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Whether she be in pony, anthro or human form, Starlight Glimmer is beautiful and perfect.


This story is a sequel to Unpleasant Correspondence

Everything has come full circle and now it is Twilight who sends her protege to Ponyville. Needless to say, Luster isn't one bit happy about it. To make matters worse, Starlight's protege is made Vice-head mare of the School of Friendship and that only makes Luster angrier. Some of the story chapters will be much more adult themed.

Warning: Story includes incredibly crude language and adult themes that may be offensive to some....you've been warned!

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If we’re gonna use Twilight in this future incarnation, I think she needs her own tab to help sort things. Like Princess Twilight or something. Just saying. :)

Now Twilight has one. Celestia would be so proud(er)


Well in the very end of the first one, her and Starlight were ascended into Goddess-Queens and while Starlight isn't so demanding on being called by her title....the title "princess" is way below her at this point.


Not just her, but Starlight too!

Not gonna lie. Was expecting this at one point.


Well I had been contemplating whether I would do this or not. Thing about this one though, there will be absolutely nothing keeping me from having 100% creative control over it.....actual episodes for example.

Got it.

Though I was referring to story tags in the search area.

My mother had proteges that were like that and in the end she eventually dropped them because she did not put up with disrespectful proteges, ever.

Twilight is either oblivious to how she acted towards Celestia, or she just decided to ignore that. Yes she was relocated to ponyville and received many punishments both directly and indirectly, but she was never dropped as a student.


Twilight is either oblivious to how she acted towards Celestia, or she just decided to ignore that. Yes she was relocated to ponyville and received many punishments both directly and indirectly, but she was never dropped as a student.

You really think she's going to tell Luster the truth about what a bitch she was to her mama? She'd never tell her how disrespectful she was to her!

And that's exactly why I was expecting it!


It is going to be fun. I'm going to be honest here. I was honestly contemplating a partial retirement but then this idea crossed my mind! Now yeah, this is going to probably be my sole focus but hey, it beats nothing!

be funny if the two student were the daugthers of twilight and starlight


Unlike how Starlight and Twilight were Celestia's daughters, these two aren't their daughters because neither have ever been in a hetero relationship.

And I don't blame you! This gon be good!

true but they do knew horn sex and one could or both use fertility spell and both end up knock up,
fact is I can see one or both doing that down the road without the other knowing till it already happen.
or till mom start ask about grandkids


You must know quite a bit about how my ponyverse works to be bringing in horn sex fertility spells. I will admit, having either one of those two or both of them being their daughters never once crossed my mind....now I did have Luster be raised by rather snobbish upper class ponies and Bright Beam be raised by working class, more humble ponies which explains the differences in their personalities. Will I throw the daughter thing in, I'm not sure.

even if i t not those two but in future, ie the sister send letter to one another. and half the letter they sent to they students have them talk about cravesin and other pregnancy related stuff


Well if any of that sort of stuff were to happen, it would likely be either Starlight discussing things like that with Bright Beam to get things off her chest or Twilight doing it to Luster simply to troll her big time because she knows how much she hates their incestuous relationship.


Well I know what would REALLY piss Luster off but I'm not going to discuss it any further in the comments. I don't want to spoil anything for people!

Talk about two very different mentor/student relationships.

I think both luster and twilight are arseholes to each other I mean seriously twilight seems to be giving Luster zero support while twilight herself had the aid of a freaking prophecy to make friends with complete strangers I mean come on while Luster is a whiny high blood brat she doesn't have any ancient magic helping her.

I do find this interesting for sure. Tho the idea of her grounding spike makes me laugh. He is a fucking dragon who is only shorter than a alicorn and ripped as fuck. Ground him like a child? He is older than her lol. And he might still be ambassador in this world. She need to learn Spike isnt her pet or slave. He is there to watch HER not the other way around. I would love if he became a bit of a perv like his big sister. He DOES have a number of girls interested in the great and powerful Spike lol

This story is tagged AU. While he has molted, he doesn't look like a bloody linebacker.....ugh I despise how they made him look. Spike is still the same size as he is in episode 25 of season 9. Outside of Luster becoming her protege and Twilight becoming a Celestia re-color, none of the events of episode 26 ever came to pass......no CheesePie, no potential FlutterCord (they are merely friends), Starlight has a FAR different role....a much more interesting one and has her own protege.

Yep, very different!

It is simple here, Twilight has a lot of her mother in her!

What is Twilight and Spike's current relationship? Is it still master and slave or is it sister and brother? Or maybe somewhere in between?


That is something I haven't given much thought to right now. She does have plans for him later on, plans he will be relieved over and a certain fat, obnoxious gluttonous dragon will get a role in this at some point.

