• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Lovable Smell

"I'm telling you!" Zenith grunted, lending his field of tight telekinesis to aid in the effort. "It hasn't worked the first ten times! It's sure as heck not gonnna work the eleventh!"

"News alert, Sherclop!" Rainbow Dash hissed, using the soldier's polearm in a desperate attempt to pry the door to the black vessel open. "This is more like the ninth attempt! And besides..." Crimson was below her, magically holding his hammer up to assist in the act of wedging the dark grooves of the ship apart. "I think we're making some headway! Keep channeling the telekinesis—"

Her words were cut off by a flash of electrical energy surging beneath her and the polearm.

"It's setting off again!" Crimson grunted, sweating under the starlight as bright bolts danced above him. "Watch it—"

"I'm good! I'm good!" Rainbow hissed. "There's less juice this time! I think we're making progress!"

Zenith tilted his face up. He gulped, his eyes reflecting bright strobes of amber light streaking high above the Foxtaur canopy. "Uhm, guys...?"

"For crying out loud, enough griping! This will only take a couple more tries!"

"Oh jeez—Watch out!" Zenith relinquished his magic and dove to the forest floor.

Rainbow Dash slipped, almost snapping the polearm in two as she hovered bare inches above the sparkling shield of Roarke's vessel. She spun with the weapon in her forelimbs' grip, frowning at the mercenary. "Hey? What gives?!"

A wall of trees exploded behind her.

"Gaaah!" she shrieked, being knocked across the clearing from the sheer concussion of the blast wave. Burning chunks of wood and smoking splinters littered all around her as she twitched on the grass.

"Nnnngh!" Crimson struggled on the ground, using his hammer to pick himself back up. He gazed weakly towards the heavens as another salvo of burning shells landed. "By the Spark..."

More trees exploded, this time with a cascading fountain of burning plumes. With a veritable flash of bright red colors, a ring of fire formed just yards away from the immediate treeline. The forest had become a cacophony of cracking limbs and falling trunks, and beyond it all was the neverending hiss of spreading flame.

"What the hay?!" Rainbow Dash flapped her wings, but wobbled in air from the cyclonic waves of heated air. She evened out in a shivering hover before she could be tossed into the electrocuting body of the metal mare's ship. "Is that coming from the Enforcers' ship?"

"No, they're sicking a dragon on us!" Zenith spat, picking up his polearm. He had to flinch away from a tree landing close to his body. A coat of burning fluid splashed across the grass. "Oh for Pete's sake—They're using incendiary fluids!"

"That'll burn the whole forest down in hours!" Crimson shouted, having to cough from the collecting smoke.

"Why?! What's their gain?!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Are you dense?!" Zenith ran and slid under the ship as another chunk of flaming splinters fell past him. "They're done playing around! They wanna flush us out—even if it takes out the entirety of Foxtaur to do it!"

"Fl-flush us out?!" Rainbow Dash gasped as her ruby pupils shrank. She gazed eastward and stammered, "Belle... Pilate..."

"Captain!" Zenith shouted above the rising noise. "We have to move out!" He hissed as a curtain of smoke billowed past them in heated winds. "The ruins might provide cover!"

"Not against flammable incendiaries!" Crimson shouted back.

"Then what should we do?!"

"The Sapphire Ravine!"

"Oh, you gotta be kidding me!"

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash flew left and right to avoid falling debris. "What about a ravine?!"

"Sir, we don't even know if there's a way to cross it!" Zenith shouted.

"It's better than staying here!" Crimson crawled over to the far side of the clearing. "Let's move out!"

"Wait wait wait!" Rainbow Dash's voice cracked as she gestured towards the ship. "Aren't you forgetting something?! We have a ticket out right here—"

A shell landed hideously close, spraying burning bits of wood and mulch across the scene.

Crimson shielded himself with his hammer and shouted, "Rainbow Dash, it's fruitless! There's an underground path just beyond the ruins of Site Beta!"

"I can fly you guys out of here!"

"All four of us?! Including your friends?!" Crimson was already galloping. "We won't have time to think—much less argue—if we stay in place!" Thunder roared on either side of him as he and Zenith threaded their way through the flickering bombardment. "We gotta move! Hurry, Rainbow Dash! Leave the ship!"

Rainbow Dash fidgeted, gazing back at the slender black vessel.

"Leave it!" Crimson shouted from afar, his voice nearly drowned out by the mayhem. "Think of your friends! They need you!"

Just then, a huge tree fell over, nearly smashing Rainbow in midair. She dodged it with a gasp, watching as it landed clear across the bounty hunter's ship. There was a huge splash of debris and sparkling electricity. The ship was covered in burning wood and oil, but it remained in one piece, still invulnerable and sealed tight.

Grunting in frustration, Rainbow Dash pivoted from the scene, flapped her wings harder, and shot east—dodging and weaving through the rain of fire—gliding even with her frantically scampering companions.

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