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(A Human in Equestria story)

James Monroe has next to nothing going on for him in his life on Earth. A dead end job, no real friends, and no one to call his own. One day, that all changed when a vehicular accident transports James to a magical land of talking ponies. Treated as an outcast by many of the ponies, there is one who treated him with kindness and compassion. That being the Princess of Love and ruler of the Crystal Empire, Cadance.

Rated T for language and violence. May transition to M for a possible clop chapter.

Chapters (2)

After banishing Nightmare Moon to the moon for a thousand years, Princess Celestia suddenly finds a newborn human baby boy in a woven basket and then names him Bowen, causing her to raise him as her own son and as a prince of Equestria. When he grows up, Bowen is about to discover that being a prince is a great responsibility, even if it means finding another way to protect the ones you love the most.

Some chapters will be either Rated T for Teen or Rated M for Mature for Fetishes, Sexual Content, Violence, Death, and Suicide/Self-Harm

Sweet Rose and Flying Hope are both owned by alejin. Permission was required.

Chapters (13)

When a human and his home land in Equestria, his love of speed quickly draws a few ponies to him, most notably Princess Luna. But her own desires and secrets soon begin to create, starting with a failed spell that leaves her and Anonymous in each other's bodies for a time. Anonymous narrowly escapes the mental torture Nightmare Moon has in store, lying in wait in the back of Princess Luna's mind, her absence setting the fiend free. But things do not go back to normal when the spell is reversed....

Why suddenly can he and Luna speak to each other telepathically? How is it possible for him to walk alongside Luna in the dream realm? Perhaps worse, someone comes calling not long after....


Originally posted as an Anon in Equestria short based on my own love of cars (and Luna), I started this story as a little thing to pass the time of a hot summer and being stuck in the only air conditioned room of the house. Three years later, this story has gone way beyond an automotive tale, and I'm still going at it, for better or for worse.

For anyone that has followed me and my pastebin, this story is the same, but I have combined some chapters and (obviously) rewritten it and given it a little polish from its original greentext style.

Chapters (35)

A human with a special ability comes to Equestria and befriends Luna.
While they have an adventure their friendship gets tested but something new emerges.

Thanks for all the good feedback for changes that got this story from 15pos/13neg to 130/23.

There is now a sequel to this story Know your enemy

Chapters (21)

Connor is your average guy in his mid-twenties. He has a stable home life but can't help but feel his parents are hiding something from him. After going camping, he wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare....

Note: There is some use of strong language in this story. Also MLP (sadly) doesn't exist in this story. The story starts around half way through the first season.

Note 2 (26/12/16): Sex tag added (during writing for Chapter 25) for obvious reasons. Nothing explicit or detailed but things implied and use of innuendo.

Note 3: This story finally got featured on 3/8/2017. YAY! (Or at least that's when I first noticed)

Chapters (41)

This story is a sequel to Sniffles

Having recovered from the lowly sabotage that had seen her briefly bedridden, The Queen and her thoroughly useless human servant can now proceed with vengeance, domination, victory and all other things that come naturally to her.

Events conspire to make this difficult.

Chapters (17)

A human living in Canterlot castle is given to Queen Chrysalis as part of peace negotiations between Equestria and the Hive. Celestia knew she shouldn't have let Luna finish the negotiations herself.

Cover art by jalm on Derpibooru.

Featured on 4/22/20. Thanks guys!

Now with audio readings by StraightToThePointStudio up to chapter 3! Go check them out.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
(As of 5/22/21 these audio readings are outdated due to my conversion from 1st to 3rd person. They are still good to listen to though.)

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to How many have you forgiven today?

For Anon, so much has changed in a little amount of time. He can't really complain about it either. Things are getting better and he knows that the sisters are happy too. However, there's been a change in Celestia, it's small but it still has him questioning the reason. Did he do something wrong or could it be something else?

A special thanks to the following people:
PeerImagination, Dedicated and always ready to proofread any story I make. (c1-13)
SirReal, Countless hours of editing and refining my story. (c1-8)
Proofreading (c1-6) by Ra1nbowCrasH and Anonimous
I appreciate all the time you've invested in my stories.

Chapters (20)

Being the only human in Equestria can be a bit daunting at times, but it gets much easier when you have friends there to support you. But, as the days go on, I start to realize that maybe I need something more in my life. I've never been in a situation like this before, but all I know is that I want to see where it goes.

Chapters (24)

Keith, local human, happily wiles away some time by painting himself a picture with his imagination brush and the aid of some figurines, thinking that he is doing so in private.

He is not.

Chapters (1)