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Humans Assemble! - Mistershield

When Equestria is in need of Heroes, only the Avengers will do. But they are stuck with this group. Now with a mini character guide.

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Revelations of a Fallen Phoenix

Chapter 6- Revelations of a Fallen Phoenix

Princess Celestia's chariot landed on the ground, on the road leading into the marketplace. Behind her, a patrol of eight palace guards armed with spears flew in as well, moving in to land further inside the area. The guards quickly begun to head to inspect each of the fallen bodies of the Changelings.

"Twilight Sparkle, you and your friends have once again prevented a crisis from occurring. Well done," Princess Celestia spoke with a smile. She walked out of her chariot, looking down at the assembled. A few of the other ponies, no longer afraid, were starting to come back into view as the commotion had died down.

"I am so glad you were able to get here, and so quickly your majesty," Twilight said, bowing her head. Her friend quickly followed suit. "As you can see, I am afraid your suspicions in your letter were well founded after all," The lavender unicorn said as she raised her head back up. The guards were busy placing restraints of the Changelings on the floor.

"It is as I feared then. Thank you as well, brave humans," Celestia said to look at the humans collected behind the ponies. Dan and the Dovahkiin though, had yet to place their weapons away. Soma placed his own whip away when the sound of thanks was given. "And I am glad to see you once more, Mr. Wright and Mr. Mandel," She added to Phoenix and Dan.

"For a place that is not supposed to have humans, this Princess is not surprised," remarked Soma. Fluttershy turned her head back at the silvered hair teen and shook her head to the sides, as if trying to tell him now was not the time. He got a clue and relaxed his posture.

"You can place your weapons away, we are safe now. May I know your names?" Princess Celestia turned her head to look at the newcomers. Dan moved to set the axe at his side, sliding it into his belt. The Dovahkiin complied as well, but still not sure what to make of the giant alicorn. Still, the dragonborn hated royalty. They always had an agenda.

"My name is Soma Cruz," The young man went in first. He did not bother to bow or nod his head. The ponies seemed to know this princess, so it seemed to be alright to be casual.

"I'm Nathan Drake, but you can call me Nate if you want. Should I be bowing or something?" Nate asked as he stepped up. His left hand was still hurting a bit, but he did not want to make a bad impression on the head honcho of this place. Not unless there was treasure involved anyway. Princess Celestia merely shook her head to the sides and then smiled at the Dovahkiin.

"I am Jokull Freysson, Nord of Skyrim fair princess. May your reign bring prosperity and guidance to your people. May you find your king soon," Dovahkiin said, moving his left hand in a fist to rest on his chest. "But as for what you may call me, the name is Dovahkiin," He said as he drew his hand back. Royalty had a certain way to handle things, so he would at least show some respect until it was taken away. Applejack raised an eyebrow, looking back at the ‘Nord’. He had some polish in him.

"Thank you for your greeting, but no need to be so formal. Now that we know one another, we should press on. First, guards," Princess Celestia addressed. The collected pegasi raised their head and saluted her. The severed horns of the Changelings were collected into a bag, and the remaining changelings were tied up. "Take them to Canterlot and into the secured dungeons. Make sure to take the new shapeshifting precautions." The guards nodded, and then proceeded to fly away with the prisoners.

"Next, for each Changeling, there must have been a real pony for them to have taken their place. The Changelings would need to feed on them, and made sure they were secure. We must search the buildings in the area and find the real ones to free them from the parasitic bonds," Princess Celestia said. She turned to look around at the other ponies. "It will be up to you to find your neighbors and bring them here. I will be able to cast a spell to heal them." The ponies in town nodded and then headed off to look for the others.

"Now for the last part. The Elements will have to stay out of view. I suggest the barn of the Apple family. It is secluded, and should provide cover. I doubt that the Changelings will attack again so soon, but it is best to take precautions. Putting the bearers of the Elements of Harmony in danger is the last thing we need to do. I will need Twilight with me, she will help me heal, and also brief me in certain matters."

