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Wow...it's been awhile. · 8:37pm Mar 7th, 2018

So I guess the lot of you want to know where I've been. Why did I drop off the map without so much as a word right? Well I've been moving on with my real life with my actual job and friends and the like. This got put on the back burner and almost forgotten entirely because I just didn't care to check up on it as much sense writing wasn't so much fun anymore. To those of you that have tried messaging me and saying hey over the last few month or year or however long i've been gone, I'm sorry. Now

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Yay, I'm older now! · 2:21am Jan 14th, 2017

Just one more year until I am 20... :facehoof: I have nothing to show for the last 19 years of my life.

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I'm just gonna leave this here · 8:09pm Nov 13th, 2016

Lyra is best pone. Even if booping is dangerous.

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Explanation. · 7:01pm Jun 23rd, 2016

Remember how I said I'd stop procrastinating? Well I did and sat down to start writing something for you all! Then I drew a blank! I couldn't think of anything at all! I'm sorry to those of you that wanted to see something new or something to be updated, but I felt I should let you all know. I'm sorry.

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Time to stop procrastinating. · 11:20pm Jun 11th, 2016

I finally feel like writing and have the time (not at the immediate time) to actually work on a story! This have the question though, which do I work on first? If you guys want to pick out one of my stories your like to see get moving already then let me know. Until I get clear answers the order will be

The roads we take

I'm famous?

And I will attempt to work on button but no promises with that one.

Now I have to go, but let me know what you want to see.

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I'm Back from vacation · 10:45am Jun 9th, 2016

Well I got back yesterday, but I forgot to blog. Anyway I'm back...Wow I really need to find things to talk about or find more ways of saying something with nothing

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im on vacation! · 12:15pm Jun 3rd, 2016

With no WiFi! So I will not be on very much for the next week. I'm sorry to those of you I talk to daily and to those of you who want to say hello or need to talk. I'll still try get on when I have the chance though.

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2 More exams! · 3:42am May 19th, 2016

I just have 2 more and the nightmare known as High school will be over. I'm happy and scared at the same time over this...Not to mention I've been told something recently that kind of ruins my plans for life, but I'm not going to mope about it. There is a reason I have back up plans! Wait, this blog is about the exams not my future! Well I just have 2 exams left this year and once they're done I'm free( And by free I mean I don't have to go to a school that has literally been mistaken for a

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So, I almost died today · 3:34am May 1st, 2016

I'm not kidding either. Hell, I don't have a scratch on me. I should probably explain shouldn't I?

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About that story. · 7:46pm Apr 15th, 2016

I started writing it earlier this week, but I got a new job (I know I forgot to mention it) Anyway this job has taken a lot more of my free time as I get a lot more hours and a lot better pay so Yay! Anyway, I'll finally be able to work on it some more when I get off work tomorrow as I get home during the day for once! Thank you all for reading and sorry about the wait!

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