• Published 27th Dec 2016
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Equestrian Fanfiction - Lise

The life and times of Lyra's fanfiction site.

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Hello, Equestria!

And welcome to Midnight Castle!

This is finally happening, ponies! (Yeah, I know it’s been a long wait.)

For those who don’t know, I’ve been dreaming of getting a Midnight Castle fansite online for some time. While it's fun posting stories in Ponify, I feel that we Nightlings deserve a site of our own. And now we do!

Feel free to show you love of the series, get to know your fellow Nightlings, or just say hi and have a good time. If you're new to Midnight Castle, ask us anything you want. We're a friendly group and welcome any and all questions!

Special thanks to my friend and my other friend who helped set this up! (They're still in denial, but I'm working on that.) That said, the site is paid for and supported by yours truly so please excuse the glitches. I was never good with aether code and the spell manuals aren't making things any easier. I'm hoping to finally figure how to link a-scrolls to the site by the end of this week. Until then please just open a topic and post the link to your stories manually.

I’m so excited! Have fun and remember "We're here for each other!"



Kidding! Great work, LyraHands. All I can say is... it's about time! :P I'm at school right now, so I can't post links till I get back home. You okay if I link my Danny Saga?


Hello Lyra!

As a fan of Midnight Castle since book one, I welcome your undertaking. Reading that you have problems with a-code, might I offer my services? I've been developing a-pages professionally for over five years, and think I could lend a hoof. What exactly are you using? Twiscript? CCL?

Thank you for bringing back the magic of my childhood.

The TechNightling

Break my strings! You girls are fast! :)

@RRBB: Are you kidding?! I love that saga! Link away! Also, private messaging isn't working yet, so post any questions directly in general. I'll organize things better when more ponies join. For now that's it, though.

Oh, and glad to have you here! :D

@The TechNightling: Wow! Never thought we'd have a veteran! Welcome to Midnight Castle fansite! I've only read series three and on. It's damn hard to find the first editions :( The copies in my local library have more pages missing than a tree in winter. Know where I could find one? I managed to see one of the first series in an antique shop in Canterlot, but that thing costs more than my three month salary!

Anyway, I can totally use some help with the site. I'm using Twiscript lite. Tried CCL, but that thing's insane! I have a friend who's really good with that stuff, but she's mega shy. Hope that when she sees there's another codefilly here she'll join. In the meantime, I'll give you Mod rights... when I figure out how. :/


Thank you, Lyra.

I'm honoured by your trust. Once I get a look at the framework you're using I'll help you set things up. Might I also suggest you find an artist? One of the reasons Midnight Castle is so popular is because of the illustrations, even if some of the pre-Luna ones are... typical of their time.

One thing. While I would be glad to help your friend join the Nightling fandom, being a "codefilly" is out of the question, since I'm a stallion. Would love to talk code with her, though. Some of the mares I work with can't tell the difference between an if-script and an open switch. (Your friend will get the joke.)

I'm afraid the early books are difficult to get nowadays. If you don't mind bad quality, I think I might be able to find a few copies. No guarantees, though. I'll get back to you on that later this week.

The TechNightling

@The TechNightling: You're a stallion? Want to meet? I'm in Canterlot.


Lol! Calm down, filly! :)

You're hopeless, Brush! Instead of jumping at everything without nipples, when will you continue The Human and I? It's been three months, girl!


Hello Brush,

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm married.

The TechNightling

@The TechNightling: Story of my life.

@RRBB: Soon. :P


Girls (and TechNightling), I'm think we should lay some ground rules.

Before you draw and quarter me, let me remind you all this isn't a meetup. Things tend to get a bit wilder in aether, and I don't want them to spiral out of control. I'll probably add a rules section the next few days. Until then please treat your fellow Nightlings with respect and limit personal topics. You'll be able to have plenty of that when I (or TechNightling) get the messaging system working.

@Brush: Finish that hay-bitten story! I've been crying my eyes out wondering if they get back together or not! (Not that I'm trying to influence, you :P)

@TechNightling: Good point. I'll be marking the site beta until we things get in order. No idea if I can find any artists, though. All the ones I know are classically trained and can't a-draw to save their hides.


Sorry, Handy, I done bad. Please forgive! I promise to add a new character with four pairs of hands in the story just for you.


You know that means eight hands, right?

Btw, I'm totally stealing that idea! What do you think of this: Paradise wants to hang out with Danny, but messes up the spell and instead of turning into a human changes his hooves into hands. Now, he knows that the spell will only last for three days, so he decides to lock himself in his room and wait it out. But then, Danny passes by and asks him to hang out.

Now, Paradise wants to go out with him, but doesn't want anyone to see his hands, so he puts on boots. In summer!



@RRBB, please for the sake of everything sacred... never write comedies. You're great at adventure fics, but some things are just not meant to be. :P (And if you ruin the Danny Saga with any such nonsense, I'm banning you, rewriting the story, and never talking to you again! >:P)

Okay, I'll be heading off. (Time to go earn the hits to keep the site up.) Have fun, ponies, and don't burn the place down while I'm gone. Be sure to invite any Nightling you know!


Author's Note:

This is a self edited daily, so it would be a great help if you point out mistakes in the comments or PM :)

Hope you enjoy :D

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