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Choices are one of the many curses of intelligence. What to do and where to go, but what about the choices we don't make? Are we neat or slobs, Friends or enemies, maybe even good or evil. Now, if you were thrown into a world where a choice can change your very way of thinking how would you change?

A comment driven story.
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Two humans ended up in Equestria a few weeks ago and the initial attention has finally died down. That can’t be said for all ponies however as now one of them takes the job of an assistant in an attempt to blend in with the ones chasing them...They are not smart ponies, good thing they brought horse masks

Written and edited by me and , oh hi there

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So, I get an invitation to a convention right? Well the name was a little weird I'll admit, but I thought 'hey free stuff!' sadly my ticket didn't get me a plane or a train; instead it got me a crazy cab driver who was insane! Now I'm in a place called Equestria where I'm the main character in one of their little kid shows, but the fans are all full grown adults. Why do the weird things always happen to me instead of Jason? Anyway this is going to be an interesting vacation to say the least.

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They met at a Bakery a long time ago, and have only grown closer since. Celestia loves him because of how he is, though he does't look that bad either. On the day of their wedding something terrible happened however. He was gone! After starting an investigation Twilight Sparkle was the one who finally discovered who it was that took the princess' soon to be prince.
One shot.

If you guess who her husband is before the end of the story you get an internet.

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This was my last year of high school, and I was getting ready for college when I was forcefully pulled from my home by some crazy horse thing. That however was only the beginning of my problems as when I woke up I was no more than a child. Things became rather difficult when I was able to get away from that mare. I don't rightly remember what happened next, but now I'm staying with a kid named Button Mash and his parents . Even though no one believes me about my home I will find a way, I have to.

<-----Cover art done by mix-up.

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This story is a sequel to I Prefer the Term Freelancer

Isaac is back again for another adventure except this time he might be in over his head as he and his friends are taken away to another Equestria. Why are they here? How will he get back? Why is Sombra wearing a sombrero? Because of reasons that's why.

Before I begin I'd like to thank those of you who read the last story and gave me the confidence to finish it as well as begin this one. I hope you all enjoy.

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Isaac is a nice person to nice people that is how he is, however he isn't to pleased with him and his companions having to watch over the entirety of the main six and to be more specific twilight sparkle. Why did the princess decide to send twilight and friends into hiding, why does Isaac agree to it in the first place, Who is making dinner tonight because Isaac is a horrible cook. Find out next time on Fimfiction.

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