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After finding his way to Equestria and trapped in the body of a pony, Anon finds himself happily married.

Hijinks ensue.

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Thus begins the tale of Rarity's descent into capitalism

The ending gave me a very good chuckle.. :rainbowlaugh:

I never knew I wanted this, but I'm glad to have it now. Do you think Twilight has a chance this time around? :trollestia:

Since when she doesn't have a chance she just afraid to ask.

Anon's heart was in the right place but the same can't be said about his head. :rainbowlaugh:

Well they say love make you do crazy things

What was Twilight’s reaction when she realized Anon right. Also that Anon won the bet, also love father and son moment.

“Hey Twilight… now you’ve lost your husband and your assistant. Can I move in?” Rainbow asked.

Rainbow I think you mean Twilight son

Oh my god I now get why Luna didnt want Anon to eat the moon cheese! She spiced it up during those 1000 years! I mean I understand its a long time to wait with nothing to do.

Buddy… he wasnt right.

But Twilight did geek out over the rocket so Anon got some booty anyways.

Oh ok, but luna did turn moon to cheese it seem.

Bahahahaha !
Thank you for writing !

Not the kind Anon would be able to sleep knowing he ate.

Speaking of which Lulu and Tia next.

That’ll be fun to write.

I feel so bad for Twilight as she did NOT need to her about Anon's love life with Luna and what happens when she gets depressed. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Anon is a sharing kind of guy

Hehehehe :rainbowlaugh:
Thank you for writing !

“First she gets depressed, then she gets apathetic, then she gets HORNY AS FUCK” Anon stated.

Where is tbe problem? The problem for him? Is he gay?

And if you called it shit for making Nazeem the main antagonist over the Thalmor, Luna would send you to the dungeons until Celestia released you.

Luna is the best

“No, I don't think you understand. Luna is twice the size of the average mare, can rip a tree out of the ground with the same effort I use to pick a blade of grass and has a libido TEN TIMES THAT OF THE AVERAGE MARE. I cannot keep taking this, my balls are basically deflated hoof balls now” Anon ranted.

“Please stop” Twilight begged as she tried covering her ears.


Am I innocent for not knowing? Or am I better off knowing it is not the cheese Anon thinks it is and leave it at that?

Are some things better off not knowing?

That's what he gets for marrying into rednecks

Nice to see her parents are chill

“That’s my daughter” Cloudy said proudly upon hearing about the power of Pinkie’s booty.

Imagine hearing this line out of context! LOL!

I love it, hope there will be Anonling+Chrysalis chapter!

I’m looking forward to all of the Part Twos.

“Anon the moon isn’t made out of cheese. That is a scientific impossibility” Twilight replied using logic and basic common sense. Things alien to Anon.

A pillar of the scientific method is Falsifiability; a scientific statement can only be scientific if it can be proven false, Twilight. Therefore, “the moon is made of cheese,” is a scientific statement, because it can be disproven. :moustache:

Given how the Adventures series went, I was expecting Twilight not to get a chapter or to have the “Unbucked” title perpetuated. But this all has been quite fun! There’s still plenty of weirdness with yet unmatched characters, too. :raritywink:

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