• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Dead Weight

The cold air whistled past Rainbow's ears as she pierced her way towards the blue zenith. She gnashed her teeth, her eyes tearing from the steady climb. Her ears twitched to hear the humming fury of the aircraft growing closer and closer behind her.

"Come on... come on..."

She hissed and flapped her wings harder and harder against the knifing tug of gravity.

"Stall, you idiots!" She grunted, glancing forlornly behind her to see the many gliders zeroing in. "Stall! You can't climb forever! You can't—"

The world spun violently.

Rainbow Dash gasped.

Again, the globe spiraled around her. Blood rushed through her head as terrible shivers ran through her entire body.

"Oh no... Goddess, no..." She whimpered, her face covered in an onslaught of sweat. "Why is it always the worst times?! Always... Always the... the..."

She wasn't sure if she was flapping her wings or not anymore. The universe had spun upside down, so that she felt as though she was hurtling straight towards the earth's surface. Everytime she opened her eyes, she caught faint glimpses of blue color before the ruby irises rolled back in their sockets. Soon, a haunting tone bounced between her ears, like a tuning fork had been born inside her skull.

"The worst... absolutely..." Her voice cracked, crumbling off the precipice of a numb. Her limbs drooped as her wings froze in place. "Worst p-pony, I swear..."

With a final gasp, her dizzy body went limp as a noodle, spiraling a million times per second within her own skin.

In reality, Rainbow Dash had become a dead weight, and she was plummeting straight down in the very direction that she had ascended, falling towards a murderous wall of metal pursuers.

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