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Humans Assemble! - Mistershield

When Equestria is in need of Heroes, only the Avengers will do. But they are stuck with this group. Now with a mini character guide.

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The Need for Heroes (Edited)


“So... Iron Will is just supposed to read this?” The blue minotaur blinked once, lifting his left hand to hold the script, the other hand moving to remove a tiny pair of spectacles.

“Baaa...,” A goat replied.

“Oh okay, Here goes.” Iron Will took a moment to cough and clear his throat. ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ is owned by Hasbro and any others. The herein named characters from video games, movies, books, and TV shows belong to their respective copyrights. This story has been written for entertainment purposes only. Please support the official releases, and is Iron Will done?”

The goat nodded.

“Okay good. Iron Will will see all of his fans later.” The minotaur smiled, giving a thumbs up.

Chapter 1- The Need for Heroes

Things were quiet.

At least, for now.

There was no way to tell how long things would last. The royal wedding was over and happy endings all about. However unease filled Celestia, who currently watched over things. With Shining Armor on his honeymoon, there was no one else but her able to look after Canterlot. If she knew anything about war, now was the prime time to strike. Not to mention that in the fray, stray agents, or even sleeper changelings, could have escaped to various places over her realm. Everypony in the guard would be celebrating with the victory, not to mention that the Elements were back in Ponyville. A sigh escaped from her as she made the sun move to noon position.

But what could be done? Changelings ate love, to which her ponies provided a limitless supply of. Even her own guards were useless against their numbers. Harmony, peace, love... The things that made her kingdom perfect also made them unsuited for war. Tactics, training, even changeling detection seemed like ideas few could handle.

What she needed now were soldiers, champions more than capable of the task to teach, if not lead, brave ponies into battle. And maybe even join them in the battle. Some fighters may just find them a hindrance rather than an asset in combat. But where to find these champions?


"Twilight! Twilight!" A small purple dragon ran down some steps into a library. In his small claws, a scroll.

"What is it Spike?” The Element of Magic responded. Twilight removed her head from out of a book to look at her assistant.

"An urgent letter from Princess Celestia arrived! She has an assignment for you," Spike responded, handing the letter over to Twilight to read.

"An assignment? How urgent could it be?" The lavender unicorn raised the letter in her magic in order to read it. After her large eyes moved over a few lines, she lowered the letter and tilted her head to the side. "She wants me to cast a spell and summon heroes from Equestria's past? But time travel magic...." she turned her head to think.

"Last time you tried time travel, it only gave you a few seconds," Spike said, moving his left front claw to rub the green spikes on his head. "Just how far back is she talking about, and what does the princess need heroes for?"

"I am not sure Spike. But at least she explains why she cannot cast it; all of her power is currently being used to protect Canterlot, and Princess Luna is busy training the Night Troops in Changeling detection," Twilight said. Her head shook to the sides. "At least she provided the spell for me to use. It looks like the most complicated spell I’ve ever seen..."

"Can you handle it?" Spike asked, moving both claws to grab his tail. Complicated spells had a weird way of blowing up in their faces whenever Twilight experimented.

"As long as nothing interrupts me, I should be fine. In fact, this spell is a lot like that time I had to summon somepony else before. Here goes..." She placed the scroll with the spell on the ground. Her horn begun to glow as magic begun to gather. Her eyes turned white as her mouth slowly begun to chant the spell.

Spike took a step back, knowing not get around Twilight when she was like this. Spell safety 101 when you’re around Princess Celestia’s personal student. The toddler dragon had made his own set of rules when concerning Twilight’s element. With each second the glowing light coming from Twilight's horn got brighter and brighter. With it, her chanting grew louder as well. The spell was beginning to manifest itself in the form of a dark blue... orb? It had expanded and flattened out into a circle that moved in front of Twilight and settled on the ground.

The tiny dragon watched in fascination, never seeing anything like it. The once dark blue orb had small lights of white manifest itself along its surface. If Spike squinted, he could have sworn he was looking at the night sky. As the orb landed on the ground and begun to stretch itself out along the ground. As it stretched, it begun to take shape of a... pool? Spike had no idea what he was looking at. Was the night sky a sign of time passage? Were the ponies being summoned supposed to come out from the pool? Was he looking at a portal?

