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Best pony? Pinkie Pie of coures, I mostly love crossover, I like to draw, write, and play video games, and I welcome any kind of criticism for my work

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2355521 ooh nvm you mean fav'ING your story Kay np it's really entertaining :pinkiehappy:

1329873 well then :trollestia: can't wait
FYI its not meant as a troll ^u^

Thanks :twilightsmile: It has been requested that I do a scene/story that shows exactly what the two get up to, so maybe if that's in popular demand I'll make a clop side story/spin off (that way those that don't want to read clop can avoid it but still read the story, while others who wish to see it, can read it)

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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