Sunset felt all the blood rush away from her face as if it were trying to put some distance between Twilight. “Wha… what?” Sunset looked around the room, she noticed pony pair look-alikes of all her friends save one, the wailing pink pony in front of her. Just her luck, both pairs were glaring at her, though one of the Fluttershy’s was doing it from behind a chair, seemingly wanting to express anger and hide from the new arrivals at the same time.

Pinkie continued to wail sad, hysterical sobs as her eyes continued to do their best fountain impression.

Sunset swallowed, “Uh… Hey everypony! My… umour good friend from Canterlot High Pinkie Pie, seems to be missing!” Sunset said forcing a smile onto her worried face. She turned back to Twilight. “So er… We should probably start looking for—”

“DO NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT!” Twilight roared.

Sunset lowered her head as her ears flopped down around it. She turned to Pinkie who was still a mess of waterworks and sobbing. “Uh, look…”


“… See, I thought you were someone…”


“Er… somepony else! Pinkie Pie, that is…”


Notthatyou’renotreallyPinkiePie! I just meant…”


“… I thought you were the other Pinkie Pie. Um…”


“… Anyways, I shouldn’t have just flew off the handle …”


“… at you like that. And I’m sorry about what I said…”


“…I should have stopped to think before I …”


“… got on your case. I’m sure you put lots of thought into…”


Sunset frowned heavily and turned to Twilight, hoping for some sign that her attempt meant she was off the hook. Searching the enraged expression of Twilight for mercy quickly proved fruitless and she turned back towards the crying pink pony.


“… Look, I’m not super great at these sort of things…”


“… And I’m not sure what to say that would make…”


“… you feel better about all this, so… erm…”


“… Can we just… hug it out?”

“… HOUAAAAA—” Pinkie stopped crying as if someone had just switched off a water main and her eyes and pounced on Sunset, wrapping her arms around the surprised unicorn and squeezing with all her strength.


“You’re forgiven!” Pinkie said cheerfully as she the pressure from her limbs only increased.

Owch…” Sunset choked out as she felt her internal organs get intimate with her spine. “Forgiveness hurts! 

Pinkie Pie released her vice like grip on Sunset, allowing her to slide belly down to the ground with her legs sprawled out.

Twilight looked down at Sunset, her expression softened somewhat, but still stern. “Now, don’t you think you owe a few more apologies?”

Sunset once again stood up on her hooves and let out a heavy sigh, she turned away from Twilight. “I’m sorry I ran through the portal with the sirens who are apparently giant fish monsters here in Equestria.”

“Not me!” Twilight cried. “I think…” She trailed off as she turned and stared into her room, the pony pairs has begun to talk to one another, making it difficult, if not impossible to tell who was who.

“Aren’t apples jus’ the best thing ever?”

“Ah know, right?!”

One of the Rarity’s fussed over the mane of the other Rarity. “Oh darling, those beastly things did a number on your hair! We simply must get you back to my boutique and fix you up!”

“Or maybe we can head back to my boutique!”

“… Are there dresses?”

“There are so many dresses!”

Both Rarity’s let out a sound of girlish delight.

One of the Rainbow Dashes let out a gasp. “We should go flying to see how cool we look!”

“Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! We should totally do that!”

“Oh my,” A Fluttershy said as it stood on the table and raised its wings which clumps of fiery orange hair still clung to. She looked down at her other self who was cowering on the ground below “We have wings here, too! Can I fly? I mean… can we fly? Oh, it must be just wonderful being a flying pony!”

The other Fluttershy muttered an incoherent reply.

“Scary?!” The Fluttershy on the table replied. “Actually, this is the best day of my life!”

Twilight scrunched her lips slightly. Well, at least one of them is sort of easy to tell apart from the others, but—

“Does it hurt when I do this?”


Twilight turned to see Pinkie slap herself then quickly zip over she so she was now staring at the spot she had just been.

Ouch! Yes. Does it hurt when I do this?” Pinkie picked up one of her back legs up to her muzzle and bit hard. She zipped back to where she was standing

Owie! Yes! Does it hurt when I do this?” Pinkie clocked herself in the face with a forehoof.


OW! Yes! Does it hurt when I—”

Pinkie!” Twilight called out. “What the heck are you even doing?!”

Pinkie frowned heavily. “I just felt left out.”

“Well,” Sunset began, “you can help us track down… the other you.”

Aria chimed in, “I’d start with the nearest place that sells tacos.”

