• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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The Rift

When my ears heard the rustling of her elegant wings, the first thing I thought of was how unlucky I was to be alive. She touched down onto the restored courtyard of Ponyville behind me, and she wasn't alone. Soon, I had two sets of alicorn hooves shuffling to a stop behind me. Distant ponies murmured, their voices strung between intermittent gasps and tender sobs.

"What happened here?" Princess Celestia's voice said. I felt her shadow drawing over Spike's tiny body. "Spike?"

The tiny dragon said nothing. He hid his face into his knees as he hugged himself, shivering.

"The Elements. I sense a void." Her hooves trotted past me, then ceased with a noisy scrape. "Oh no..." Her breath shuddered, taking on a wavering pitch that shattered her royal voice. "My little ponies." There was a solemn pause. "Twilight... my most f-faithful student..."

I began breathing heavily. With icy menace, I lifted my frowning face up from the tear-stained ground.

"Rainbow Dash!" Celestia exclaimed. "You are alive!" I felt the aura of her figure bathing me in twinkling light. "I came here as soon as the chaos magics dwindled from the land. What manner of horror has transpired here? Twilight... All your friends..."

"Sister," Luna's voice said. It was neither sorrowful nor victorius. "Discord lies in pieces."

"In pieces?" Celestia's breath left her again. She pivoted towards me, and I caught a hint of two squinting eyes. "Rainbow Dash, what has happened? Please, tell us..."

The world spun. I was the fulcrum, and Princess Celestia was the receiving end. I think even she was surprised at the echoing clap of noise that resulted from my hooves slamming across her immaculate face. She took the blow with grace, neither reeling nor reciprocating. Her head tilted away from me and froze there, her eyes round and imploring.

I wasn't about to let her have peace. "You?! You would ask that?!" I snarled, I almost foamed at the mouth. "It's all your fault!" my voice cracked as I squatted below her, wings arched and hooves dragging through the turf. "Twilight was just a normal pony! She could have had normal friends, but you had to weigh her down with those stupid Elements!"

Celestia said nothing. She stood in sacred silence above me while scores of colorful faces looked upon the scene with shock and alarm.

I wasn't nearly finished. "Why couldn't you take care of Discord this time, huh?! What kind of a Princess are you!"

"Sister," Luna said, shuffling up as if she was oblivious to my outbursts. "This troubleth us. If Discord is no longer whole, then his magic—"

"Shut up!" I screamed, clenching my eyes shut as I gnashed my teeth. "Both of you! Just shut up! You did this! You killed Twilight and all her friends! You brought this stupidness upon us all! We'd be alive and whole if it wasn't for you! We'd be... We'd be..."

I heaved and heaved.

She looked so beautiful sleeping. She never knew, because I never told her.

"We'd not be alone..." I hissed, my tears falling again. I hated myself; I hated her. I hated everypony.

"Rainbow Dash," Celestia whispered, reaching a gentle wing towards me. "My little pony—"

"Nnnngh—Get away from me!" I squeaked loudly, shoving her away. As I did so, something ink-black ate at her wings.

A cold chill filled the air, followed by a low rumble. Several ponies in the distance gasped and galloped away as the land around is seemed to bow and fluctuate.

Even Celestia was in shock. "That power!" she exclaimed, backtrotting. "If feels just like—"

"Feast thine eyes," Luna said, standing beside her and pointing at my neck. "Loyalty."

Sniffling, I glanced down at my pendant. Black bands of energy were trailing out of the edges of the golden necklace. In the center, the ruby lightning bolt pulsed. I saw a pegasus' face in its reflection, and the eyes that belonged to her pulsed to red on yellow.

"Nnnngh-Haaugh!" I shouted in pain, falling on the ground and writhing. "Freezing..." I hissed. "Blood is... fr-freezing..."

"Rainbow!" Spike shouted, sobbing once more as he lunged towards me. A blue field of telekinesis yanked him back. I looked up to see Luna standing upon the fringes of a sudden cyclone.

"Something's forming!" the Princess of Night shouted. "Above the shards of Discord!"

"How is this possible?" Celestia exclaimed. "The Elements banished him!" Her eyes hardened. "His essence must still linger!"

"If allowed to reconstitute, it shalt form a new and more powerful creature," Luna said. "A second Discord."

"The only way to stop that is to seal up the rift!" Celestia shouted above the tumult. "Sister! Take Rainbow Dash and Spike away!"

"But sister—"

"My power has tripled during your thousand year absence! Only I can do this!" Celestia spread her wings and summoned a bright pulse of platinum light directly in front of her. "Now go! Stop more lives from being consumed!"

"As thou doth command!" Then Luna galloped straight towards me.

I would have resisted, but my sudden exhaustion was greater than my anger. I collapsed on the ground, curled up in a fetal position. Lightning and magic flickered above me. I turned to look, wanting to vomit. I saw a solid sliver of black incandescence levitating in the air, like a pocket of light was being ripped down the center from the other side of reality. Next thing I knew, I was being pulled away. The center of Ponyville spun with chaos. Celestia hovered above it all, forming a coccoon of light around her, brighter than the sun. I looked down at the ashes. They were dissolving in the magic. I tried screaming, but I fell into a pit of dizzying blackness instead.

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