Luster Dawn might as well get used to Ponyville because it don't look like Twilight is gonna let her go back any time soon.


The same thing is true with Bright Beam but given that she has a good job that she likes, she loves it there and wouldn't want to leave. Luster however, she is going to bitch, bitch, bitch!

Glad Garble is hanging out with Spike, even if it’s most likely that he’s only doing it for Smolder.

Also since I have no attachment to Luster’s canon version, Twilight and Luster’s interactions are pretty funny.


Well THIS Luster is the Luster of my ponyverse, a total bitch!......and I do think she is way overrated. And regarding Spike and Garble, they actually are friends now.

To make matters worse, I tried to initiate Bunny Girl afterwards but she told me "sorry but I don't fuck losers" and then proceeded to throw herself out to Bright Beam.

Daaammn, even Fluttershy never did anything like that to Twilight until much later in the story.

betting bunny girls is fluttershy and discord daughter???


Bunny Tracks, aka Bunny Girl, is related to Fluttershy but she isn't her child. I tend to see Discord as more of a very close friend who also acts like a protective big brother for her.....well and even Rarity at the end of the first story when he threatened to crash Equestria's economy if Twilight and Starlight didn't free Fluttershy and Rarity from being Colgate & Company's possessions.

Bunny Tracks, while being a cousin to Fluttershy, isn't exactly like her. She is a bit more of a bitch.

I wouldn't put it past Twilight to have cast a spell on Luster that slowed her down to screw with her build character.

Bright Beam winning and setting a new record? Very fitting for a protege of Starlight's to do that.


Twilight didn't cast any spells on Luster, she's just slow, very slow.....Bright Beam setting a record, she's just fast!

I actually feel ashamed to be the protege of a pony who commits incest with her sister IN PUBLIC.

When you know they aren’t actually related and are surrogate sisters:


They are actually biological sisters. Read the post-series specials of the original story and it is revealed that they are fraternal twins.

I’m feel kinda indifferent about winter wrap up.:applejackunsure: While it’s pretty stupid that the Ponyville residents refuse to use magic to clear winter, I understand their fondness for traditions. All in all, kinda meh about the whole thing. Good chapter though, pretty surprised that Luster wasn’t the one who did what Beam did.

Well I remember how Twilight wanted to try and do things the earth pony way and I figured I'd have Luster at least attempt to. I could see Starlight simply being too impatient to do something the earth pony way and that is why I had Bright Beam do that....plus I figured she needed to have a flaw because up to this point she seemed to be too perfect.....plus it gave Luster a chance to make a friend!....yeah she failed thanks to Silver Spoon but still, she came close!

Have you ran out of ideas?


Read my most recent blog post. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch psychologically. I will be releasing one I wrote a while back today though.

How is Twilight's relationship with Twilight Velvet and (I think his name was) Night Light?


That hasn't even crossed my mind....remember how Twilight was going to create a harem? Well she scrapped that since her and Starlight are exclusive.

Now this is weird, Bunny Tracks was able to talk to them and they said that they went after Apple Bloom because they saw her in a vision once and that they targeted me once solely because I am a bitch.


Okay, that gave me a good laugh!

And like a true bitch, Luster Dawn won't change that easy.

Huh…so Spike finally scored with Rarity, wasn't expecting that, I honestly thought he was over her.

Luster must be a special kind of stupid to try something like that with Discord around, it's pretty common knowledge in Ponyville about how protective of Fluttershy Discord is.

And not gonna lie, I respect Fluttershy, don't get me wrong, (as upset as I am to admit) this version of her got what was coming to her (considering all of the beyond stupid choices she made), but not many could experience what she did and still have the courage to talk to the cause of those experiences like that (even with someone like Discord protecting them).


Here is the thing, Luster IS a special kind of stupid. She may have the smarts to have been Twilight's protege but when it comes to common sense, she has very little. Regarding Fluttershy, despite Twilight and Starlight having infinite powers, she doesn't think that Twilight would really do that anymore....and she still thinks Discord could stop them.

So Spike finally scored with Rarity. Didn't see that coming but better late than never.


I figured I'd allow it to happen. Hey, Twilight ain't there to keep him in check....and in this story, he is still the same size he was prior to that God-awful final episode....he never grew to look like some steroid popping human.

Oh my god Flurry is an air head. I'm not sure whether to laugh or face palm, I'll probably do both. As for Shining, talk about kicking a stallion while he's down. First his wife cheated on him with his sister for, I'm not even sure how long. Then he lost the throne because the very same sister simply didn't want him to have it. Now he's gonna find out the truth about who Flurry's real father is.


Yep and I'm working on the Iron Will show episode right now....and I decided to make Flurry an air head just for shits and giggles....and her ultimate fate will likely be rather unexpected.

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