Sunset frowned. “This is Equestria! We don’t have tacos.”

“Oh,” Aria replied. “I guess we’re not going with the line of tacos to a big-ass box, then”

Adagio sighed, “Those two idiots can be anywhere by now!”

Pinkie smiled widely. “Well actually—” Pinkie inhaled an enormous amount of air as she stared at Adagio. “Oh. My. Gosh! Your mane is glorious.”

Adagio grinned and lifted up some of her massive orange curls with a forehoof. “Well, I don’t like to brag—”

Aria narrowed her eyes. “Yes you do.”

“Well, I love to brag, and—”

“I’m gonna swim in it!” Pinkie declared.

“Wait, what?” Adagio said.

Pinkie took a running leap, jumping into, and then disappearing into Adagio’s mass of orange hair.

Adagio and Aria’s eyes went wide.

“Wha…” Aria uttered. “How…?”

“Wow, roomy!” Pinkie uttered from inside Adagio’s tangles.

“Get out of my hair!” Adagio commanded as she looked up.

“Oh, but you’re not even taking full advantage of the space in here and—” Pinkie gasped again coming up with a wrapped taco in either hoof. “Prizes!”

Adagio grit her teeth. “Remind me to murder Sonata when we finally find her.”

Aria gave the tacos a confused look. “Yeah… get in line… I’m just wondering where the heck those came from considering you didn’t have hair again until just a few—”

“Pinkie!” Twilight cried, “Don’t eat those, they—”

In a flash, Pinkie somehow unwrapped both tacos despite having one in each hoof and thrust them into her mouth, causing her cheeks to puff out like a squirrel’s.

Twilight sighed as she raised a forehoof to her face. “Nevermind.”

HmmmmGwood!” Pinkie said as she chewed the mass of tacos in her mouth. She wrinkled her brow slightly as she chewed slowly. “Hrmmm… tastes like chips, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, onions…” Pinkie trailed off as she took a few more bites.

“Seriously, get out of my hair,” Adagio said in an annoyed tone.

“… And something else I can’t identify,” Pinkie said. She swallowed. “Something gooey and good!”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “That’s probably the delicious hamburger meat.”

“Sunset!” Twilight snapped.

“Hey!” Adagio cried.

“Meet?” Pinkie said in a confused tone. “Who did hamburger meet?”

Sunset put on a fake smile. “Hamburger met the meat grinder after a dead cow was shoved in it. Then it was put in those things you just swallowed”

Pinkie’s eyes went wide and she froze in place.

Sunset!” Twilight protested again. She took a quick glance to make sure the Fluttershy from Equestria didn’t hear any of that. Luckily, said Fluttershy was still getting a barrage of questions from her much more excited version from Canterlot High.

Pinkie continued to smile, but there was worry written all over her face. “I need to go and throw up a whole lot! Be right back!” Pinkie said cheerfully before she leapt out of Adagio’s mane. No sooner did she hit the ground then she began sprinting remarkably fast on three legs, a forehoof held up to her mouth as her cheeks puffed out.

Aria shook her head. “Man Dagi, Sunset’s kicking your tail at torturing these ponies and I think she might actually like some of ‘em.”

“Shut. Up.” Adagio said through gritted teeth.

Twilight once again fixed Sunset with a glare. “Nice Sunset, really nice. For your next trick do you just want to incinerate Pinkie with magic?”

“Hey!” Sunset said in a protesting tone. “Pinkie ate the tacos,” Sunset motioned to the two sirens, “and it’s not like they weren’t going to tell her she just ate dead animal.”

Adagio and Aria nodded in agreement.

“Yeah!” Adagio cried. “I got upset because I wanted to tell her that!”

Aria grinned slightly. “No way I would pass up to see the look on that ponies face when it realized it just ate another animal.” Her grin widened slightly. “But I gotta admit, Sunset, you took her down hard.”

Sunset cringed slightly. Crud… I’m really making it a bad day for this Pinkie… I better—

“Whoa… What’s got Pinkie so riled up?”

Sunset, Twilight, Adagio, and Aria all turned as Spike strolled into the room.

“… What the heck is that thing?!” Adagio exclaimed.

“Wow, rude,” Spike replied indignantly. “I’ll have you know I’m a fire breathing dragon!”

Aria sighed heavily, “Oh man…”

“What’s your problem?” Adagio exclaimed.

