• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Seeing Dawnlight

"...loyalty deserves loyalty."

Bellesmith stirred, her lips murmuring unintelligible words. Sunlight cascaded over her golden complexion, and her face tensed.

"Bring the wind... to Austraeoh..."

She gnashed her teeth and hissed.

"Must... Must get her out..."

Bellesmith's chestnut eyes flew open and she saw the platinum glory of the rising sun.

"I must get Rainbow Dash out of the facility!"

A wooly ram blinked back at her with a bored expression. "You don't friggin' say?"

Bellesmith's face paled. She shot up in bed, wincing from her stiff limbs. "I have to get down there! I have to—" She bolted towards the ceiling, only to suddenly be missing wings. "Gaaah!" She toppled, tumbled, and fell out of bed, almost cracking what was left of her horn in half. "Ughhhh..."

Grinder let out a long sigh. "This is the thanks I get? Mmmmfgh... Last time I play hospice for a sissy unicorn." He spun on his hooves and made for the door.

"Mmm—No! Grinder, wait!" Bellesmith flailed upside down with the bedsheets. She dramatically waved a hoof and scrambled across the room, effectively blocking his exit. "Please! Don't go!"

"I've got crap to do, lady," Grinder hissed. "Blue Shelf is a ghost town, and I've wasted enough time force-feeding you in your sleep."

Belle gulped, her cheeks slightly red. "You... You really took care of me all this time?"

"Hrmph..." Grinder folded his forelimbs, glaring off into the far corner of the place. "Well, somepony had to..."

Belle managed a nervous smile. "That... That was awfully sweet of you, Grinder."

Grinder's eyes were momentarily soft as they entreated the shadows.

Belle's lips pursed. "Wait... What about..." She gulped. "What about your beloved?"

"Like I said," he muttered. "This place is a friggin' ghost town. Only fitting that Queen Lame-do decided to dump all her gruntwork on me. Not like it's something I ain't used to. Now will you get out of the way or do we have to turn this into another shove-fest?!"

"Grinder, wait!" Belle held a hoof up. "I thank you for all that you've done for me, and I'm sorry that you've been left alone here with so much on your plate." She clenched her teeth with a foalish expression and said, "But I still need your help."

"Heh. Fitting." He easily shoved her aside and made for the exit of the cabin. "Why don't you go into a coma again so you can be useful for once?"

"Grinder, please!" She scrambled after him, wincing as she fumbled with numb limbs. "There's a reason why they haven't sent you away! You're too important to the facility! They want you around to do more dirty work than you or I can pretend to know!"

"I pretend to know nothing," he said, swinging the cottage door open to the sunrise. "It makes it easier to shove rocks around that way."

"Grinder, you've seen it! You've seen the metal door!" Belle exclaimed, weakly clinging to the doorframe and watching as he marched onto the abandoned street between houses. "You know that there's more to this than any of us are being told! It's something dangerous, something evil, and we gotta keep that door from opening!"

"What do I look like, a key?!" Grinder growled back and made for the center of the empty town downt he path. "Go dream of all the doors you want!"

"For Spark's sake, Grinder, this isn't a dream!" Belle shrieked, frowning. "They... they have my beloved down there!"

Grinder stopped in his tracks, just barely beyond Belle's sight. He fidgeted, his features paling.

Belle heaved painfully and whimpered, "They have Pilate. They're gonna do horrible things to him until he helps them open the door..." She sighed and ran a hoof over her moist eyes. "And it's all my fault that they've chosen him. He didn't need to get involved... but he is... and I-I have to get him out of there..."

Grinder closed his eyes as his nostrils flared. Slowly, he turned and gazed at her. "Shell?" was all he asked.

Bellesmith gulped and nodded slowly.

He gnashed his teeth. After a rolling of his eyes, he produced, "Tell me, how good are you at impersonating a pick axe?"

Belle blinked. "Buh?"

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