Unpleasant Correspondence 2

by StormLuna

Invasion of the Lightning Bugs

Dear Twibitch,

Did you know that there are these lighting bugs that live in the Everfree Forest? Well if you didn't before, now you do. You see, I was with my lousy acquaintances over at the apple farm. They were kicking the trees and I was holding the baskets so the apples wouldn't drop on the ground when all of a sudden they came swarming out of the forest and began firing lightning at us. Now for some strange reason the fuckers mostly targeted me and Apple Bloom. Now this is weird, Bunny Tracks was able to talk to them and they said that they went after Apple Bloom because they saw her in a vision once and that they targeted me once solely because I am a bitch.

Well that obviously pissed me off so I started firing energy at them but unfortunately they must be immune to my energy and after that, they decided to target me and me alone. The little bastards then chased me into the castle and now I have a whole swarm of the fucking things waiting outside like they think that when I come out, they can attack and kill me. Hell maybe I should do just that and then I'll be free of my misery.

Hoping These Bugs Will Kill Me,

Luster Dawn

Dear Luster,

Oh cry me a fucking river. if you honestly think I care about those bugs hurting you, you must be delusional. Now I would be upset if they killed you though because I certainly wouldn't want your misery to be cut short and if they were to kill you, I would have no choice but to fine your parents severely for my property being destroyed. Remember Luster, you are literally my property and while the market value on you is next to zero, I do call the shots so I could claim your value is a million bits and fine them into the poor house. That would be pretty sweet now, wouldn't it?

Now I know about the nature of those bugs and if they do any damage to my old castle, your parents will be fined as well. Things will operate like they did when my mom was in charge. If things like that get damaged, those who I thought were my parents would get fined or see their taxes go up. Now your parents are plenty well off and they are assholes so I would have no problems punishing them monetarily just for the fun of it. Have fun waiting out those bugs Luster!


Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle