• Published 12th Sep 2015
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I'm Famous? WHAT! - One of the Crowd

When you are asked to appear at a convention; you think it's a normal one. Not me however because my invitation took me to magical horse land! Now I've got to deal with crazed fans and people that hate me for no reason. This isn't going to be fun.

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I don't care anymore

Chapter 14: I don't care anymore

I was running at full speed down the medieval looking street. I wasn't exactly sure where the hell I was in this town but anywhere was better than back in that basement. Why the hell are fans fucking insane?

I wasn't used to running at full speed for very long but adrenaline made me not give a fuck about the throbbing in my legs long enough to see the blimp just down the street from where I was. I was so happy about seeing it's silvery siding that I didn't notice a white hoof extend causing me to trip.

"You can't get away that easy, silly!" Surprise said as she jumped out of the ground where the hoof had been. Why and how the hell did she do that, and how did she do that without getting any dirt on her? "I'm Pinkie's cousin," She randomly blurted out while having a big smile cross her face.

The sound of heavy breathing and hooves hitting stone rang from behind me causing me to turn. I saw Healing running, if you could call it that, towards me covered in sweat. As she finally got close to me she fell to the ground and hugged my leg.

"We *wheeze* have *wheeze* you now!" The red unicorn said while trying her best not to just pass out from exhaustion. I would of pried her off my leg, but I think she'd just fall off if I took a few steps in any direction. I took my eyes off of healing to look back at surprise who was currently performing some weird ritual.

"Oh yeah, we got him. We're the best!" Never mind, she's just rubbing her victory in my face. I just lifted the leg with Healing up causing her to let go before I started walking towards the blimp. I don't think Surprise noticed, and I'm positive that Healing is unconscious, score one for me.

With those two distracted and nothing to do I decided to get the fuck out of here. I was speed walking down the street when I heard a very tomboyish voice call out behind me.

"I told you girls that we should of used oil instead of gasoline!" A small orange pony said while walking in my direction. She had a purplish mane and small wings on her back. There were also two other ponies following her, one was a alabaster white with a bright pink and purple mane while the other was yellow with a red mane with a bow in it.

"You were the one that said we should try to get our cutie marks as conspiracy theorists!" The yellow one said while waving her hoof around to exasperate what she was saying.

"How was I supposed to know the signal fire would burn out of control?" The orange pony raised her voice. At this moment I felt something small and furry hit the side of my leg. Looking down I saw that the white pony had bumped into me and was currently staring up at me with big fearful eyes.


"MONSTER!" She cried out as she hurried onto her feet to run towards the other two ponies who ere now staring at me as well. The yellow one shakily got in between me and the other two before boldly saying,

"Get out of here before I-"

"COOL!" The orange one said before rushing over to me with a huge grin on her face. While she rushed towards me she inadvertently knocked the yellow pony off her hooves causing her to land on her face. The orange filly by this point was examining my leg with extreme focus as if it would disappear if she were to look away.

"I'm not even going to question this anymore," I said as I accepted the fact that literally everything is obsessed with me in one way or another. I literally do not care anymore.

"This is so cool! You look exactly like my favorite character from My Big Human!" The pony said while her wings buzzed and she jumped up and down. It was adorable to say the least, but I couldn't focus on it as I had places to be and people to see.

"Great, now I'm going to go before anything goes wrong," I said as I continued walking towards the blimp that was only a few yards away now.

"What do you-"

"HI JAMES!" An overly excited and peppy voiced yelled from behind me causing me to sprint the rest of the way towards the blimp. I heard wings flapping hard behind me which made me realize that Surprise could still fly and beat me to the door. As I neared the blimp's door it flew open and slammed into my face.

"Fuck under chocolate kings!" I said as I fell to the ground gripping my face in pain.

"OH MY GOD, I"M SO SORRY!" Ruby quickly said as she rushed over to my side with a worried look. "I was going out to look for you when you ran here."

"Fine, it's fine. Just keep that crazy mare away from me," I said while pointing towards where Surprise had been standing.

"James, nopony is there," Ruby said, causing my head to snap towards where Surprise was a second ago. There was absolutly no traace of her ever being there and I swear I could hear her laughing.

"Whatever, can we get going?" I asked which Ruby nodded to as we walked back into the blimp and I took a seat in the pilot's chair. Shortly after sitting down I felt something lay on to my shoulders before feeling pressure being applied. "What is-"

"Hush, you're too stressed" Bon Bon said as she continued to massage my shoulders. I didn't do anything for about three seconds, then I realized that Bon Bon was back on the blimp.


Author's Note:

I'm back, sorry for taking a break and not announcing it to you all. I want to type more, Bbt I'm not sure on what to say so...hi

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