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Getting to the slice of life. · 3:30pm January 10th

With the recent post of chapter 4 in my story (tagged alongside this post) I can proudly say all three brothers have been introduced to Equestria. For the next handful of chapters, expect them to slowly get used to each life they have started. Also, chapters may take a bit longer to post since I have finished with all of the pre-planned ones. Hope y'all enjoyed the current four that are out, because the next Arc in the Blazehearts clans life is coming to fruition as we speak!

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Name for an OC, anybody? · 1:40pm January 8th

In my current story, Era of Harmony-Book 1: Dawn of a new age, I will soon be of need of a OC changeling for a plot point to come into play. But, im stumped for a name for him. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

*Its a male teenage changeling, so something in that spectrum please...

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Starting with a bang? · 6:50am Dec 31st, 2020

Howdy. I'm typing this out at almost 1 in the morning because I honestly would love to get to know some of the people that will read my fic.(wheneve it gets submitted)So feel free to comment and tell me a bit about y'all selves below.

Hot topic of the blog 2night: Who would y'all prefer to meet? Princess Luna or princess celestial?

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