The whole time the Princess spoke, the humans and the Mare six remained quiet and listened. For the most part, at least. Dan was getting bored by this procession.

"Yeah yeah yeah, when do we find out how we got here? And more importantly, how do we get back?" Dan said. Nate turned to look at the little man for the first time and nodded. The tomb raider was starting to think this was no lucid dream. The other humans turned to look at the Princess. She seemed to be the one that had all the answers.

"In all honesty, I do not posses that answer. But I do have a theory...." Princess Celestia said. She turned to look down at Twilight. "Come, I must teach you the healing spell."

"Alright, ya'll heard the Princess. Lets go," Applejack said to lead the way. While the Elements begun walking, the humans were slower to respond.

Phoenix released a sigh he had been holding inside. More walking? He had a feeling something like this would happen. But the worst feeling he got was when he realized something. There was a little girl that was all alone waiting for him, and he feared the worst.

The Dovahkiin said nothing, moving to place his thief hood on for the first time in this place. His cursor had yet to tell him that a quest had shown up, so for the first time since he became Dovahkiin- He was at a loss as to what to do. The Nord turned to look at Spike though and smiled. At least he finally got to see what a baby dragon looked liked. Maybe he could call this one ‘Little Brother’.

Soma said nothing, merely following the ponies. He forced himself to walk at a snail's pace. This way he did not outrun anyone, and also gave him a second to collect his thoughts. Just what had brought him here, if not had been the dark forces of Dracula or his minions? Why was he here?

Dan hung in the back, thinking of a plan. So the overlords were not the ponies- Just these dark things called ‘Changelings’. Well, he had been right to a point. Were they the ones at fault? In his hand, he held the horn that he had chopped off. Something told him this was going to be useful.

Spike blinked once and then turned to follow after Twilight. That tall human- Mr. Dovahkiin, had smiled at him. There was something odd that made the little dragon want to talk to him. As they all begun walking, Twilight cast her glance back at the humans. These were the champions she summoned, and none of them looked happy. This was all her fault.


"I am so glad that everypony is alright," Fluttershy said, walking beside her female friends. Luckily, Dan didn't hear that comment.

"I am just glad that those horrible Changelings were driven off. Can you imagine how long they could have been in Ponyville?" Rarity asked, shaking her head to the sides.

"Umm... What about your sister?" Nate called out, moving to step up toward the mares. Unlike the other humans, his head was not wrapped up in so much thought.

"Oh no! She is still locked up in her room! I have to get back to her! I am such a horrible sister!" Rarity said, turning around to look at Nate. "Thank you so much for reminding me!"

"You go get your sister, she must be worried something awful," Applejack said. She knew the feeling. "You may as well bring her along to, no telling how long we'll be at the farm."

"Just go already. We'll wait here, right?" Nate asked, turning to look at the others. The mares and the humans all nodded, only Dan responding with a ‘whatever’. Rarity smiled and quickly turned to head back into town, leaving the others just outside of the city limits.

"May as well take a second to rest, I haven't had a chance to eat yet," Phoenix said. He had his head raised, turning to gauge the others. While he had been taking a nap this morning, carrying Rainbow Dash and the fight left him tired again. He sat down on the ground, leaning against a fence. Suit or no suit, he needed a break.

"Hey Nix. Everything is going to be ok, right?" Rainbow Dash said as she walked over to the sitting down Phoenix and smiled at him. The same words were used to comfort her during her jail time.

"I hope so. I just hope Trucy is okay," Phoenix said, turning to look at Rainbow Dash. The concern Rarity had for her sister made it worse for him.

"Is Trucy your special somepony?" Rainbow asked, looking at his face. The idea somehow made her uneasy.

"Somepony? Umm, I don't know what that means. But Trucy is my adopted daughter," Phoenix said, moving his right hand to pet her mane. Rainbow closed her eyes and moved her head into his hand. His touch felt good. Few ponies ever touched her, and even less her hooves or mane. But she felt Phoenix needed this more than her.

