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Equestrian Fanfiction - Lise

The life and times of Lyra's fanfiction site.

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Heated Exchange

Molly worst human!

That is all.


@CEOWitch: heya. Not that I disagree, but maybe not start your first post with that? The books are about being together and helping each other out. Maybe explain why you came to that conclusion? Just my two bits.


@MixaMax: well I thought this was a cool place with cool pones who discussed the second greatest series in existence. Didn't know you had a tree stuck in your rump.


@CEOWitch: do I know you?


@MixaMax @CEOWicth: Girls, please chill. I was hoping to make the great announcement that I got messaging to work properly, and instead I come to this :/

Midnight Castle is something I've loved since I was a filly and I don't want it to become a mess like roller! So, please calm a bit down, okay?

I was going to announce something else, but am not in the mood, so I'll do it later. Maybe.


Sorry, Lyra :( Guess my hooves more faster than my brain...


The cold subsides as Bellucio sat on the window frame, looking into the night. He felt a set of fingers pass through his hair. They were warm, soft, gently, and definitely not his. He could feel his neck hairs stand on end.

"Don't," he whispered not turning around, afraid that the acini might put an end to the sensation—an experience he hated, but also longed for. "Please..." His voice barely left his mouth.

Bellucio had fought these feelings for months. No, longer. Ever he had first set eyes on Caprice he had felt something. He had mistaken it for curiosity, for friendship... how mistaken had he been. The fingers moved down to his neck, sliding along his skin like gentle feathers. He could feel Caprice tremble. As strong as she was as unsure as him. He could feel her breath on his skin on short uneven intervals.

Will she kiss me? Bellucio found himself wondering. The last time she had done so he had no idea it was her; her voice, her body, her very species was completely different. When she had met him in the coffee shop she had been a total stranger, yet knowing everything of his past.

"Bel, I..." she began. Bellucio liked to fantasize she had been crying, at least a little bit. "Bel, I wanted to tell you. So many times, I wanted to."

"You didn't." Bellucio closed his eyes. If he hadn't seen the cutie mark on her thigh he would have remained ignorant. Yet it was not Caprice he was mad at. He was mad at himself. This wasn't the first time he fantasized her being in human form. Each time they would talk or touch upon their feelings the thought crossed his mind, then just as swiftly fade away knowing it was never meant to be. Now... now he wasn't sure what to think anymore.


@Brush: ...I can't stop crying. Why did you give me the feels before i go to work, Brush? If I were a stallion I'd marry you here and now!


@MixaMax @LyraHands: sorry, I went way overboard as well. It's been a tough day at work, and I've been given a double shift. This place is a great escape for me guys. I just forget I'm not at work and don't have to be confrontational.

@MixaMax: I'm quite sure you don't know me. I'm military, so I fly about a lot.

@Brush: beautiful, as always! I'm a big fan :)


@LyraHands: pity for the both of us you aren't. ;) Enjoy, Handy. I'll try to write more later.

@CEOWitch: are you a pegasus? Please, by all the stars, say you're a pegasus stud!


@Brush: heh. I think the username is pretty obvious.


@CEOWitch: Nooo! *heart shatters to a million pieces* It's fine... *sob* I still have Bellucio.


@Brush: it's times like these I remember why I like you. Sure, you can be a stallion-obsessed-maniac, but damn do you write well! :)

By the way, called it! I knew Cally was Caprice in human form. You're one twisted twitter, though. Building up all that tension between her and Bellucio, while seeing him under a new identity? Or maybe that way the point? Did she aim to get him stressed so they could kick the hay better? Wow, that's devious even for you, Brush! ;) I approve :D


@MixaMax: Maybe? O:P


@Brush: oh, shut up, you tease! Just marry me already! *ahem* I meant continue writing!

@CEOWitch: don't worry about it :) And sorry for the way I reacted. I haven't been having a good day either. Now that Brush has successfully energized all of us, some exciting news!

I finally convinced my tech friend to join. Now, she's mega shy, so please go out of your way to be nice to her. Her username is CodeFilly, and along with TechNightling, she'll be responsible for fixing my mistakes. Also, she's a bigger fan of the series than me, so no worries she'll get lost in our babble. :)

Meanwhile, I'll do some experimenting with tagging. As Tech pointed out to me yesterday, things are manageable now that we have 27 stories (love your story, @Candle! Need an editing pass, but other than that great work!), but if we grow finding something will be a pain in the flank. Tech proposed a tagging system, though I'm not sure that would work. In any event, I'll start poking that and see where it takes me (assuming my horn doesn't fall off).

Things are moving ahead steadily, Nightlings! Just a little more patience!


@LyraHands: thank you. *blush* I still have so much to learn.

@Brush: *weeps* I want to write like you. You made me fall in love with Bellucio and don't even like him! Can you, maybe, teach me to write like you?


Girls! I heard the most amazing thing just now! There are rumors that there will be a reboot of Midnight Castle! What do you think? Isn't that cool or what? :D


@PrinceEric: You are cool or what ;) You can reboot my Midnight Castle anytime.


@Brush: *facepalm*

@PrinceEric: Don't worry. Brush is harmless. Both I and Lyra know her in real life so we can vouch she's safe.


@MixaMax: your dad can vouch I'm safe!

@PrinceEric: Sorry, bby. I'll stop if I make you feel uncomfortable.


Okay, I'm off to work. Everypony, continue pestering Brush to finish her chapter!

As fast as a rhino, as strong as a bee!


Author's Note:

Hello, all! Thanks for reading so far.
Reaching day 5, I have a question: would you like a companion fic describing events outside the site as well (formatted as a standard story)?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

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