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This story is a sequel to Eljunbyro

A broken party of friends struggles to reunite.

Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.

Chapters (200)

This story is a sequel to Austraeoh

Bellesmith is a pony who must perform experiments in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.

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This story is a sequel to The Irony of Applejack

The secret's finally out. All of Equestria knows about Applejack's true identity, and the identities of her fellow changelings.
But even with all of the new responsibilities being laid upon the young changeling, surely asking for one day of normalcy – a single day of celebration and pageantry amongst her closest friends – couldn't be too much to ask for, right?

Written because my Muse is a fickle one, she is.
Set between the events of The Irony of Applejack and it's sequel, The Advent of Applejack.
Cover art provided by Somepony. No really; don't give me that look.

Chapters (6)

Applebloom just wanted to spend a day with her friends, crusading for her cutie mark. Instead, she found something even deeper and more troubling about herself. Turns out she's not even a member of the Apple Family by blood. In fact, she's not even truly native to Equestria! She's an alien! An alien robot no less!

Now Applebloom will have to deal with the reality of her origins and try to cope with them and her newfound abilities as she moves towards her future; a future that just might never come to be if her new foes have anything to say about it. Decepticons are, after all, a monstrous cabal.

Now, it's up to Applebloom to light Equestria's darkest hour.

Cover image credit goes to Inspectornills

Chapters (12)

Just how different are mares and stallions in approaching friendship problems?

Twilight and Spike intend to find out, and it seems like the perfect excuse to jump into an alternate universe. Specifically, one where everypony was born the opposite gender.

Chapters (2)

Winter is finally wrapped up and Twilight Sparkle is ready for a well-deserved rest, but Rainbow Dash has one last thing she’d like to share with Twilight.

Special Thanks to: tsitra360 for permission to use the art which inspired this story. And, my editor, whose endless support allows me to write when I can.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Veil of Thoughts

After surviving a spell that merged Twilight and Dash into a single being during the story Veil of Thoughts, the two mares are still struggling to get back to as normal a life as they can have. Except, didn’t they used to have more friends? Why is it so hard to remember…

The boundaries of reality are starting to crumble apart. Half dreams haunt their waking world. Memories of another life seep through their mind. What they were is quickly becoming little more than Fragments of Memories.

Friends, family and even enemies will come together to save Twilight Dash before it’s too late and there is nothing left to save.

The long awaited, highly anticipated, sequel to Veil of Thoughts. Don't forget to remember.

Chapters (23)

After an unknown accident Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash awake to find themselves sharing the same body! Now they must struggle to hold themselves together as their world is turned upside down. How long can two ponies exist in a single mind? It’s a race against time as they search for answers before it’s too late. When all is said and done, you’ll never look at Twilight Dash the same way again.

Chapters (15)

About to let go of all her dreams of the future, Octavia is salvaged by a memory and the only pony who could save her.

Edited by Octavia Harmony, Sarcasmo, Aragón, and PR.
Cover art by josh-5410 and metadragonart, edited by me.

Revision 3.5

Chapters (1)

Cloud Kicker might just have the wildest life of any pony in Equestria. That may just be why Princess Luna wants Twilight Sparkle to study the insanity that is Cloud Kicker's life for a sociology report. Unfortunately for Twilight Sparkle, she is going to have to survive the circle of jealous friends, paramours, enemies, crazy co-workers and disappointed family members that surround this crazy pony. Will Twilight Sparkle be able to complete this assignment before it spins out of control, or will she be reduced to a neurotic mess?

A Winningverse Story.

Chapters (35)