Applejack and Fluttershy picked up their heads, turning to look at the attention Rainbow was giving and getting. They said nothing, just watching the scene. Fluttershy closed both her eyes and smiled. Soma blinked one and tilted his head to the side, having moved to lean against a tree. Nate had moved to sit in top of the fence, though not too close to the couple. Dovahkiin wondered if Mara would condone this. Still, he was a Nord. Sometimes, there was nothing like the bond between and man and his horse.

"Would... Can you tell us what happened? I mean, to your badge? You always wear it on your tie," Rainbow said, opening her eyes a bit. She finally noticed that the former lawyer had not been wearing his tie the whole time.

"Oh that," Phoenix said. He didn't have the heart to correct Rainbow Dash, since his badge was worn on the lapel of his suit. Also, its been a while since he worn it. They had time to kill until Rarity returned. His hand left Rainbow's head and press against the spot his tie would normally be. He stretched out his legs, moving to rest each hand on his lap. Rainbow Dash moved to lay down on the green grass, resting her head on his lap to look up at the former lawyer.

"Alright. Last time you saw me, I was still in the middle of my career. I was becoming one of the best defense attorneys in the country. When I returned to my world, it was more of the same. I had lost only one other case, and that was because my client was guilty," Phoenix said. He picked up his head to look at the others, may as well paint them a picture.

"I defended TV and Circus celebrities. Other elite lawyers and even DA had to call my services. Countless murder trials with sinister plots. Trials no one would touch, I would take on and turn them around. Clients that had lost all, I gave them hope," Phoenix said. He then turned to look back down at Rainbow Dash. "People would offer me thousands upon thousands of dollars to protect them. But I would turn them down, because I only protect the innocent. People willingly to pay with money were almost always guilty."

Dan moved closer to Phoenix, wanting to hear this story. Pinkie moved to stand next to Dan, moving her head down to hand his right hand resting on her head. She would not lose to Rainbow Dash. Dan missed Mr. Mumbles, so he resorted to pet Pinkie's poofy mane. "What happened then?" Asked the angry one.

"My last case. Right. Well, a magician named Zak, called for me. He had fired his last lawyer and needed a new one. He was in a real jam, he was accused of killing his mentor. With only one day to trial, I still accepted his case. He was innocent, and also he had a daughter. Her name, was Trucy," Phoenix said.

This caused a lot of eyebrows to raise. Rainbow Dash had lifted her head up from Phoenix's lap, more surprised by what was happening. Dan himself had wanted to adopt a child, but this was a strange turn of events. At least Phoenix was not a total sleazeball.

"I'm guessing that the name Trucy is not a popular name where ya'll come from," Applejack said. Dovahkiin shook his head to the sides, wanting to know more about the story. He had no idea what an "attorney" was, but he could take a guess.

Fluttershy had already opened her eyes at this point. This was turning juicer than a mystery novel, but this was also triggering an odd notion. Phoenix- Single father, down on his luck. Rainbow Dash- lonely mare and missing something in her life. This was starting to turn into a dime romance novel!

"At the trial, I obtained evidence. It was a torn out page of a journal. On it, it was evidence that could prove Zak innocent. As it turns out, the prosecuting attorney had the rest of the journal. I managed to prove that they both belonged together, and that Zak was innocent. But it was a setup," Phoenix said, narrowing his eyes a little.

"A setup?" Fluttershy asked, getting closer to the two. Phoenix nodded in response, letting out a sigh.

"Yes. The page did belong to the journal. But the writing, had not. A professional forger had written inside it. That forger stood before the court and testified that he had written it. And also, that I had been the one that hired him to do it," Phoenix said, hanging his head in defeat. "Things looked bad, really bad. My client, Zak, then decided to perform one last act. Knowing that his days were numbered- Zak performed a vanishing act. Right in the middle of the trial too."

Nate turned his head to look over at Phoenix. This was one hell of a guy.

"Zak fled the country. He had no choice, he knew he would be found guilty. Thanks to him leaving though, the case was postponed. It did not look good for me though. And Trucy had been left behind. To this day, I have no idea if he is still alive or not."