Aria shook her head. “If Sonata were here she’d totally try to capture that thing… you know… like a Pokémon…”

Adagio pursed her lips slightly. “… Yeah there’s no denying that. We’re certainly missing an additional layer of surreality to this convoluted mess.”

“Spike?!” Sunset exclaimed. “You’re a baby dragon in this world?! How’d you get stuck as a dog back over in Canterlot High?!”

“I know, right!” Spike exclaimed. “Seems like anything that can even barely string a sentence together at least gets—”

“Spike,” Twilight interrupted, “we’re in the middle of something. So unless it’s really important, then I suggest you give us a bit to sort this all out…”

“Well, it just so happens that—” Spike’s eyes went over wide as he caught a glimpse of two somethings white. “Another Rarity?!” He exclaimed. Spike turned to Twilight, a massive smile on his face. “You did grant me my birthday wish! And it’s not even my birthday!”

Twilight smashed a forehoof against her face. “No Spike, that’s the Rarity from here and the one from Canterlot High.”

“Oh…” Spike said, his smile slipping slightly. It quickly rebounded into a perfectly content grin. “Well, my prayers have still been answered!” He pushed out a thumb claw and pointed to the two Raritys. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go mingle!” Spike walked over to the two Raritys who both greeted him with delighted coos shortly before swapping stories about their experiences with Spike that quickly divulged into jealous bickering.

Spike put on a look as if he had died and gone to heaven.

Twilight let out an exasperated sigh and shook her head. She turned to Sunset. “Why did you think it was a good idea to bring everyone through the portal? I can’t even tell which is which! What was your plan here?! Make them wear nametags?” Twilight said sarcastically.

Sunset narrowed her eyes. “Look, we didn’t have time to work out the minutiae of the plan! I thought we could use all the help we can get!” Sunset motioned to Adagio and Aria. “I mean those two are clearly deranged psychopaths.”

“Thanks,” Adagio said as she adjusted her hair pile, balancing it on the top of her head, “I’d say ‘we try’, but it comes pretty naturally to us at this point.”

Aria nodded. “It really does.”

Sunset continued. “Plus with Pinkie and another one of them running around, I figured we’d need as many ponies as possible to keep all the crazies in line.”

Twilight thought for a moment then smiled. “In line! That’s it!” she said excitedly. “HEY EVERYPONY!” Twilight shouted.

The room went quiet as the pony pairs and Spike all turned to face Twilight.

Twilight motioned to one side of the crystal table than the other. “Canterlot High ponies form a line on this side! Equestria ponies form a line on that side!”

The ponies obediently walked over to their designated lines, the Canterlot High group doing so far more awkwardly than the Equestrian group.

Aw, man…” Spike uttered as the bread from the ‘arguing Rarity sandwich’ he found himself in the middle of parted ways to their respective sides of the table.

“Oh yoo-hoo, Spike!” Canterlot High’s Rarity called out. “Why don’t you come over here next to me?” She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. “Remember all the chin scratches I gave you?”

The other Rarity thrust her muzzle into the air. “Hmmph! If anything he should stand next to me! I’ve given him more cheek kisses!”

Spike gulped as he worriedly looked back and forth between the two Raritys.

“Spike, come over here!” Twilight demanded.

“Sorry girls,” Spike said. “Looks like Twilight’s number one assistant has been called for duty.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “I just don’t need you adding to the weirdness that’s already going on!”

Both Rarity’s let out disappointed “Aww”s as Spike sprinted up next to Twilight.

“Works for me,” Spike said quietly. “Just so long as I don’t have to deal with a jilted Rarity from either world…”

Twilight turned back to Sunset. “And you! Don’t you still owe some ponies some apologies?”

Uh…” Sunset looked out over the two lines of ponies. “Well… Pinkie is still in the bathroom supposedly, so other than her… No?”

Twilight’s forehead tightened. “You called our friends from Canterlot High ‘whack-jobs’!

Sunset blinked a few times as if the act cleared her face like shaking an etch-a-sketch. She turned and looked at her ponified friends who stared back with a mirror look of emptiness.

“But...” Sunset began, “that’s what they are!”

“What?!” Twilight cried. “Sunset! How dare you! I thought you had at least begun to learn the meaning of—”

“Ahem,” The Rarity standing neatly in a line with the other Canterlot High ‘ponies’ said. “I once forced Sunset to model clothing I was working on for an entire day.”

Sunset shot Rarity an irritated glance.

