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After a year or so I finally decided that I should make an account on this site to comment and or write because I love reading the stories posted here.

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Steve is the only Crafter left. A terrible war against Herobrine had taken everyone from him. He lives, but without purpose. His happy-go-lucky attitude hides decades of war and scars. He wishes for a second chance, a way to make it up to those he lost. Now, due to unknown powers, he arrives in Equestria. Can these peaceful ponies make a mark on a battle-scarred Crafter, or will the darkness inside consume him from the inside out.

Post Discontinued Edit: Wow, that Description is way off the mark. I can't believe I wrote this. Anyway, if anyone is reading this, then, well, yeah, the story is discontinued. Has been for a while.



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Shattered Skies has lived quite some time. He had done well for himself over the past few thousand years; staying out of the public eye and remaining generally uninvolved from pony society while he tended his forests.

Who wouldn't want that, right?

His job came with excellent security and fringe benefits, but after he was betrayed by a princess he trusted, all he wants to do is to live a normal life even if the world tells him otherwise.

Oc disclaimer: The original characters that appear in the story that are not my own have been obtained from the original owners via written permission.

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Jason's life has grown dull. While some may have thought that the weekly monster attacks might have kept him on his toes, he had grown to learn that as the norm around town. Now, after months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. He follows his usual routine every day: breakfast, a quick shower, followed by a quick walk to the park to read the newspaper. One morning, he finds two parents playing with their filly in the playground. As he watches, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own?

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An ancient evil is about to rise from a third alicorn, and our only hope lies in the claws of a young dragon. Will he be able to stop this evil? Or will he die without telling the one he loves how he truly feels.

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And there came a day unlike any other-
When champions found themselves in Equestria united against a common threat.
On that day, they became heroes.
The invincible viking, Dovahkiin.
"What's a viking?" asked the dragonborn, turning to look at the the other champions.
Soma Cruz, Prince of Darkness.
"Hey, no- Just his incarnation/split soul/potential something or other," said Soma, arms thrown out to the side in a shrug. Even he was not sure what to call his situation.
The Dan, angriest hero there is.
"I have a last name you know- And who is talking anyway?" Dan had each of hands resting over both hips to look around.
Nathan Drake, fortune hunter and historian extraordinaire.
"I still don't know who Daring Do is supposed to be," Nate questioned with a raised eyebrow.
And Phoenix Wright, the first Avenger.
"That's copyright infringement! But we do need a team name..." Phoenix rubbed his chin in thought.
Humans, Assemble!
"You are not helping Pinkie Pie!"

(Interlude II is a mini guide if you want info and pics on the humans appearing in this story... So far.)
(Hey, don't be afraid to leave comments.)

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A young video game loving, guns a blazing, and closet Brony, Airman on leave guy goes on a shooting trip that was supposed to be relaxing. But fate sends him to an unlikely place... The Everfree Forest! Can he use his military training to get home? Can he help a young filly and a misunderstood Princess get home? Will he help a restless ghost receive justice and peace? Will he rid Equestria of the Blanks and the Bloody Hooves? And will he just accept being a brony? Takes place in CreepyPasta universe of Story of the Blanks and Super Filly adventure fan games.

NOTE!!: This story is currently in the process of being re-written/heavily edited. Many of the flaws of the story will get fixed in the following months. The story ( while technically complete ) will be labeled as incomplete. I'm also adding a new scene and I'm thinking of adding non-canon endings but as of now, misspellings, grammar mistakes, multiple POVs, and any other areas that need fixing will be my main focus for this. Chapters that have been edited with be marked with an asterisk. Whether a chapter has been redone or not redone, I hope you'll enjoy the story either way. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!!

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Stop me if you heard this before. Guy goes to costume convention as a fictional character. Guy or girl meets a merchant. Get a piece for there costume then goes to Equestria. Here's the thing the guy I am is already in Equestria. Its set in good read the story.

A displaced fic of different direction instead of the usual goes as something else for a change my little pony. Eric Smith went as a MLP character his favorite character. Got some hand made Elements of Disharmony and the rest his history.

Now he is Loki. Let the chaos flow!

Co-written with Thunderclap and our second story together.

Come on you know you want to

All art belongs to its owners.

Looking for a Editor.

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A surprise storm shatters reality for several hundred young college students. Follow the actions of the members of a small, but dedicated group of people as they strive, compromise, and sacrifice in the name of survival and hopefully, a nonviolence truce with those whose nation they have entered.

DISCLAIMER: many of the events depicted herein may cause some anger and confusion. Rest assured that all wrongs WILL be righted eventually. If something does not make sense, feel free to P.M. the author. He will almost always respond.

There are some similarities between this story and the exquisite works that partly inspired this story: A Voice Among The Strangers by Tystarr and also Misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf. )

Rated Teen for foul language, racial slurs, violence, blood, sexual words and descriptions of sexual organs (but no sexual situations or sexual contact), as well as physical and mental anguish. This is not for children.

Pic is from the Discovery Channel series Survival Of The Fittest.

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The Green Lanterns, guardians of all life in the galaxy. Hal Jorden, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are some of the most well known Green Lanterns to this day. But there are many Lanterns out there, each with their own story to tell. This is the story of a dragon who gained the power of a Lantern and how he grew from a simple housekeeper to a hero that would one day fight the greatest of evils. But green is not the only color that is in Equestria at this time. For just as there will be the brighest of days...there must also be the blackest of nights.

Due to the many different stories and different ways the powers can be interpreted, I will be doing my favorite versions of the powers.


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You know all those stories about cos-players disappearing? Well this is kinda like those. Jason Hughes was just a normal guy attending a con for the first time. Of course he had to buy that omnitrix replica right? Well now he's stuck in a world of talking ponies and has to learn what it means to be a pony.

**This somehow got on the popular stories list on 8/16/14, which is only a day after I published it. Thats a new one*

**So this got featured on 8/17/14 I have no idea how that happened but thanks everyone!**

Big thanks to m2pt5 for taking on the role of proofreader/editor. Also want to thank DuskShadowBrony for being my other editor.

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