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About to let go of all her dreams of the future, Octavia is salvaged by a memory and the only pony who could save her.

Edited by Octavia Harmony, Sarcasmo, Aragón, and PR.
Cover art by josh-5410 and metadragonart, edited by me.

Revision 3.5

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Really touching story. I really liked that.

Very beautifully done. i'll pm some typos at you though.:twilightsheepish::twistnerd:

I like it. It was sweet and sends a good message on these type of matters. I know someone very well that had gone through early talent but gave up on themselves because things slowed down. Thanks for the story and the lesson within it.

Wonderfully vague in all the right parts, and drives the point home in a different inner-monologue style, and I like it. It's something that holds to many of us who've been knocked down, and though it may not apply to me because I'm a lazy shit it still holds that meaning throughout. Wonderful little piece.

I did spot one little thing, but I'll leave that to you to find and fix, as per your request :3

This is the quality of writing I dream of having.

Well... rules are there to be broken, right? It couldn't harm to at least mention it. Maybe I just didn't know better and could learn for the future!

You consider this good writing quality? I don't even know what I could've possibly done to make it any more crap. I'm German and try to write English stories about cartoon horses. That is just sad. :ajsleepy:

It's nothing, really. A spacebar hit will solve it.:twilightsheepish:

surrounded me.Like the spotlights

You doubt your own skill, and it makes me sad D: You're a talented writer, don't sell yourself short just yet. Or at all.:raritystarry:

Beautiful story, Selbi. I can tell your heart is in this. I do believe I understand the story's symbolic meaning or at least what I think it means, and if I am correct about it. You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of someone you cared about. :fluttercry: If my assumption is not correct and you mean something else entirely I do apologize. Anyways, I loved the story very much.

I'm referring to the story, not spelling or grammar.

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