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A young girl, having been robbed of her childhood and very life by illness finds herself given a second chance in a strange world and with an even stranger body. With a new life, family, and even a brother, she tries to cope with the bizarre world she's found herself in while also trying to embrace her role and become worthy of the gift she has been given.
Being a princess can be hard however, even if it's only an honorary title, especially when you're the twin sister of Prince Blueblood.

Warning, very slow burn.

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Department Memo:

Starting on Monday the 26th, our office company will be offering an optional "Pony Break" available daily to all employees for stress-related purposes. If interested, please leave your availability with new company employee Fluttershy at your earliest convenience.

Twenty-two to forty-four minute meetings available upon request.

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This story is a sequel to Derpy Intentionally A Portal Gun

Or, Derpy Accidentally a Presidential Campaign

Due to a rather strange clause in electoral process added by Thomas Jefferson, ponies turn out to actually be a large voting bloc in the American Presidential primary.

Upon discovering Equestria, the current candidates begin campaigning in Equestria.

It doesn't go as well as you'd expect.

This is the worst thing I have ever read
--Theodore Roosevelt

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After moving to Ponyville, you met a celebrity known for her speed and for being a members of the council of friendship. You and her get along fine, she's your boss at work since you do weather stuff, and as of a week ago you and her have become close friends. She's invited you to her house. Why? The better question is why care, you're going to be in THE Rainbow Dash's house. Man, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, only one thing. You may not have noticed, but she's making moves on you. You, not being the brightest of bulbs, don't really get it, but Rainbow is stubborn, and she isn't going to give up after one try. So after inviting you to her house, something's bound to go wrong.

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Sometimes, it is better to speak without saying anything at all. But when not saying anything at all is the only option, it can make life much harder.

A man awakes in a new place, alone, yet not. Will he meet someone, or somepony, that will accept him for his differences?

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Having spent nearly a year in Celestia's court and by her side, the first and only human in Equestria is in rapidly deteriorating health. And despite all of her power, Celestia finds herself unable to help him.

(Written for the Most Dangerous Game contest, and in far less time than I would have liked. AU tag because for purposes of this story I'm ignoring the mirror world where Equestria Girls took place—this Equestria has no knowledge of humans in any way.)

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An insane and illogical parody of your favorite ponies.

Are you looking for a story about the magic of friendship or how great it is to be alive? Too bad! What you're getting is a story about a bitter bookworm named Twilight Sparkle who just got booted out of Canterlot and is forced to go to a little backwater town named Ponyville in order to get some sort of social life.

Will she enjoy it? No. Not at all.

Rated Teen for strong language, cartoonish violence, immature humor, and god-awful jokes.
Sex tag is for repeated mentions of sex, sexual activities, and Rainbow Dash. Just...Rainbow Dash in general.

Cover Image by the very talented Wadusher0.

Now on TV Tropes!

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Starlight Glimmer is TRYING to be a good friend, but she just has this awful tendency to overreact at just about anything.

Like trying to rule over an entire village of brainwashed ponies because a friend moved away.

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Hello, friends! My name is Lemony Cutewhistle.

I am probably a normal pony.


Editing thanks to Aquaman and Masked Ferret.

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A young human called Alex is transported to Equestria without knowing how or why. After being discovered by Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike in the Everfree Forest, Alex soon learns that he is a very special case.
He now finds himself running for his life as everypony is out to get him.

Will Alex escape this ponified nightmare, or will he find himself as a prized catch?

This story was inspired by 'We will Catch You if we Can' by proto-alpha.

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