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The daily lives of the royal princesses, often times is pretty simple. Wake up, raise or lower their celestial bodies, hold court, meetings, sleep, and repeat. Oh, and dealing with their infuriating nephew! Overall, things aren't all that easy for them but it's manageable and mundane.

But when an innocent wish came true, both sisters are now facing a new Blueblood. One that can be considered better, yet for some reason, this version seems to have forgotten how magic works and keeps looking at the world like a newborn baby.

So what happens now? Did their wish actually come true? Is it some sort of act? Has he been replaced by a changeling? And what does this new Blueblood mean for Equestria?

Only one thing is for sure, shenanigans will appear and a lot of ponies are about to spit their coffee. Look out Equestria! There is a new Blueblood on the loose, and this one might actually be worthy of the title 'Prince'.

The 'Romance' tag is for events that happen later on the chapters

Commission by: https://www.deviantart.com/estefanoida/art/Masked-Man-Rotation-781069129

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Thank you so much for giving me a hand!
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Now with a Russian version!
Link: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8253964
By: Mariness

I made this out of curiosity and intrigue, so there is no need to take too seriously. This takes place during season 8 before Spike got his wings.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language, mild violence, and graphic depiction of cuddling. Ratings could change at any moment depending on how the story progresses.

Chapters (132)

Prince Noctis did everything he could. He went through hell collecting the royal arms, fought freaking gods, watched his fiance die, went to a coma for ten years, fought Ardyn to take back the kingdom, correction, ruins of the kingdom, sacrificing himself and his ascention to free the world from the darkness. He sacrificed everything and, in the end, what did he get? A rewardless death!

Luckily, a certain equestrian goddess thinks this isn't fair.

So now, Noctis, reborn as an earth pony, have another chance to prove himself worthy of ascention in the magical land of Equestria! (NOW FULLY EDITED)

Chapters (10)

Steve is the only Crafter left. A terrible war against Herobrine had taken everyone from him. He lives, but without purpose. His happy-go-lucky attitude hides decades of war and scars. He wishes for a second chance, a way to make it up to those he lost. Now, due to unknown powers, he arrives in Equestria. Can these peaceful ponies make a mark on a battle-scarred Crafter, or will the darkness inside consume him from the inside out.

Post Discontinued Edit: Wow, that Description is way off the mark. I can't believe I wrote this. Anyway, if anyone is reading this, then, well, yeah, the story is discontinued. Has been for a while.



Chapters (106)

Six months had passed since Spike had vanished during Twilight's ascension. Six months of frantic searching, worry, and finally grief for the Mane 6 and princesses

That is, until a strange object lands during Twilight and Tirek's battle, carrying the lost drake back home...with a few changes and one heck of a story.

(Inspired by Tatsurou's 'Another Hatchling')

Chapters (31)

Troy Caliber and Neo Blake are two friends that have faced many things in their life together. So when they both buy some interesting stuff from a guy cosplaying as the merchant from resident evil, the last thing they would suspect is to be transported to a world full of walking talking ponies and other creatures like griffons, talking deer's and minotaur's, and becoming the people they cosplayed as in con. The ponies they meet are having a terrible case of demon attacks happening, not just near them but the other raciest, luckily the two are fast learners and find this to be more interesting than scary.

The double duo are going to face many ugly, monstrous demons in the world of equestrian. Taking them down and delivering demonic beatdown in style😎.

Chapters (7)

Shattered Skies has lived quite some time. He had done well for himself over the past few thousand years; staying out of the public eye and remaining generally uninvolved from pony society while he tended his forests.

Who wouldn't want that, right?

His job came with excellent security and fringe benefits, but after he was betrayed by a princess he trusted, all he wants to do is to live a normal life even if the world tells him otherwise.

Oc disclaimer: The original characters that appear in the story that are not my own have been obtained from the original owners via written permission.

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This story is a sequel to The Raven’s Sky

Within the original Multiverse, was a human. One with powers, not deadly, but still very dangerous.

With these powers, he gathered up six Champions from other universes.

Ravens Breath, Slenderman, Survior, the Courier, King Chem, and the Avatar.

He has hired each of them for a purpose unknown... until now.

Chapters (27)

This story is a sequel to The Rise of a Raven

Corruption. Death. Chaos and division. Such is the state of Equestria, such is the state of the world. A Wasteland where only the tough can survive.

Two hundred years have passed, and two prospecting ponies argue about where to go.

What they do will be but the first step in a long line of dominos.

For this is not the end, no matter what any god may say.

Chapters (13)

Tel’la De Rus, a world united. Men, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, all work just to spite me. The Immortal Necromancer, the enternal pariah.

But everything comes to an end, even me.

Chapters (23)

September Eleventh, Two Thousand and One. An attack on America strikes the world silent as history is made. Within a single day, the fate of the world changed. Victims of all ages, genders, everything.

Among these many casualties was one boy in the North Tower. Left without any hope, he was only saved though the external forces of chaos and endings.

This is the story of a boy who was forced to deal with tragedy, and how he learned to change with the present with the knowledge of the past.

(This is a rewrite from the original, called Avatar of Battle.)

Chapters (10)