Rarity’s cheeks flushed slightly. “Alright, more than once.”

The other Rarity tittered. “I do that to Twilight and my other friends all the time!”

Canterlot High’s Applejack raised a forehoof. “Ah invited Sunset over to my farm and joked mah horse might be a relative of hers.”

Sunset inhaled as she shot a smoldering glower at Applejack. “Aaaaaand…?”

Applejack lowered her head and awkwardly raised a forehoof to lower the brim of her hat over her eyes. “Ah got my whole family in on the act…”

“Oh, me next!” Canterlot High’s Rainbow Dash said enthusiastically as she raised a forehoof.

Sunset sighed and smacked a forehoof against her face. “Go ahead, Rainbow…”

Rainbow smiled wide. “I routinely steal Sunset’s underwear!”

Sunset’s eyes widened as she felt her face suddenly turn very cold. “That… that’s you?! I thought Snips and Snails were still getting into my apartment!”

“What?!” Rainbow Dash cried. “You smell good! It’s basically a compliment!”

Sunset could only stammer a response. “I… I—”

Sunset caught a yellow blur out of the corner of her eye before something slammed into her.

“Ooooff!” Sunset exclaimed. She looked up to see that she was pinned down by a Fluttershy, likely Canterlot High’s Fluttershy given a few tangled tufts of Adagio hair still clung to the ponies wings and legs.

Oh, thank you Sunset Shimmer! Thank you!” Fluttershy said enthusiastically. “This is…” Fluttershy raised her hooves and stared at them for a moment before she went back to giving Sunset Shimmer a starry-eyed stare. “This is the best thing to ever happen to me!”

“I’m glad someone is happy,” Sunset said.

Spike held up a claw. “You mean, somepony.

Sunset sighed. “You’re killing what little joy there was left to enjoy coming back.”

“Can we please focus!?” Twilight cried. “Every second we waste is time that other siren could be out causing a trouble! We need to find her and Pinkie!”

 “I know where I am!”

Fluttershy got off Sunset, allowing her to stand back to her hooves as everypony turned to face a Pinkie Pie.

“Not you!” Twilight exclaimed. “The other you!”

“That’s what I meant, silly!” Pinkie said. “I mean… I know exactly what I’d do if I showed up from another world to this one if I was paired up with a giant flying sea monster!”

Sunset’s eyes shot open wide and she turned to Adagio. “Wait… You can fly?!”

Adagio rolled her eyes. “We’re massive sea monsters! Of course we can fly! How else would we travel?”

“I don’t know… maybe swim?!” Sunset cried.

“What? Through solid ground!?” Adagio cried. “It’s not like you ponies just install canals everywhere! What were we supposed to do? Crawl?” Adagio looked down at her hooves and wrinkled her brow slightly. “You know this would be easier to illustrate when we only had two legs…” She frowned heavily. “Guess we’re walking now…”

“Looks like we can still fly to me…”

The group turned to Aria hovering in the air, her back fins beating fast and creating a light buzzing sound.

Aria frowned. “But having wings is a pain. I’m starting to get tired.”

Equestria’s Rainbow Dash let out a short, derisive. “Ha!” She smiled smugly. “I bet you are with tiny wings like that!”

“Oh whatever,” Aria said. “At least my wings aren’t made out of stupid feathers.”

“What?!” Rainbow cried. “My wings are awesome!”

Pffft, feathers are lame,” Aria said dismissively.

“No, you’re lame!” Rainbow shot back.

“Quiet down!” Twilight cried. “We need to—”

‘Bzzzz… bzzzz…’

Adagio’s mane flew out around her in all directions as she attempted to fly herself. “Gha!” she cried in frustration as a mass of hair fell in front of her face. “What the hell?! It’s not working for me!”

Aria lowered herself back to the ground. “Maybe you should consider a haircut?”

Never!” the angry orange mop shot back.

“Ugh…” Twilight uttered. “Pinkie, where would you be… if you were the other you…”

Pinkie leaned back as she sat down on crisscrossed hind legs. She raised one forehoof up to her chin and supported it with her other foreleg. She tapped her chin a couple times as she stared up at the ceiling thoughtfully. “Well… If I showed up with a giant sea monster and left in a hurry like that, I must need something quick… Like…” Pinkie’s face lit up. “Like I had to do some sort of report for school and needed information!”

Sunset cocked an eyebrow. “That’s not… terribly unlikely, but it is amazingly specific. How do you know that’s what’s going on?”

