• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Beloveds Apart

"Why you traitorous mountain of spoiled oats," Grinder hissed at Dalton, sliding a hoof forward.

The air heated up with a dozen tasers pointed straight at his horns.

The ram froze in place, glaring at the whole group of Enforcers with flaring nostrils. "I knew you were dirty from the moment I saw your mustache. I don't care if they have your grandchildren's grandchildren and their grandchildren's granchildren's kittens held captive somewhere. You're a no good snake in the grass!"

"He's a dedicated, loyal stallion of the Ledomaritan Confederacy," Shell said, strolling by and planting a hoof on Dalton's shivering shoulder. "Which is the least I can say about the whole lot of you." He took a breath. "But it matters little." Reaching over to Pilate, he once again jostled the glistening shape of the sphere dangling from the zebra's wincing neck. "You have all performed admirably for our Queen, whether or not all of you were anywhere as dedicated as my associate here. And now I have far better means of accessing the door than the subject could ever have given me. However, a stubborn zebra is hardly any better than a comatose pegasus, but I'm sure he'll become cooperative. We'll just have to come to an agreement between here and the door."

Shell whistled. Four of the Enforcers marched up at attention while the others remained trained on Belle and Grinder.

"Take them to Delta Wing," Shell ordered, motioning with his horn towards the far side of the facility. "Wait for me there, and we'll all take the express lift to Black Level and finish this experiment once and for all."

"If you think for one second that I'm going to help you open up that giant, metal mess—" Pilate started to hiss.

"You can and you will open the door for us with O.A.S.I.S.," Shell said, his cold eye narrowing on him. "Or would you rather be wearing your beloved instead of burying her tomorrow?"

Pilate gasped. Tears sprang from his eyes as he was carted away, along with Dalton. He tilted his head towards Belle and stammered, "Belle... Oh, darling, I-I'm so sorry..."

"Don't h-help them with anything, Pilate!" Belle whimpered, her eyes moist as she trembled under the weight of the unconscious pegasus. "Don't give in—"

"Don't hurt her!" Pilate sobbed, struggling weakly with the uniformed stallions carrying him and the glowing orb away. "Please! I beg you—"

"Pilate, I love you!" Belle managed, seething through chattering teeth. Her eyes twitched upon the glow of several tasers lining up in front of her. Looking up, she caught Shell's gaze from afar.

"You've always been a clever pony, Doctor Bellesmith," Shell said as he stood behind his line of glaring soldiers. "You should know that the swiftest experiments are always the least painful." His horn glowed, and he buffed the vibrancy of the deadly tasers in his stallions' telekinetic grips. "Do not resist, and it will all be over."

Belle breathed her last breath—

A cold schwish emanated behind them.

Belle looked over her shoulder. The elevator had arrived, and its door was wide open.

All of the soldiers' eyes flinched to look at it.

And that was precisely when—

"Nnngh!" Grinder jumped in front of Belle and bucked her back with his rear legs.

"Ooof!" Belle tumbled back. Her and Rainbow Dash's bodies went toppling loosely into the elevator car.

"Go!" Grinder snarled, for he was already bounding forward and goring his horns hard into a screaming guard. "Nnnnngh—Time for some good ol' fashion pain, ya beret wearin' spitjobs!"

Belle's eyes twitched. She reached up with her rear hoof—struggling under the limp body of Rainbow Dash to reach an elevator button, any button. She finally struck a node pointing "down" and slapped her hoof against a crystal lever. "Unngh!" The car filled with the resonating hum of mana.

"Raaaaugh!" Grinder slammed his way through two more guards. A taser swung at his woolly side, spilling blood. "Gghhh—Haugh!" He slammed into the stallion's side. Two Enforcers tackled his body. He shrugged them off, snarted, and galloped down the hallway and straight at Shell with a blood-curdling yell.

Shell didn't flinch. Breathing still, he calmly unolstered a metal weapon from his side. Red crystals lit the air as he unfolded the barrel of a levitating gun and cocked it.

"And you!" Grinder's eyes hardened as he performed a bounding leap. "Biggest waste of spit of all!"

"Duly noted." Shell aimed the gun forward and shot a bolt of magic into it. A clap of thunder filled the corridor as a crystal shard sailed out the barrel and flew through Grinder's forehead.

The last thing Belle saw as the doors closed was the ram's body sliding to the ground in front of the Prime Enforcer's hooves. Her ears ached from a loud ringing noise; the crystal had embedded into the wall of the car above her stubby horn. Blood dripped liberally from the soaked shard as it vibrated to a stop.

The unicorn's mouth hung open.

With a cold hum, the closed car slid icily down the shaft.

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