• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Salvation Descends

"The elevator car is nowhere to be found!" Bellesmith stammered, her voice echoing against the hard walls of Department Blue. She pointed at the empty, gaping shaft just beyond the doors that Rainbow Dash had blown open earlier. "It could be smashed completely! There's no way we can make it to Black Level now!"

One of the many guards on the floor started to wake up with a groggy groan. This ended just as Rainbow Dash blindly smacked him upside the horn while trotting towards Belle. "Just what's the big deal again?" She adjusted the beret atop her head. "That's our way down, right?"

"But with no car, it's hopeless!" Belle sighed. "Maybe if we found another way to the facilities above, we could take an alternate route through the exterior of Blue Shelf and—"

"Yeah, uh, that's not happening." Rainbow Dash smirked and gripped onto Belle. Her wings spread.

Belle squinted her chestnut eyes. "Just what are you—Waaaaaah!" She shrieked as Rainbow dove the two of them into the yawning shaft. Beams of manalight soared past the pair as they rocketed down the vertical tunnel. Gnashing her teeth, Belle clung to Rainbow and clenched her eyes shut. Soon, they came upon the dormant elevator car at the very bottom of the drop.

"Aaaaaaaand—Bangarang!" Rainbow Dash grinned as she swiveled the two of them about and ended with her hooves dropping first. The top of the elevator car smashed to bits, and the two landed in a shower of dust before the heated lengths of Black Level beyond. "Whew! It stinks down here! You sure this is where Enforcer Shovel went?"

"Sh-Sh-Sh-Shell," Belle squeaked, still clinging to her. "C-could you pl-please warn me next time you do that?"

"Hey, you wanna save your stallion or not?"

Belle forced her eyes open with a wincing expression. "But of course! I—"

"Then relax and let me do my thing." Rainbow Dash blinked, her eyes crossing briefly. "Erm... at least I think this is my thing. It feels crazy enough to be my thing. Ugh... I've been under for too long."

"Are you sure that you're okay to—"

"Pfft! Don't be silly. Never felt better. What about you, Ding-Dong?"

"Well, I—"

"Good! Let's roll!"

"B-b-b-b-but wait!" Belle exclaimed, her hooves dangling from Rainbow's grip. At the sound of her outburst, Rainbow put her down with a curious glance. "Do we even have a plan?"

"Uhhhhh... yeah?" Rainbow nodded with a frown. "We smash heads and kick flank."

"But that doesn't sound very much like a—"

"I don't care what it sounds like!" Rainbow Dash grunted. "How does it feel?"

Belle stared at Rainbow Dash, biting her lip.


With a nod, the unicorn stammered, "Yes. Smashing heads feels... appropriate."


Belle's brow furrowed. "What?"

"You're a riot, Ding-Dong. You kind of remind me of another egghead I once knew."


"Brrrr..." Rainbow Dash shivered. "Before all is said and done, I'm gonna need you to explain that to me."

"Sorry." Belle winced. "Is there... uhm... anything I can do to help you? Or to repay you for what you're doing?"

Rainbow Dash stared into the vaporous lengths of Black Level. Her ears twitched and her face lit up. "Hey. Yeah. You can totally do something for me."

Belle leaned forward, her eyes sparkling amicably. "What is it?"

With two hooves, Rainbow Dash stripped of her saddlebag and slapped the heavy article over Belle's quivering backside.

"There!" Rainbow Dash smiled as she tied the canvas straps shut. "You have no idea how long I've been needing a pack-horse."

Belle wheezed and nodded twitchingly. "You're... uh... m-most welcome."

"I doubt I'm gonna be for long." Rainbow Dash gripped Belle's shoulders. "You might want to hold your breath right about now."

"For what reason—wait, are you going to—?"

They exited the elevator in a blue and gold blur. Belle was a great deal more civil this time, but she clung—trembling—to Rainbow Dash nonetheless. The two flew over the torch smoke and mana steam of the slave pits. The sounds of misery dwindled, replaced instead by an ascending murmur of gasping voices as every equine forced into labor glanced up at the flying anomaly.

"Hey! Ding-Dong!" Rainbow Dash shouted above the noise of the echoing cavern. "Remind me! Which ones are the bad guys again?!"

"I would venture to guess the ones who are aiming tasers at the soot-stained ponies!"


"The ones in the berets, Rainbow Dash!"

"Oh! Right! Those melon fudges!" Rainbow Dash broke into a steep dive. "Now that's a start!"

"By the Spark!" Belle squeaked as she stared in horror at the cluster of Enforcers down below. "What are you planning to—?!"

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash shouted loudly, her ruby eyes glaring at the guards down below. "Salmon head!"

One burly guard sighed, swiveled around from a pair of slaves he was poking, and stared up at the ceiling. "What in the Queen's name is that racket—?" His body froze as his eyes twitched.

"I've got a special delivery for ya!" And with that, Rainbow Dash flung Bellesmith like a club.

Belle shrieked all the way down. Her torpedo dive stopped, only because the guard dropped his taser to catch her in his telekinetic grip. She floated in front of him for two or three hysterically numb seconds before a blue pegasus sliced through the scene with a drop-kick.

"Thanks, pal!" Rainbow's voice followed her hooves as they smashed through the stallion's teeth. Belle slumped to the floor as Rainbow cartwheeled over the Enforcer's collapsing body, and then proceeded to kick, jump, and smash her way through the shocked, witless guards in the immediate vicinity. "Merry Hearth's Warming, ya moth-eaten bags of lame!" Several skulls collided and tasers rattled to the ground as Rainbow Dash made quick business of the unsuspecting Ledomaritans. "Whew! Is it painful in here or is it just me?! Ha!"

Trembling, Belle struggled to get up on her hooves. Two unicorn waifs trotted over to her side, free from the glaring dominion of their uniformed oppressors. They helped her up and hugged her briefly.

"Belle! You're okay!" Felicity exclaimed.

"We were so worried. Especially Garnet." Placid gulped and winced in the direction of Rainbow Dash. "What, pray tell, is that which you've brought down here?"

"That, my little ponies, is salvation," Belle said. A tattered beret flew past her head, along with several dislodged teeth as Rainbow Dash's voice cracked a dry chuckle in the distance. "I th-think," she murmured with a gulp.

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