Equestria’s Applejack chuckled. “Trust me, the answer’s probably ‘jus’ a hunch.’”

“Exactly!” Pinkie said. “Anyhow, I’d probably say ‘I’m sorry’ if I saw Twilight, but my giant sea monster friend would leave with me before we had a chance to clean up! Then we’d…”


“Hey!” a massive blue Sonata sea monster shouted from high above the Ponyville street as she descended, Pinkie Pie gripping tightly to the top of her head. “Do you two know where we can get a bite to eat?!”

A pink filly with a tiara on its head and a silver filly with glasses screamed and bolted down the street away from Sonata who gave pursuit.

“Sonata!” Pinkie cried. “We need to find someone who can tell us about Equestria’s past! We really should just ask Twilight!”

Sonata frowned and glanced upwards at Pinkie. “But she didn’t seem happy to see us! She seemed pretty mad!”

“Aaaaaieeeee!” Diamond Tiara screamed as she ran along. “I’ll pay you to stop chasing me!”

“What about me?!” Silver Spoon cried, keeping pace with her friend.

“You’re my sacrifice in case it says ‘no’!”

Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes. “I can run faster than you!” she said picking up her pace and pulling ahead of Diamond Tiara.

Diamond Tiara put on a panicked look. “Wait! Slow down! I’ll pay you to go slower!

“My family is rich, too!” Silver Spoon shoot back.

Diamond Tiara puffed out her lower lip as she desperately tried to catch up.

Oblivious to the action in front of them, Pinkie Pie and Sonata continued to discuss the situation. “Well… we did sort of mess up her big fancy dining room when we showed up… Maybe we she could give her a chance to cool down and ask some other people… er… ponies for information first…”  

“Hey!” Sonata said. “We can ask the two ponies we’re chasing now!”

“Oh, good idea!” Pinkie said.

Sonata and Pinkie looked forward. To their surprise, nopony was in front of them.

“Hey? Where’d they go?” Sonata asked.

A few houses behind Pinkie and Sonata in an alleyway, Silver Spoon poked her head out from a dumpster, a rotten banana peel fell off her head as she adjusted her crooked glasses and looked out with a sour look on her face.

Diamond Tiara popped up beside her in the dumpster, half her face covered in coffee grounds. She coughed and sputtered, more coffee grounds coming out of her mouth. “Oh what did I do to deserve this?!” she cried.

Silver Spoon cocked an eyebrow. “… Seriously?”


‘Knock, knock, knock!’

Pinkie Pie gently rapped her forehoof against a door to a Ponyville home. Sonata loomed over her, towering over the much smaller pony.

“Coming!” a cheerful voice answered. The door slowly opened revealing an off white earth pony mare with red hair with a pink streak in it and emerald-colored eyes. “Oh Pinkie! What can I doooo…?” The mare’s eyes widened as she caught sight of the massive blue sea monster behind Pinkie.

“Hi there!” Sonata greeted with a smiling mouth full of sharp teeth. “Can we have something to eat?”

“Hey!” Pinkie cried turning around. “We need to ask about the past!”

“Oh, right!” Sonata said. “Can you tell us about the past and then can we—”

The mare’s eyes rolled back into her head and she hit the ground with a ‘thud!’

“Shoot!” Pinkie said. “That’s the firth house in a row!”

“Roseluck?!” A feminine voice called out from inside the house. “Are you alright?”

Pinkie and Sonata paused as the gentle sound of hooves tapping against wood could be heard.

“Who was at the door?” Another feminine voice chimed in. “And what was that sound?”

“She’s okay!” Pinkie cried. “She just… uh… fell down.”

The gentle sound of hooves quickly turned into gallop as a pink earth pony mare with green hair and a darker pink earth pony mare with yellow hair ran up to the door.

“Pinkie?!” The light pink mare began. “What—” He eyes widened as she caught sight of Sonata. Her eyes soon rolled upwards as her body fell downwards. No longer a standing pony in between her and guests at the door, the darker pink mare looked up, looked way up, then collapsed to the floor.

Sonata puffed out her lower lip. “We’re never gonna get to eat,” she bemoaned.

Pinkie turned and gave Sonata a heavy frown.

“… What? What is it?” Sonata asked.

“We’re here for a history report!” Pinkie reminded.

“Oh, right!” Sonata said. “We’re never gonna get to eat that history report,” she bemoaned.

