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When a land dispute arises between Equestria and the griffon lands of Queen Walarah, Walarah declares a mock war to settle the dispute. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo end up taking Apple Jack & Rarity's place in the battle roster, forcing them to design and build their own machine of war.

Vector compliments of http://dolphinfox.deviantart.com/

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Well, of course Diamond Tiara is a failure at Unicorn magic. She's an Earth Pony.


Whoops, was originally supposed to be a OC and I changed it, thx for catching it lol.

Comment posted by Poets Dream deleted May 19th, 2013

Why did they build a cross between the Renault FT and a Hotchkiss H35? I am assuming that the story's picture looks like what they built.


It's actually a soviet ms-1, the first mass produced soviet tank from 1928-1931 900ish of them were made. It predates the hotchkiss by a few years but the FT-17 predated it by about a decade or so.

The MS-1 design was based on the FT though, correct?


Hard to say, I wouldn't put it past the soviets to steal other counties designs and modify them for their own use. In a way it wouldn't make much sense as the FT-17 was already horribly outdated but then again all soviet armor at the start of ww2 aside from the KV-1/KV-2 were garbage.

Eagerly awaiting more


Been:pinkiesick: sick, trying to write as fast as I can lol.


Your one of the few that seem to be enjoying it. All my limited abilities to promote it as a story have failed.

2669370 trying adding it to a group and just give it time

Was that a flying toasters reference? Kudos if so! :twistnerd:

This story is awsome please hurry up with the next chapter pleaseeeee

i was kinda hoping they would see an Abrams or even a what ever replaced the Abrams depending on when humanity died but to see one of mankind's greatest weapons of war! any way great story cant wait for more

Nine touch with the construction of the stairs! :twistnerd:


secretly sub contracted out to sombra, the evil bastard.

Great chapter keep it up

Just a heads up, the pony 'Screwball' is a different pony that you just said. Screw Loose is the blue pony that 'barks at night' with only a screw cutie mark and Screwball is the pink pony with a propeller hat and a 'screw and ball' cutie mark. Don't make them into one pony:trixieshiftleft:.

M3 Lee... I managed to grind through that tank around patch 7.5, (before patch 8.0 where the Maus and indefinitely stay rooted on almost vertical ground, or simply put, before physics patch) which is relatively not an easy thing to do. But if you managed to master it, if won't be all that hard.

Honestly, when you said the M3 Lee, I was relief you didn't give them a 'loltraktor'. I'm so pumped for the next chapter! :rainbowdetermined2:

Alternate title for the chapter was "Pinkie Pie melts the 4th wall" in case anyone wanted to know

Awesome chapter but that poor fourth wall will never be the same im afraid...Keep up the great work.

Loving this so far.

M3 Lee was actually one of my favorites of that tier. The optional 76mm was great, it was a veritable tank destroyer in its own right. If only they were able to modify it to be the T40, built on the same chassis. I'm surprised they didn't get stuck with something worse.

I also had fun playing in the M3 Lee before, but now I don't know how to get it to a 'fun' level again.


Protip-ge tip to 100% camo and a camo net, also sixth sense on the commander couldn't hurt.

I think this was one of the better chapters. :twilightsmile:

:raritydespair:The horror, the horror! Bad grammar aside, this isn't a half bad story. Keep it up. (Also, do you happen to need a proofreader/editor? If so, I can help!) Dear God, that was a shameless plug...

Original title was going to be 'down with the sickness' for this latest chapter but I figured a reference from the early 2000's wouldn't go down very well. Instead I used a reference that was around long before most of you were alive.

*Puts on thick rimmed glasses, a pink fedora and a dr. who scarf*

I guess I'm hipster like that. :facehoof:

Interesting... Eliminating the other tank crewmen so you can have the crusaders BECOME the crewmen.
I can't wait to see how the crusaders will operate that tank. :ajsmug:

*updated 4 weeks ago* D: need moar tanks! Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out :)

Well, this fiction seems like it will need that AU tag, won't it? It is confirmed that Scootaloo ain't an orphan.

Oh well, I can't wait for the next chapters :ajsmug:


Most of this, actually all of it was written well in advance of the last Scootaloo episode. To be fair, we have still yet to see her parents but I digress, the next chapter is going to be sad.

Even though, I still like tanks. No matter where the story is about to be taken. (Except when everyone dies, I can't accept that)

In some good stories, they have at least some drama in them even if its not their main focus.


Gotta create tension somewhere, also I noticed that some of my chapters in this fic could be short stories on thier own.

I have a sneaking suspicion that somepony plays World of Tanks :trixieshiftright:

I didn't anticipate how much world-building there'd be in this fic. From the description I was expecting them to be in the tanks consistently within the first few chapters. :twilightsheepish:

That said, I really like this story. When I was thinking of all this as the setup - almost a prologue - it felt really drag-ey. But looking at it as an arc in its own right makes it feel like it's dragging only a little bit!

Helps for liking it that it combines my favorite two time-wasters: ponies and tanks!

Still mean of you to give them an M3 Lee, even upgraded as it will be :applecry:
My headcanon title: Fillies Und Panzer :rainbowdetermined2:


I have a nasty habit of overthinking my fics, I will worldbuild too big where it isn't needed. That said the next chapter or two is where the first bit of action with tanks takes place. (After the obligatory Scootaloo themed chapter though I may spread that out a bit)

I started reading this with the chuckling thought of CMC : tank girls (in reference to the movie/comic not the abysmal anime, not that the movie is 'good' but it makes me laugh). I realized pretty quick this was going in the world of tanks direction. I rubbed my hands in anticipation. I was slightly disappointed that it was taking so long to get to the Tanks. THEN about halfway though chapter two I stopped caring, I got lost in the story. Really captured my attention, sped through the whole lot in one go.

Only bum note so far was the whole pinkie braking the 4th wall bit. Took me out of an otherwise really fun read.

Really looking forward to seeing what you plan to do with their tank. Considering the setup there is a lot of tank tech you could bring in, well beyond the ww2 era tanks of wot. I shudder to think what could be done with current and near future tanks. :pinkiecrazy:

Still. The smaller stature of the crew, a ground up rebuild and access to the fruits of even just ww2 tech leaves you with something really fun. CMC: weapon engineers!

In b4 all the downvotes and "You did not just do what I think you did" Posts:rainbowhuh: .

Yeah story has some darker elements but trust me, it gets better. As for now let the downvotes commence!":rainbowlaugh:

Political machinations by war crazed generals? Fillies hidden by memory modification? Crown Investigator Princess Luna is on the case!

And of course, Airships! Yay!

Nice update, really love how much your filling out the story here. Nice mix of world building and character development. Keep it up.

As far as I've studied up about the subconscious to know that, that part of the mind remembers exactly every, single, detail like nobody's business and without fail. But as you have stated:

"I went in too far, I'm in her deep subconscious. I need to leave before her mental defenses find me..."

"Huh, it appears Scootaloo has holes in her memory pertaining to the name of that griffon."

If Scootaloo has holes relating to her super-memory, subconscious mind, it means that somepony has altered her mind.

Don't mind this rambling too much. I just don't like how people would use some things without even knowing it's limits.

Well here it is, chapter 11. I regret nothing about any references contained within. Enjoy.

I am reminded that this started as what appeared to be a ponified world of tanks thing. Lots of fun. But now, dear lord, the amount of depth and story in this is amazing.

Truely, keep up the good work.


Yeah I have a really bad habit of doing the world building thing too hard. Also I needed antagonists, originally gilda was the fit but she has a different role later on.

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