Why did he feel like the TARDIS should be showing up any moment now?

"Because it’s supposed to, silly dragon,” The Doctor said behind Spike.

"AHHH!" Shocked beyond belief, Spike jumped up in the air in surprise and landed on the ground. He turned to look behind and lift his gaze up to look at the human Doctor. He was about six feet in height, wearing some sort of frou frou suit. In all of his human splendor, brown hair combed to the side, red bowtie and all, just like the baby dragon remembered him.

"Do stop that. We don’t want to ruin Twilight's concentration now," The Doctor said as he brought a hand to pat the Dragon.

"What is going on, Doctor? And why are you here?" The poor little guy had to calm down. First Celestia had an urgent assignment, then Twilight had gone into trance mode, and now the Doctor returned.

"Well, the spell Twilight is using is indeed a summoning spell, one to summon a Time Lord," The good Doctor took his hand back to look at Twilight and her casting.

"Really, Oh!" Spike had both his eyes open up wide when he realized the plan.

"I see you are not a number one assistant for nothing," The humanoid chuckled.

"Because time travel magic is difficult, the next best thing is to get someone else that can time travel for you!" Spike smiled, having figured it out. "But why are you here, and not the uh- blue box?"

"Well, the magic works in two parts. The spell specifically finds me for the first part, then it will come to find me. Really, that Tardis can be such a ball and chain at times..." The Doctor knelt down to look at Spike and give him a big smile. "The second part of the spell allows the TARDIS a target to lock onto and find its way here."

"That makes a little too much sense, but you are The Doctor, I guess. How long will she have to use this spell?" Spike asked, getting a bit worried. He turned to look at the... Portal, for the lack of a better word, as it still, well- existed.

"Oh, any moment now," The brown haired fellow stopped talking and narrowed his eyes. His left hand moved into his jacket and pull out his sonic screwdriver. With a flip, the tiny machine turned on to a blue light and begins to scan.

"What's wrong Doctor?!" Spike exclaimed, seeing a frown form on the Time Lord's face.

"Oh Twilight you silly pony..." The Doctor spoke in a low voice. He turned off the screwdriver and placed it away again with a slight frown.

"What, what’s going on?" Spike said, looking from right to left . The spell seemed ok, and Twilight was showing no signs that something was wrong.

"Well, I am no expert in Magic, mind you, but I do have a theory. Did Twilight mention anything before casting the spell?" He turned to look back at the dragon, both eyebrows raised.

"Well, Twilight did say that the spell was a lot like one she’d casted before. According to her, it was a lot like a summon," Spike said, moving a tiny claw to stroke his chin.

"Ha, I knew it! Twilight is using the basis of that spell as a foundation for this one, she was wanted efficiency and minimal magic energy spent," The Doctor said as he turned to look back at Twilight. "Or she was not sure she could cast the spell right and needed a reference. Either way, I think she crossed that spell with this one and- oh dear..." He stopped talking and raised his left hand as it begun to fade.

"Doctor, are you ok?!" Spike exclaimed, looking upon in horror at the vanishing fellow. Both of his hands were slowly becoming invisible.

"Spike! The spells are being crossed! I am going to get sent back to the Tardis, but the spell is going to summon others! I will try to make my way-" As the Doctor was speaking; his entire body faded away from the visible spectrum. His mouth continued to move, but no words came out.

"Wait, what?! Come back Doctor!" Spike moved his right claw out to try and latch on. It was to no use though, the Time Lord was a ghost now. He completely faded from view. Spike turned to look at Twilight, her chanting had stopped and the portal on the floor had completely vanished.

"I am done Spike! I am sure it was a success!" Twilight exclaimed with a smile. Her eyes had turned back to their normal color to look around. "Umm... Where are the ponies?"

Chapter proofread by LyonAzakura.
Danke Schon.

Author's Note:

Well, the fixed edition of Chapter One.
Other than a disclaimer added, nothing has been removed or changed.

Chapter proofreaded by LyonAzakura and Dbanksischillin.

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