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Equestrian Fanfiction - Lise

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Best Humie

Hello everyone!

MixaMax here. Am I dreaming? Lazy Hands finally got off her butt and did something? Guess I know where I'll be linking my Midnight Shorts. :) On that note who do you think is best humie? *cough* Eric *cough*

Seriously, though, I want to try get a proper discussion on this. Give real reasons! It's fun trashing characters in meetups, but let's get past the best-bottle-carrier jokes.

I'll go first. I think Eric is the best human. Now, I know has less than five pages in Crimson Gem, but he's been instrumental in keep the portal safe (which I think is a pretty big deal). And don't give me that he hasn't been in Equestria before! The talk he had with Danny and Blazen in volume 5 (It Shines For All) pretty much confirms he has been to Canterlot at least twice. How else would he know about the changing of the guard and the chaos disaster?

Anyway, he's the only one who understands proper electro-science (yes, Danny does, too, but only because he's Megan's brother) and has managed to sneak into the Felina corp. And I totally see him having a thing with Caprice!

Now that I've convinced you who's best humie, let me see what you think.


Hello MixaMax,

Welcome to Midnight Castle. Are any characters eligible or are we only focusing on the Mistmount Chronicles?

The TechNightling

I guess...

I haven't read much of the original books, but I don't like much what I've seen (sorry :(). The whole idea of neighbouring kingdoms and a pool between worlds really puts me off. And yes, I know times were different back when the books were written, but seriously? Like they're so mushy that I literally feel the pages stick to my hooves. And having huge descriptions every five pages is annoying.

It's not like I can stop you, but half the ponies won't have any idea what you're talking about. Just go with your favorite Mistmount human, okay?

Oh, and great to have you here *nuzzles* :)



I'm new. Haven't been to any meetups, but I really enjoy the Midnight Castle series. Is it okay if I link a few attempts of my own? I know they aren't very good, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts


@Candle: Hi! Welcome to the insanity. Don't worry, we don't bite (unless you ask nicely :))


Hello Candle,

Wonderful to have you here. It's always a joy to see new Nightlings and I'm sure you'll feel at home pretty quick. Please, you're welcome to share your stories. Don't worry about quality, it's always difficult at the beginning. If you need any advice, editing, or proofing just let me know and I'll lend a hoof.

@MixaMax: I'm sorry you didn't like what you've read of the originals. While the tone is generally different, there are a few gems that I find on par with the later books, possibly even better. I strongly recommend you read Ghost in the Powerplant. I consider it the best, and you might recognize some characters referred to in the Mistmount Chronicles.

As for your question, my Mistmount favourite is Megan; my all time pick being Icelos. I admit Megan does seem to be a bit omnipotent at times, but she is the central character of the series, even more than Danny I'd argue. What she lacks in book-time she makes up in behind the scenes battles. I'd like to point out that she's also one of two characters who has a helicopter license—something I hope would be focused on if there is another book series, as the rumours suggest.

The TechNightling

@Candle: Hiiii! Share your stuff! :D It can't be as bad as my Danny's Angst story.

@MixaMax: Was wondering when you'd show your stupid snout :P How has it been, Mixa? Did you get that part time job you wanted?

Oh, and Danny is best humie. Duh! :P He's cute, he gets things done, and also he has far greater depth as a character than anyone else. Don't get me wrong, the others are well written too (even some of the ponies) but he has far more conflicts than them. Like, I know they've tried to mirror the Elements of Harmony with the character traits, bit that still makes them a bit one dimensional: Eric the science geek, Blazen the loyal loner, Karl the nature kid, Bellucio the photo model, and Omni the playboy *ahem* party guy. Danny, though... *swoon*

@The TechNightling: thought you might say that! :P Nah, I think Megan is cool too. She's like the great older sister that helps with everything. I can't stand Molly, though. She's so underused and mostly written in for dumb jokes and comic relief. And don't get me started on her crush on Bellucio. *angry pony*


@RRBB: don't you trash talk my Bellucio! *shakes fist* He can be my prince any day of the week!


@Brush: Bellucio confirmed for worst humie! :P

@RRBB: I'll agree with you on that. The characters are a version of the Elements of Harmony, but it's to be expected for a colt's series. As great as the world and the writing is, that's something we can't escape. That said, S.Child has done a pretty decent job. All the characters are believable and their interactions are almost 100% realistic.

You're still wrong, though. Danny is only second best. >:D I'll give you that he and Eric would make a great couple, though.

@The TechNightling: wasn't Icelos the goth kid? As for Megan, I just don't feel her. Sorry, filly.


@MixaMax: go buck a tree!


Thanks, all! Really great to be here :) I'll link some of my stories in a bit. Please don't be too harsh O:)

My favorite human is Eric.


@Brush: you first, sweetheart ;)

@Candle: I knew I liked you :D


@MixaMax: Joke's on you, mare. TechNightling is a stallion. Lol.


@RRBB: And I'm Prince Blueblood!

@The TechNightling: just kidding. You're cool either way :)


Holy stars! I'm gone for a few hours and you already start with the best humie discussion?!

Just got back from work, so I'll try to get more of the site functionality set up after work. With luck we'll have proper threads and private messaging by tomorrow. (Or I'll be dead on the keyboard.)

@The TechNightling: can you help out with stuff? I've set up a new section visible only for you so we could talk code there. I also think I've given you Mod privileges.

@Candle: great to have you here! Feel free to post anything, and don't let these mares scare you. If anypony gives you any trouble just let me know, okay? :)

@MixaMax: of course it'd be you who starts this. :P I'll have to go with Omni. He's so funny and we all know he gets all the mares. :) Actually, I can't choose. I just like all of them so much... even the CEO's son. I'm almost sure he might turn out not to be the jerk we think he is.

Now that that's settled, I'll be locking posting till tomorrow. Off to trying to code again (rip my horn). Take care, Nightlings.

We're here for each other!


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