"What kind of yellow bellied coward leaves like that! He had a little girl! Guilty or not, you just do not do that!" Applejack said, snorting angrily. Dovahkiin sensed better to back away from Applejack. Women, no matter what race or realm, were no place to be around when angered. Still, he noted that Applejack only lived with her siblings and grandmother. Where were her parents?

"Applejack, shush. Let him finish," Pinkie said. She loved a good story. While it was not a happy one, it was still good.

"Well, Trucy had no other family left. If Zak went to jail, she would have been taken by foster parents. Also, he would have most likely faced the death penalty," Phoenix said, picking up his head. "But as a result, I faced a panel. I was found guilty, and that is when I lost my defense attorney badge. I would never be allowed to practice law again. I had practiced law for over 10 years, and now I was without a job. And Trucy was all alone in the world..."

Phoenix closed both of his eyes and leaned his head back, remembering that day. "I decided to take her in. I still had money from past cases. I am not sure what to do about the future. I'm running a talent agency now. Trucy is a great magician, just like her father," Phoenix said with a smile. He opened his eyes and he turned to look at the others. "She has been with me for a year now."

"I mean, wow. And I thought Chris had it bad," Dan said. "Are you all alone? No wife or anything?"

"Umm. Well, my name was dragged through the mud after that incident. And a lot of women are not too keen on dating a man who has adopted the daughter of an accused murderer," Phoenix replied to Dan, moving his left hand to hold the back of his head.

"That sounds so sad. You didn't have to adopt Trucy," Fluttershy said.

"Now that is what I call loyalty. Trust me, I know," Raindbow Dash said. "I wouldn't have left you all alone like that." Phoenix smiled at Rainbow and moved to pet her head again.

"What else could I do? I could not blame Zak for what he did. It's only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives," Phoenix said, picking up his head to look over at the humans. "But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard must you fight? That's the true measure of what human life is worth. We, defense attorneys, are warriors who are constantly challenged by that question. Even when the battle is over, and the bonds that connect us are severed... We always return. Time and time again," Phoenix said.

"So now, you fight to get back home to your little girl?" Dovahkiin asked. Phoenix nodded, and then he turned to look over at Rarity and Sweetie Bell making their way to the group.

"Time to go then," Phoenix said, moving to stand up. Getting that off his chest made him feel a little bit better at least. The other got up and begun to get ready to march again.

Phoenix's story made the other human snap out of their mood. It made their problems seem petty. Save the Dovahkiin. He still had to save his homeland from Alduin, not to mention that whole civil war. Dan was upset though, and his previous anger was only refueled by this news. What kind of monster takes a parent away from their child?

Soma picked up his head at the words the former lawyer said. What did he fight for? Simply to prove, that he was not a Dark Lord? What would he do after college? What did he want to do with his life?

"Thank you for waiting! I brought good news!" Rarity said, turning to look at the others. "There are no other changelings in Ponyville! The captured ponies are being healed as we speak. Also, Princess Celestia has figured out what happened! The Mayor also wants to throw you humans a feast as a thanks! After the feast, Princess Celestia will speak to us in Twilight's Library," Rarity said. She stopped though, feeling the heavy atmosphere. "Did we miss something?"

"Mr. Drake! I am glad you are alright!" Sweetie Bell said. Nate felt touch the little unicorn cared. "We can get back to my interview!" Nate immediately lost the smile and deadpanned.

"Journalists," Nate said. He bent down to pick up the filly into his arms and carry her on his shoulders. "Up and at them! Lets go and leave the grown ups to their thing," Nate said to walk back to Ponyville.

"Alright! You know what this means! A party!" Pinkie Pie said, lifting her hooves up to throw confetti. She hoped that this would lighten up the mood.

"Well, we could all use some food. I hope they have some kind of meat," Soma said. Fluttershy immediately froze, turning to look at Soma. Was he a meat eater? Why was that so hot?

"Ixnay on the Eatmay," Nate said, quickly looking at the mares.

Chapter proofreaded by LyonAzakura.

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