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Providing free helicopter rides demonstrates commitment bringing peace to man, one communist at a time.

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Anon's first day in Equestria is full of surprises. In hindsight, he probably should've gone to the toilet before he arrived.

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Princess Celestia doesn't like how humans deal with their problems, so she decides to do something about it. That something is an invasion attempt. She starts in what appears to be an old, abandoned town but soon learns this is the home of 2 deadly and ruthless human groups.

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Anon is a cheap bastard, and hates paying to stay at places. Ergo, when Twilight threatens him with either paying rent or writing weekly friendship letters for room and board, Anon takes the free route. Too bad the free route is filled with frustration, confusion, and autism. Otherwise known as interacting with the local populace of Ponyville at least once a week.


TRIGGER WARNINGS: this fic includes racial, homophobic, and equine slurs that are used purely for comedy's sake and are not meant to offend or cause a problem in the community... mostly.

"For some reason I've chosen to write more letters to that stupid Princess. Let me know who you want me to write about for future chapters." –Anonymous


:applejackunsure: –Okter

"Thank you for confirming my suspicion that Anon is gay." –Uniame

"So, did they get sexual harassment cutie marks?" –DRaily

"What the fuck anon" –Qaz223

"ANON DID NOTHING WRONG" –nothingtoseehere

"So majestic" –Xzaves

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Discord's the only creature in Equestria who can recognize the human for what he is -- not the long-lost Seventh Element that never actually existed and couldn't have existed before the human arrived, but a meta-reality warper, an entity far more powerful than Discord with the power to warp the minds of all around him and the very rules of magic to make sure that he's always the Big Hero. And the role the human's assigned to Discord is the Villain to beat down or kill.

Pre-reform Discord's fine with being the villain. But on his own terms. Not dancing on some alien interloper's puppet strings.

Without friendship, or even allies, Discord's going to have to find a way to defeat a creature who can alter fate itself and who can even mind-control him. Or he may just end up worse than dead.

Art by Tenchi-Outsuno. Progress Bar at my writing journal.

Trigger warnings: Mind control (magically induced love, magically induced friendship, magically induced stupidity, Discord being Discord), noncon/dubcon (magically induced love, other forms of highly dubious consent), rape (female on male), violence/gore (mostly against Discord), literally everything in chapters 19-21, humans not being presented as unilaterally wonderful and superior to ponies and/or draconequui.

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Supreme Overlord of the Dominion of Equestria.
Wonderful title isn't it?
Capture the Country, Marry the Princess, Take over the world.
Sounds like an Adventure story doesn't it?
Well this is no story.
How do I know? Well I'm not stupid for one.
All those other dolts that came before fell into too many simple traps.
They're all so easy to avoid.
That's why I work to rule.
The rules.
The Rules of an Evil Overlord.

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Being the Royal Advisor for Celestia and Luna, you've come up with solutions for many of the nation's problems.

Unfortunately you said a naughty word in front of a guard. Seeing as how these ponies are extremely sensitive, you lie your way out of it.

The events that follow could only be described as "completely stupid".

Rated Teen for naughty words being said.

Thanks to Zephyr for editing.

Featured within 1 hour and 30 minutes on Aug 12, 2015. Thank you guys so much!

Good thing I was reading this on the toilet, because this story made me lose my shit. -LeoneHaxor

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The village had been perfect, free from the inequality and misery rampant throughout the rest of Equestria. Then Twilight Sparkle and her so-called friends arrived and ruined everything.

But all hope is not lost. Starlight Glimmer has a plan to restore her lost utopia on a much vaster scale.

After all, it's not like that purple princess was friends with anything worse.

Story contains spoilers for the Season 5 premiere, nonspecific allusions to torture, and nuts. Story does not contain Nikita Khruschev or shoes.

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Princess Luna is bored.

She spent a 1000 years on the moon and while she is happy to be back to her old self (even if she knows her evil scheme would have worked if it weren't for those meddling mares!) her sister refuses to let her do anything fun. .

The Princess of the Moon is fed up! She is going to go on an adventure! She is going to find Queen Chrysalis and punch that bug in the flank! And along the way she is going to fight bears, fall in love, explore strange worlds and everything else all the guide books say should happen on an adventure.

Too bad her sister (The ever calm and collected Celestia) has decided to tag along and bring their niece (the sex-crazed Cadence), nephew-in-law (the sane and rational Shining Armor) and brother (the grumpy OC/Oceanic Creature Tydal) along for the ride.

What happens when the gods go on a road trip? Chaos, insanity, and mayhem, of course!

(This is the spiritual sequel to "The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo". While you don't need to read that story to enjoy this one, it wouldn't hurt to give it a glance to understand why many of the characters are the way they are).

TVtropes' Page Can be found here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/TheGodSquad

The sequel, The God Squad: Equestria's Most Wanted, will be out soon.

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The truth is revealed! From award* winning writer of such academic essays as “Soylent Green is Ponies” and “An Abhorrent Offense: Princess Luna and the Invasion of Privacy”, third year University of Canterlot student, Loose Change, has finished her magnum opus, uncovering the secrets of Equestrian history, spanning from the Pre-Equestrian Age to the rise of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Famously noted for causing her professor to laugh so hard he broke a wing while marking it, this revisionist abuse of history reveals the true lies and untold lie-truths behind the reign of Celestia, and Equestria as a whole.

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Disclaimer: Not a real-life religion, so there's no need to get all up in arms over a fic with the 'comedy' tag.

Post-Conversion Earth is a calm, peaceful place. However, it lacks the certain kind of chaos that only religion can bring. Enter a single, fanatical human from space to dish out his own kind of conversion.

Religion is coming to Equestria, brought by a single, oblivious, fanatic. On a divine mission from his God (at least that's what he thinks), this lone human will not rest until he saves the souls of all. With zeal in his heart, a holy tome in his hands and unyielding faith, he shall bring the true meaning of conversion back to Equestria.

Whether the ponies like it or not.

So grab your prayer beads, strap on your finest missionary boots and prepare for a preachin' you won't forget.

1. I'm not taking any shots at religion here, it's a shame that I have to point that out but better safe than sorry.
2. Any references to actual religion is purely for comedic purposes.
3. Not a hate-fic, I just can't resist the pun.
4. Disregarding the above points is considered heresy, and punishable by eternal damnation.


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