• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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The Wind

The next day came like a bang, and still I was staring at her. So long as I kept my eyes closed, the train ride didn't end. It was something I could allow myself, a tiny little morsel of a weekend that contained both the best and worst nights ever.

Even in the blistering winds, that memory remained, filling my wings with energy as I rode the currents, twirling over the yawning landscape below. I was so lost in the moment that I barely registered the object soaring my way until it blurred past me.

My eyes opened to a flash of daylight, and an even brighter flash of pink blew over my head, throwing me off-balance. I spun several times above Ponyville town hall, coming out of the twirl with a dizzying lurch. My wings beat again, allowing me to hover as I looked every which way for the sign of the unidentified bogey.

Finally, I saw it: a pink cloud was surging skyward, moving on its own volition. I was too angry to be overwhelmed by the shock of the spectacle.

"Come back here, you!" I bolted after the fuschia cumulonimbus, my ears ringing from the wind splitting on either side of me. In no time at all, I caught up with the errant cloud, tackling it with a victorious shout. "Gotcha!"

As soon as I tangled with the fluffy bed, I wished that I hadn't. Instead of grasping a tangible body of vapors, I was struggling to get unstuck from a goopy, sticky mess.

"Ewwww!" I instinctually moaned. "What is this?!" my voice cracked, and I shook my body from mane to tail. I was only partially successful in shaking the pink globs off of me. I glanced at a clump of the stuff sticking to my hoof. Impulsively, I lapped my tongue against it. I felt the taste in my mouth, and my face twitched upon the realization. "C-cotton candy...?"

Several more pink shapes darted past my peripheral vision. I glanced around me, gasping as more and more candied clouds swarmed over the heights of Ponyville. My heart started beating heavily, and I didn't understand why...

"The wind," a voice said.

My eyes twitched. I looked up towards the heavens, and the azure sky coalesced into two pearl blue spheres. I had no breath to gasp with.

"It belongs under Austraeoh's wings, not yours."

I gawked towards the skies. Just then, I heard a rumbling noise. I glanced straight up to see a slightly darker cloud of pink hovering above me. A single dark drop hit my forehead, and I growled.

"Wait a second!" I snarled. "It's not supposed to rain until tomorrow! You can't just—"

A torrential downpour of dark brown rain covered me from above, obsuring my vision...

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