Pinkie sighed as she put on a smile with just a hint of frustration mixed in. “Let’s just try another house…”

“Okay!” Sonata said happily as she lowered her head under Pinkie’s legs, scooping the pink pony onto her muzzle. Sonata quickly floated over to another Ponyville house and gently lowered her snout.

Pinkie slowly lowered herself to the front step and repeated the process of knocking on the front door.

The door swung open revealing a pink earth pony mare with tousled magenta hair and magenta eyes fixed into a grumpy scowl.

“Hi there!” Sonata said, once again smiling with a mouth full of sharp teeth. “Can we have—”

“You’re late!” The mare interrupted as she swayed slightly, then leaned against the door frame to stay upright

Pinkie and Sonata exchanged confused glances.

“Late?” Pinkie asked. She inhaled a huge volume of air. “You mean we’re late for the past!”

“What?” The mare replied. She shook her head. “No, no, no…” She quickly whipped out a metal flask and took a swing. She wiped a foreleg across her mouth and scowled some more. “Where’sss the regularr guy?”  she asked, slurring her words.

Pinkie and Sonata exchanged another glance.

Uh… What other guy?” Sonata asked.

“You know!” the mare cried in an exasperated tone. “The other shea monsher!”

Pinkie frowned. “Er… I only brought the one…”

The mare let out an exasperated growl and slammed her door shut. “‘upposhed to be PURPLE!” she said in an irritated tone from the other side of the door.

Pinkie and Sonata cringed at the sudden slamming door. They looked at each other, shrugged, and then Sonata gathered Pinkie back onto the top of her snout. The pair floated off to another house, oblivious to the long, purple sea serpent that slithered up behind them. He adjusted his well coiffed orange hair and smoothed out his long mustache before knocking on the door. “Hello, Berry? Sorry I’m late!”


Pinkie chatted excitedly as she sat in front of a large wooden desk. “… And THEN we noticed a big tall building! So I said, ‘Hey! That place looks big and important! Maybe if we check there somebody could help us learn about the past or where a library is or something!”

“I… I see…” A frightened light-brown earth pony mare with gray hair, ocean-blue eyes, wearing a white collar and green cravat. A number of papers that were likely in a neat stack just a bit ago now sat haphazardly spread across her desk. Additionally, an inkwell was tipped over, soaking some of the papers black as a quill marinated in the thick substance.

“I thought you might have snacks!” Sonata exclaimed from beside the mare. The top half of her massive body resting on one half of the mare’s desk, her front hooves dangling off the side as she leaned her head down towards the mayor.

Mayor Mare jumped away from Sonata suddenly, causing a few papers to suddenly fly up off her desk and gently float down to the ground, contributing to the mess. “Wa-well…” she began nervously, “Our library sort of blew up, but Twilight still has the most books… er…” She looked at Pinkie. “I’m sure you knew that.”

Pinkie giggled. “Hehe… Yep! Twilight would be my first choice, but we sort of made a mess when we were there last and thought maybe we should give her a little break...”


Mayor Mare’s desk suddenly formed a crack in the center. It buckled inward sending the siren, papers, and ink towards the center before the whole mass fell downwards.


Thankfully, having put a little distance between herself in the siren, Mayor Mare simply looked at the heap with a worried glance before meeting eye contact with Pinkie. “I see…”

“Hey!” Sonata exclaimed as she raised herself back upright. “Your desk is broke.”

Pinkie gave Mayor Mare a sheepish grin.

Er… Yes… In-indeed,” The Mayor replied. She focused her gaze on Pinkie. “Wha-well… if you can’t go to Twilight, then I suggest maybe trying Ca-Canterlot Ca-Castle…” Mayor Mare suggested while pointing a shaking forehoof out an arched window towards a massive white castle in the distance. “The-they should know how to deal with you—IMEAN wha-what to do with you… Erm… How to take care of you…” Mayor Mare pursed her lips tightly and simply looked at Sonata with a frightful look.

Pinkie and Sonata exchanged glances and smiled.

“Sounds good to me!” Sonata said.

Pinkie nodded as she turned back to the Mayor. “Yes! None of the three ways you said what you said sounded cryptic or foreboding at all!” She said cheerfully.

Uhhh…” The Mayor swallowed and, with herculean effort, forced a grin onto her face.

“Come on Pinkie!” Sonata said as she faced the window. “I bet that big ol’ castle is full of food!”

Pinkie sighed and clambered on top of Sonata. “Well… As long as we’re going.” She peered closer at the window, barely wide enough for a pony to fit through, then down to the large sea monster she was on top of. “Hey, Sonata…”

“That’s my name! Don’t wear it out!”

Pinkie grinned. “Sonata! Sonata! Sonata! Sonata!”

“No! Stop it!” Sonata cried.


“Ahhhhhhhhh! STOP!” Sonata cried as she lurched forward.


Sonata effortlessly tore through the window and the wall around it, leaving a gaping hole in the side of Mayor Mare’s office.

Mayor Mare sighed. “I bet this sort of stuff never happens in Appleloosa…”


“…And that’s where I’d be right now!” Pinkie Pie said as Sunset gave her an annoyed expression and Twilight shook her head, a forehoof over her face. Pinkie continued, “Leaving the Mayor’s office to go check Canterlot Castle!”

“Well,” Adagio said, “that certainly sounds like the sort of trouble that moron would get into.”

Aria frowned heavily. “Wait… I mean… I can sorta that pink pony knowing what Equestria her would do… but how’d she know the bullies dived into a dumpster? Or the part with the sea serpent?! Or even what the mayor said when she left?!”

The two Applejacks began to speak in unison, “Well shucks…” they paused and stared at each other.

“It’s yer world,” Canterlot High’s Applejack said.

“Fair ‘nuff,” Equestria’s Applejack responded with a smile, she turned back to the sirens. “Y’all just need to spend more time with Pinkie I reckon, then you’ll learn that it just hurts your head to question this stuff.”

Ugh… pass,” Adagio said.

“Yeah,” Aria agreed. “We already have an airhead and she’s more than enough trouble!”

Twilight looked at Pinkie in disbelief. “You mean to tell me while we’ve all been in here wasting time, we could have just gone to town to find the other you and that siren!”

Uh-huh!” Pinkie replied cheerfully as she needed her head up and down.

“Well don’t look at me!” Sunset cried. “You where the one who insisted I spend so much time apologize for every little thing!”

Twilight’s horn began to glow a brilliant purple as she turned and gave Sunset a frightful glare.

Spike chimed in. “That’s what I came down to talk to you about!”

The glow from Twilight’s horn faded.

“What?!” Twilight and Sunset cried in unison as they turned towards Spike.

Spike nodded. “I saw Pinkie on a giant blue sea monster thing that was flying around! I wanted to see if you knew what was going on!”

Twilight grit her teeth. “Why didn’t you say something right away?!”

“Well, I was gonna,” Spike answered. “But then…” His eyes drifted out into the room turning slightly glazed over as he caught sight of the Canterlot High Rarity, a dreamy smile spread across his face as he caught sight of the Equestria Rarity.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted.

Spike turned back to face Twilight. “I’m sorry… what were we talking about?”

Twilight gave out the mother of all exasperated groans. “Ugggggghhhh… Everypony stay here!” she said. “I’m going to go to the observation deck to see if I can still spot those two.” With a quick glow of her horn and a bright flash, Twilight teleported away.

“WHAT?!” Sunset cried. Her horn began to glow turquoise. “No way! You are not leaving me alone with all these psychos!” With another bright flash, Sunset was also gone.

Spike turned and looked at both Rarity’s longingly, then lowered his head and sighed heavily. “Twilight was pretty mad. I better go and make sure they don’t kill each other…” He said as he trudged out of the room.

For a moment, everypony was silent as they simply stared at one another.

Equestria’s Rainbow Dash called out. “So… I vote we all make out with our other world lookalikes!”

Canterlot High’s Fluttershy’s wings immediately shot up into the air as her face flushed. The other Fluttershy let out an “Oh my.”

Pinkie Pie looked to her left and her right before collapsing to her belly and letting out a disappointed sigh.

The Rarity’s and Applejacks, both let out sounds of protest and disgust.

“What?!” Equestria’s Rainbow Dash cried. “We were all thinking it!” She looked across the room to the other Rainbow Dash. “Right?”

“But… you’re a horse!” Rainbow Dash replied.

Pffft, yeah!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “An awesome horse!”

Aria shook her head. “What a group of weirdos.” She turned to Adagio. “Right, Dagi?” Aria lowered her head as she noticed Adagio laying on her belly, the ends of her legs and her face sticking out from underneath her massive pile of hair.

“Adagio?” Aria asked.

Adagio let out a sad sigh. “I wish I had a copy of myself to make out with.”